Anti-violence group calls for dialogue

2012-08-21 12:41

Johannesburg - The International Centre of Non-violence (Icon) on Tuesday called for national dialogue on how to end violence in South Africa.

"Our societal structures continue to be caught up with violence," Icon director Crispen Hemson said in a statement.

"Political action has consisted too much on identifying one or other groups as the enemy."

He was reacting to the death of 34 protesters at Lonmin mine in Marikana on Thursday after police opened fire on them.

Hemson said South Africa had failed to develop a political and civic culture that valued the lives of all in society.

"South Africa can now no longer ignore the terrible problem with which we still live," he said.

"We know that achieving the end of violence is a long task, but, as South Africans, we have taken on long tasks before".

  • chris.novak.9235 - 2012-08-21 12:48

    Well you could shoot zuma and a few of his cadres...that should end the violence in SA.

      chris.novak.9235 - 2012-08-21 12:54

      The day this happens, we make it a public holiday and celebrate the death of this tyrants nightmare government.

      fussed.anderson - 2012-08-21 13:24

      The International Centre of Non-violence has seen the destruction in soth africa, yet the sa gov cant see it. Are they blind or just plain stupid. Makes you think.

      blignault.michaele - 2012-08-21 13:28

      Bring back the death penalty for rape and murder......

      Small.Mbongwa - 2012-08-21 13:30

      A very stupid comment>

      john.pope.75491 - 2012-08-21 13:49

      Unfortunately, there are nun so blind as those who choose not to see. I speak of course of our fantastic government..! Why is it that the entire world can see the problem..but not them. SIMPLE...they choose not to, they are ONLY concerned about the comrades....NOBODY ELSE..!!! wake up people, vote them out..!!!

      chris.novak.9235 - 2012-08-21 15:08

      Not really never know...

  • andre.burrows.92 - 2012-08-21 12:50

    Violent crime in our suburbs will end if we bring back the very successful curfew system that was in place in the mid 70's. It should be clear by now , 40 years later that this is the only solution.We have tried democracy and education.

      gail.hayesbean - 2012-08-21 13:04

      Andre.burrows.92. It is comment such a yours which lead the majority of uneducated people to believe the ANC when they use witgevaar tactics during electioneering and tell the gullible voters not to vote for a party with a white leader because they will reintroduce apartheid. Of course as we know, apartheid has never really gone away, just been reversed so it is a moot point anyway. No we don't want curfews brought back and 20 years is hardly a trial period. It's one generation.

      kirsten.jaarsveld - 2012-08-21 13:20

      Gosh, I am ashamed to be a white South African if I read comments like this one. How does oppressing a whole race make everything okay? It was never okay, it will never be okay.

  • stefan.kruger.1297 - 2012-08-21 12:56

    Thats right ANC Voters... for years you have been Screaming and crying about the fact that nothing is done to the current situation... now have a look at where we now... the same voters probably still live in shacks and nothing has changed... time to open your eyes... ANC only care about themselves, not their people.. trust me...

  • hermann.hanekom - 2012-08-21 13:02

    Hahahaha, what do they know of the character of the South African population at large. We do not need dialogue we, and the liberals are not going to like this, we need discipline. Sela.

  • klipkop.degroote - 2012-08-21 13:12

    Start with the ANCYL.

  • rob.bayliss.94 - 2012-08-21 13:28

    A move in the right direction would be to suspend an individual's constitutional rights if they are strongly suspected of committing a violent crime. Such suspension remaining until they are shown to be innocent or until they have served their time. On this basis violent criminals, including raging mobs, would know what they were in for!

  • andre.vandeventer.16 - 2012-08-21 13:29

    Simple, bring back the death penalty!

      Small.Mbongwa - 2012-08-21 14:08

      Please learn to see the bigger picture, death penalty was done away with some years ago and was replaced by the clause in our constitution for Right to Life, Human Dignity> when are you gonna learn that until our constitution is amended and these clauses are done away with, there will never be death penalty> Respect Life>

      rob.bayliss.94 - 2012-08-21 14:18

      See my comment above about suspending constitutional rights in cases of violent crime!

  • darrell.maclennan - 2012-08-21 14:18

    The only solution to the violence in this country is to ensure that every one of its citizens receives a proper education, and that jobs exist for them once they are educated. Without that, you're fighting a losing battle.

      Small.Mbongwa - 2012-08-21 15:56

      @darrell.maclennan Valid point, I couldn't say more>

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