Apartheid victims seek compensation

2011-05-27 13:28

Johannesburg - Apartheid victims demanded on Friday that the state honour its reparations obligations to everyone and not just those identified by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC).

"We reject regulations which fail to provide the full gambit of reparations needed... as a result of apartheid atrocities," the SA Coalition for Transitional Justice (SACTJ) said at a briefing in Braamfontein.

"We plead with government to reconsider the regulations," said Paul Verryn, representing the Khulumani Support Group in the coalition.

The Government Gazette of May 11 contained regulations for the payment of educational assistance and health benefits exclusively to victims identified by the TRC.

SACTJ claimed the justice and constitutional development departments gazetted the regulations without proper consultation with victims and other stakeholders.

The SACTJ consists of the Khulumani Support Group, the Centre for the Study of Violence and Reconciliation, the International Centre for Transitional Justice, the SA History Archives, the Human Rights Media Centre, the Institute for Justice and Reconciliation, the Freedom of Expression Institute and the Trauma Centre for Victims of Torture and Trauma.

  • watalife - 2011-05-27 13:37

    Give them what they want or else???????

      james4usa - 2011-05-27 14:08

      In the US black "farmers" are claiming discrimination by State lenders. They didn't get the money because the can't farm. Result black Farmers crawl out of the woodwork claiming discrimination. Bill to mainly white Taxpayer...over $2 BILLION.

      Phil - 2011-05-27 14:10

      I'm 28 and white - can I claim against BEE then?

      Kpt_Keyboard - 2011-05-27 14:13

      or else what? they r already being compensated with our tax money!! Give them the pinkie and they take ur whole bloody hand... bloody agents with their white tendencies!!! LOL?

      paulf - 2011-05-27 14:24

      Dear Mr. Zuma, Please find below our suggestion for fixing South Africa's economy. Instead of giving billions of Rands to banks that will squander the money on lavish parties and unearned bonuses, use the following plan. You can call it the Patriotic Retirement Plan: There are about 10 million people over 50 in the work force. Pay them R10 million each severance for early retirement with the following stipulations: 1) They MUST retire. Ten million job openings - unemployment fixed 2) They MUST buy a new car. Ten million cars ordered - Car Industry fixed 3) They MUST either buy a house or pay off their mortgage - Housing Crisis fixed 4) They MUST send their kids to school/college/university - Crime rate fixed 5) They MUST buy R1000 WORTH of alcohol/tobacco a week ..... and there's your money back in duty/tax etc 6) Instead of stuffing around with the carbon emissions trading scheme that makes us pay for the major polluters, tell the greedy bastards to reduce their pollution emissions by 75% within 5 years or we shut them down. It can't get any easier than that! P.S. If more money is needed, have all members of parliament pay back their falsely claimed expenses and second home allowances If you think this would work, please forward to everyone you know. If not, please disregard. Grumpies of the World Unite ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ THE 10 COMMANDMENTS The real reason that we can't have the Ten Commandments posted in a courthouse or Parliament, is this - You cannot post 'Thou Shalt Not Steal', 'Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery' and 'Thou Shall Not Lie' in a building full of lawyers, judges and politicians..... It creates a hostile work environment. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Also; Think about this ... If you don't want to forward this for fear of offending someone -- YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM! It is time for us grumpy old folk of South Africa to speak up

      Heronakamura - 2011-05-27 15:03

      @Phil > don't be stupid son. You don't 30 Million black south africans to start claiming ... What will happen to your posh little privileged life then?

      watalife - 2011-05-27 15:15

      Humour guys thats all that is needed so badly on a lovely Friday....

      Plesierspier - 2011-05-27 15:18

      @Phil Of course, now I want to claim too! What else can we get (steal) for free?

      dawiej - 2011-05-27 22:13

      Or they wont vote for you !!!!!!!!

      Spyker May - 2011-05-28 22:49

      There is growing consensus amongst (eg) academics and the international community that SA is failing – in fact, in 2011, it is closer to the stone age than what it has been in hundreds of years... This is simply another veiled attempt by the ANC, as a RED HERRING, to draw attention away from the fact that it is wholly incapable of governing a country. Reminder: the ANC is a ‘liberation movement’ and NOT a government – it can only achieve its goals through destruction; one of its primary tactics were “to make the country ungovernable” – NOTHING MUCH HAS CHANGED...

  • psydomx - 2011-05-27 13:42

    I was a victim of APARTHEID, but i did not get my free house, my easy to exploit grants, my struggle pension....all i got was a corrupt, thuggish, incompetent and greed government.

      SLIPBACK - 2011-05-27 13:45

      True that

      Janniel - 2011-05-27 13:59

      So, vote right next time..

      Eric West - 2011-05-27 14:01

      Will they compensate the hundreds of thousands of AA and BEE victims?

      jowza - 2011-05-27 14:07

      @sandy.i am sorry that you took so long to write all that garbage

      swimma - 2011-05-27 14:24

      @jowza Its an email doing the rounds, so she probably just had to copy and paste. Good luck getting rid of that chip on your shoulder.

      Concerned - 2011-05-27 14:25

      @Eric West, NO.There is no money 2 go 2 waste & compensate Apartheid products. Go & claim it from your ancestors & great grandparents in the graves who torchered our generations. As 4 you, sorry, may be in your next life time, you can get compensation from us.

      jowza - 2011-05-27 14:26

      @swimma.who has a chip on the shoulder

      Creeky - 2011-05-27 15:08

      Opportunites are missed by MOST PEOPLE... because it WEARS AN OVERALL AND LOOKS LIKE HARD WORK!!!! In SA, you just need a black skin...and a BEGGING BOWL!!

      mamakalami - 2011-05-27 15:36

      Had no idea mental institutions allowed access to the internet. You are disturbed girl. Get a hobby and stop collecting arms for the next's too late.

      xorbak - 2011-05-27 15:45

      @jowza two things... one do you know what it means to have a chip on your shoulder. secondly do you mean to say that what she said is not true? do you think africa would be where it is now without the "white settlers"? and are you blind and deaf? have you not read news recently? there are many black(most if not all) that live in rural areas that instead of valuing what they have they destroy it and demand better things? just recently school children...SCHOOL CHILDREN burned down class rooms why? because theyfelt the school was not good enough for them... now they have nothing... and if history has teached us anything it is that as soon as white people are kicked out of the country it collapses( not being racist but its true eg. ZIM)

      Blikskottel - 2011-05-27 18:22

      A democracy is majority rule and is destructive of liberty because there is no law to prevent the majority from trampling on individual rights. Whatever the majority says goes! A lynch mob is an example of pure democracy in action. There is only one dissenting vote, and that is cast by the person at the end of the rope.

  • Gorilla - 2011-05-27 13:44

    "Give us houses. Give us jobs. Give us money. We deserve it, we are previously disadvantaged" Here's an idea. All people in SA now have a chance to better their lives by becoming productive and not suffering under divisive laws, so instead of thinking how someone can help you, why don't you consider helping yourself. It's called responsibility.

      Nuff_Said - 2011-05-27 14:31

      Nuff Said!

      Valkerie - 2011-05-28 15:55

      @ Blackmamba: Forgive me for assuming that you vote(d) for a communist cause (or at all). You refer to F. Fanon's work "The Wretched of the Earth". I read Chapter 6, and found nothing to make me think differently from my conclusion that you're preaching marxist (communist) ideology. [] So enlighten me: what is it you're actually trying to say? Surely not that the person who makes his/her own way in this world with pride, dignity and hard work should be made to subsidise those sitting around waiting for another hand out? Why should I be made to feel guilty for Apartheid - something I had no insight into, nor control over? Bollocks to you, sir! It is as much my SA birth right as yours to be allowed to contribute to the economy - NOT to another guilt tripping appeal for funds that won't assist the needy past the expiry dates of what they receive now. "...teach a man to fish..." Your use of African American rhetoric (e.g. "kats", "house nigger") leaves me thinking that you're another gangsta wannabe with little original thought except what you've been given to read by your 'varsity "comrades" in fake designer jeans. I am no longer interested in the "Apartheid is to blame" card being pulled at every turn - the statute of limitations has run out. Get rid of that chip on your shoulder, quit looking for someone to blame and join the effort to rebuild this country as ONE NATION. Ya' dig? Peace out!

  • nkulu.bgumede - 2011-05-27 13:45

    what i just read "oooh free money!!! can we also be a victims" #this is just parthetic.

      BiTe__Me - 2011-05-27 14:54

      blackmamba....don't, rather feel sorry for yourself.

      Tom - 2011-05-27 15:05

      no it seems nukulu is a realist and does not give a sh@t about colour but rather in seeing SA go forward...

      Creeky - 2011-05-27 15:05

      Blackmamba needs to FEED the chip on his shoulder.... he walks around town with a bottle of Tomato Sauce... FEEDING the thing!

      BLACKMAMBA - 2011-05-27 15:11

      the problem is, his mind is not free.hes still thinking like a slave. @bite,im sorted but i know you had it easy when they released mandela.he sold us out. dont u question why u love him so and hes a darkie.stateman my be....,he sold us out. and u got kats like nkulu confused as hell. nkulu start reading and free yo mind. 1st book Frantz fanon,the wretched of the earth,it will expose you 2 stuff.

      I <3 SA - 2011-05-27 15:16

      @BLACKMAMBA i thought slavery ended ages ago? --------------> points at "always trying to make his master happy" and I didn't realise we're living in USA too ("house negro", damn...I must be having a stupid day. . . And one more thing: who's "we"?

      Tom - 2011-05-27 15:22

      @blackmamba: I have no doubt that you have been exposed to "some stuff" I just sincerely hope that not too many people have been exposed to the same thing... I think its time to put on your big boy underpants on and grow up!!!

      BLACKMAMBA - 2011-05-27 15:27

      3>l EU,u are indeed a cretin

      BLACKMAMBA - 2011-05-27 15:39

      uncle tom tom,yall whites are funny when we- free blacks - challenge u,u always have 2 come up with 3 observations. *we are uneducated *we got a chip on our shoulders *we must grow up and move on.arent you so predictable? the thing is,you know im telling the truth.white people who killed thousands of blacks went free coz thent on the TRC and said sorry.bollocks. today,the jews are still hunting down nazis. do u know of a case whereby a slave trader was brought to justice for the atrocities on blacks. NO!!its coz we blacks are disposable and the puppet regime-ANC- is protecting the white interest/s in africa - neo-colonialism.ponder on that.

      Tom - 2011-05-27 15:48

      Blackmamba: I don’t think all black people are dumb and believe me I don’t think all white people are smart. The Jews that are still hunting are hunting Nazis not Germans! A huge number of whites were murdered during the run up to the 94 elections and still to this day white farmers are being murdered,just imagine if everyone thought the way you do.

      I <3 SA - 2011-05-27 15:49

      o i'm the cretin? you dyslexic instigator of hate. you can't even answer to a question coherently without being rude/rascist. go spread your disease somewhere else. the real South Africans are colourblind! *sarcastic* i'll go gnaw of my pulses now as some idiot on news 24 think i'm a cretin from Europe hahahahaha enjoy your weekend as well

      xorbak - 2011-05-27 15:52

      @BLACKMAMBA its your fault that there is a negative stereotype on black people in SA. its people like you who fight equal rights and a democratic SA. its people like you who believe that if a black man is educated he is being controlled by the west. its people like you who just want to sit on their asses the whole day and have people trow money at you! thats never gna happen... @NKULU.BGUMEDE i really respect you and hope that there are more black people like you if so SA actually have a future

      BLACKMAMBA - 2011-05-27 16:05

      @tom,whats your point??? my point is, we took your regime -NP- to the trc wherelse we should have taken them to the ICC.ofcourse thats not possible based on the deals between mandela,the NP regime and the IMF, b4 he was released. @3>l EU,as you enjoy yo weekend,reflect on my comments and you will realise im telling the truth. i dont even know why u got involved coz i was just reprimanding "my weak brother".but no ,u dont like that.u want nkulu to stay dumb ,so u can manipulate him till u drain his resources- africa-out. if you respect me as an african,we are kool.

      BLACKMAMBA - 2011-05-27 16:16

      @xoby yes some get educated to be uncle toms.but then,thers very few kats educated in the ANC and those that are educated are most def uncle toms. when the da built 'Cabriolet tiolets',i wasnt suprised,but when the ANC did it,i was hurt. didnt this guys claim ,they was fighting for black rights and the eradication of poverty.the blacks have it worse, why? political apatheird was swapped for economic skin white masks. im saying blacks have rights to claim reparations.dont fret,im sorted

      BLACKMAMBA - 2011-05-27 16:18

      @tom, dont associate crime-farm murders- with political murders.

      xorbak - 2011-05-27 16:18

      @BLACKMAMBA im sorry but you are the uneducated one... and you are proving it more and more every time you comment... and we are defending him because black people like him are the future of our country... not ignorant warmongering nitwit like you.

      Valkerie - 2011-05-27 16:20

      @ Blackmamba: So you're accusing nkulu.bgumede of thinking like a slave? Consider the following: (you and) your brothers and sisters would rather have a corrupt black man in power "ruling" the country than an honest, educated and driven person of pale(r) colour. You are as much a slave to your skin colour and tribal political voting agenda as the apartheid regime was. Your political indoctrination is no different than what Apartheid did to their voters: perpetuation of race hatred. Your party is NOT original in ANY of its actions: your leaders are following the same methods as your then oppressors had done, and you're too indoctrinated with hate speech and a sense of entitlement to see it. You're the one still living the slave mentality, friend. By not freeing your mind and heart from the hate against whites, you will never be able to function in a multi-racial society. You're attached to the past. And to what purpose? You already have your freedom, sir. The war is won. Now is the time for reconciliation and healing. I suggest you read George Orwell's "Animal Farm", move onto "1984" and then have a fresh look at what our government is doing to us at this very moment. North Korea is an interesting example too. How long will your freedom last under communism, do you think? But it's okay, as long as s/he's black, right? Martyrdom solves nothing and I'm getting tired of it. Victims can't rebuild anything, only survivors do.

      BLACKMAMBA - 2011-05-27 16:34

      @valkrie,if you read my previous posts u will realise i dont support the anc.

      xorbak - 2011-05-27 17:01

      @BLACKMAMBA ok so he sold black people out because he did not demand blood? and didn't chase white people away? or was it because he just wanted to repair the damage done? what would you suggest? that all the white people be killed? you know an eye for any makes the whole world blind... also just to end off this comment you know that most of the black people were killed by other black people due to in fighting... ifp and anc members murdered each other on sight... and i am sure about my facts because i had a conversation with somebody who had first hand exp.

      BLACKMAMBA - 2011-05-27 17:43

      xoby,i said get yoself a copy and not a primary skul teacher

      Weeg - 2011-05-27 18:28

      World don't like black man. Did he died?

      BLACKMAMBA - 2011-05-27 22:49

      'did he died' go to school weeg asseblief.

      Valkerie - 2011-05-28 15:56

      @ Blackmamba: Forgive me for assuming that you vote(d) for a communist cause (or at all). You refer to F. Fanon's work "The Wretched of the Earth". I read Chapter 6, and found nothing to make me think differently from my conclusion that you're preaching marxist (communist) ideology. [] So enlighten me: what is it you're actually trying to say? Surely not that the person who makes his/her own way in this world with pride, dignity and hard work should be made to subsidise those sitting around waiting for another hand out? Why should I be made to feel guilty for Apartheid - something I had no insight into, nor control over? Bollocks to you, sir! It is as much my SA birth right as yours to be allowed to contribute to the economy - NOT to another guilt tripping appeal for funds that won't assist the needy past the expiry dates of what they receive now. "...teach a man to fish..." Your use of African American rhetoric (e.g. "kats", "house nigger") leaves me thinking that you're another gangsta wannabe with little original thought except what you've been given to read by your 'varsity "comrades" in fake designer jeans. I am no longer interested in the "Apartheid is to blame" card being pulled at every turn - the statute of limitations has run out. Get rid of that chip on your shoulder, quit looking for someone to blame and join the effort to rebuild this country as ONE NATION. Ya' dig? Peace out!

      WarPig - 2011-05-28 20:21 you are telling us we should not confuse crime murders with political murders wrt farm murders? Listen we are not like the ANC and Communist parties supporters.....we are not zombies....we KNOW what's happening in this country/ As for Land claims....will you and your lot pay reparations to the San people who you lot murdered and geabbed their land??. Oh, so you've shagged 199 white girls? hahahah that must have cost you a fortune at the brothels!!!....shows such an inferiority complex (?). Man, you are one f$%ked up little worm.

      Schalk - 2011-05-29 13:41

      Well spoken sir!

  • MacTheBoer - 2011-05-27 13:45

    Can we please have compensation for the thousands of white people that have been negatively affected by the current government''s program of black enrichment. We can add compensation for the normal man in the street, of any race group, that is suffering through government ineptitude and corruption today. If we are paying compensation, what level of proof do we require to ensure that we give to the right people? Anyone born after 1994 should be automatically excluded!

      Protest - 2011-05-28 16:10

      Now how did someone born in 1993 become evil?

  • Mike_L - 2011-05-27 13:47

    Woohoo! Yet another way to "redistribute" the ever-shrinking wealth of the country.

  • K_za - 2011-05-27 13:50

    Why is it that some people expect handouts. The boers never demanded reparations from the British for putting them in concentration camps and burning their farms, killing their families. Every nation at some time has been oppressed or abused. It's a viscous circle. It's not a white thing. Black people sold their own people as slaves. The human being is a terrible thing and unless we start taking responsibility for ourselves, there is no future for our descendants. Africans (most) worry more about their ancestors than their own future.

      Spoofed - 2011-05-27 14:07

      You deserve a bells for that comment

      Taurusaurus - 2011-05-27 14:23

      Make that a double! :)

      MacTheBoer - 2011-05-27 14:28

      Opportunity missed. But remember, the British gave the whole country back in 1910 with tyhe Union of SA.

      POLLENYS - 2011-05-27 14:48

      @K_za Compensation was paid if the loss was not described as war losses or loot. According to the Treaty of Vereeniging 3,000,000 pound was awarded to the Republics for reconstruction/compensation. The House of Commons awarded a further 8,000,000 pounds after an article by genl Louis Botha appeared in a newspaper. About 36 000 Afrikaners died in the war and concentration camps (28 000 women and children.) The 36 000 was about 15% of the total Boer population in Transvaal and the Free State. Hardly a farmhouse was left standing. Transvaal lost 80% of 1 million cattle. There is a lot to be read and Googled on this topic that is now being erased from our history books and school curriculae.

      semaj - 2011-05-27 15:10

      So? some we know were handed a working country after 1994, and look at it now!

  • FiRe-FlY - 2011-05-27 13:51

    help yourself by meaning not rape steal and murder apartheid is history people learn from history not dwell on it forever and ever, grow from it be beter than the apartheid era and stop blaming everything from poor jobs, murder, homeless and so much more on apartheid. This Nation can be the best in the world, and we will never achieve full potential because everything is BEE, and everyone is blamed to be racist.

  • thobsion.ANC - 2011-05-27 13:51

    Keep quiet it you not a victim. I'm talking to you, you know who you are and your relation to Apartheid. That thing ain't fun ok so shut the hell up.

      djg - 2011-05-27 13:54

      whats yr problem - were all victims INCLUDING whites...we are now saddled with trash like u - we'll speak up when and where we want to...who r u to dictate...idot

      sparkster - 2011-05-27 14:22

      @thobnob.ANC Im Black and if you dont give me it for free i will steal it.

      Taurusaurus - 2011-05-27 14:25

      well said, djg! White people have been and continue to be discriminated against UNFAIRLY based on their skin color in recent years, BECAUSE of "BEE" and "AA" - its reverse-apartheid! So come, give compensation to whites too now!

      swimma - 2011-05-27 14:27

      @thobsion Or what? You'll tell on?

      jowza - 2011-05-27 14:29

      @charlie what action have you taken so far

      ratex - 2011-05-27 15:04

      @knobson.anc, you sound like a 12 year old brat. But i will entertain you. You guys fought so long and so hard for your freedom, so why are YOU still behaving like a k....r?

      Tom - 2011-05-27 15:10

      @jowza did you eat wrestling sh@t this morning? you seem like you want to start a fight with everyone!

      jowza - 2011-05-27 15:17

      No tom.just like i wont defend compensation,i wont take sit here and listen to people in denial,whichever side of the fence

      Tom - 2011-05-27 15:33

      @ jowza people have a right to there opinions and fighting with them won't help. stop seeing it as a black/white thing and start seeing it as a people being people thing, crap attitude exist in all races there is good and bad in all of us.

      jowza - 2011-05-27 15:41

      @tom.most of the articles here are a black/white thing

      K Man - 2011-05-27 16:22

      @ chopsion.ANC. I am a victim; of the ANC's incompetence/corruption/criminality. I am a victim; the ANC stole my money and bought a luxury car/mansion/vacation.

      jan du preeaz - 2011-05-27 18:15

      oh dear, a proper village idiot

  • stofsuier - 2011-05-27 13:51

    Typical African I want, I want, I want

      jowza - 2011-05-27 14:08

      typical white.i moan.i moan

      Lennox - 2011-05-27 14:11

      Stofsuiers, they want to suck the government dry!

      Gorilla - 2011-05-27 14:16

      Typical South Africans: I want, I moan, I want, I moan, my Government sucks.

      CharlieSheen - 2011-05-27 14:23

      @Jowza - It starts with moaning, and then turns into action. Remember, it's through moaning that your government came into power. Don't underestimate the power of people complaining, since, like most things, patients runs out, and when it does, there's usually huge consequences.

      jowza - 2011-05-27 14:32

      no charlie.the present govt.came into power through action,and dont make empty threats

      PAnzi_ne_ANC - 2011-05-27 14:46

      not empty threats per se JOWza, nbut many many useless and empty promises to empty sheep who fe;ll for it and still voted them into pwer.. with afew peices of KFC and yellow t shirt with a chimpanzee on the loeast ythe rest of the world saw throught their bullshita nd voted should be carefull when the moaning stops thye shooting may begin... remember blood river.. the bushwar and even the rhodesian war... i dont remeber eharing of any heoric warriors fighting against soldiers , only MK cadres blowing up or targetting women, children , the aged and infirm.. wonder why that was???

      Doublepost - 2011-05-27 14:51

      What action would that be, jowza?! Huh?! Oh, yeah, I forgot! Terrorising poor defenseless citizens, getting caught, going to jail and then complaining some more. The ANC and your lot did nothing to end Apartheid. It was ended by Whites who, through our ignorance, thought it was the right thing to do. Oh boy!! Have we learned our collective lesson!! The ANC was nothing but a fax machine in Dar es Salaam when the Apartheid government was through with them. Only international donations from the CIA and Sweden amongst others kept the ANC on life support! You have ZERO to be proud of! Everything you have is due to Whites! Everything!

      jowza - 2011-05-27 14:53

      @PHANZI.the last time you flexed your muscles,your leader fell off his horse.they went into former boputswana fully armed and ran when the first shot was fired

      jowza - 2011-05-27 14:56 u learn your history.did your father lie to you?

      Doublepost - 2011-05-27 14:59

      Actually, jowza, I read my history! Can you read books, jouza?! Or is the only place you get to "exercise" your brain in an ANC propaganda meeting?!

      jowza - 2011-05-27 15:02 to me when you grown up abit and stop reading comic books

      jowza - 2011-05-27 15:05

      and another thing we lived it.we did not read it

      xorbak - 2011-05-27 16:01

      @jowza that just proves that you cant see the whole truth... you are involved with the "event" so you only see your own point of view. furthermore it is true its thanx to the west that apartheid was ended... not ANC... if the west(and various other countries) did not implement sanctions apartheid would still be the norm... and yet nobody thanks the west for helping?

  • godsavesa - 2011-05-27 13:53

    I was brn after 1994, I am white. I had absolutely zilch to do with apartheid. So why the F2ck should my taxes be paying for these braindead uneducated selfabsorbed greedy f@ckers? The ungoogleable question.

      HellRaiser - 2011-05-27 14:38

      So you are no older than 17 - i don't think anyone cares about your taxes... or your opinion...

      BLACKMAMBA - 2011-05-27 14:48

      @godzilla,are u dumb? u obviously benefited through yo parents. i thought u whites are suppose to clever.tut tut!!

      Plesierspier - 2011-05-27 15:24

      @BLACKMAMBA And because my grandfather or whatever lived in apartheid (and had nothing to do with it) I and my kids have to suffer with reverse racism, BEE BS, corruption, rape, murder!! You have as little graymatter between your ears as the ANC government you idiot

      BLACKMAMBA - 2011-05-27 15:48

      @plsie(whateva that is) again a dumb white boy,u know yo grandpa and yo pops neva went 2 school.they probably had a std7 yet they were made managers coz they was white. now,80% of the wealth is still controled by 10%-europeans- of south africans.slow head,do u think thats fair. land reform is non existant.why? coz of the clause "willing buyer ,willing seller" mandela sold us out with. u love mandela huh?what would u be without him. ponder on that, dumb, smart white guy.

      BiTe__Me - 2011-05-27 16:10 is with the "you love mandela" crap? you really have issues dude...must suck to be you.

      BLACKMAMBA - 2011-05-27 16:52

      @bite,its kool to be me son.

      xorbak - 2011-05-27 17:17

      @BLACKMAMBA so you would rather have SA become like ZIM than have white people own farms? im all for land reform but most of the black people that get the farms do nothing with it... they put up a shack... ask their friends to come live there and charge them rent... where is the prob with that you may ask. 1. if the farm does not produce food it puts more pressure on the economy(no food= no exports) and on the people of SA 2.if they keep expanding and more and more people live on the farm/squatercamp they will eventually start demanding service delivery like water electricity ect. this is a prob because the govt already has a prob with providing for people

      BLACKMAMBA - 2011-05-27 18:04

      u all have this notion that blacks are incompentent at farming,like we wasnt eating-i guess just grass- jack when u landed here . ofcourse u will quote some few farms that are not producing,thats an ANC problem.corruption on the other hand u have farm evictions which somehow are responsible for farm farmers are murdered too its just that they are dark so its not so significant. land reform failed in zimbabwe becoz britain did not fulfil the lancaster agreement. pls you musnt be a victim of propaganda brought by the bbc and sky ,when they show you empty shelves in supamarkets.take a trip and see for yourself.tourism is striving and the eastern investment will bring some profound growth in the near future. i agree SA is heading for a zimbabwe scenario ,why?ANC,a capitalist government,is a puppet of the west. did u know that it will take 100 years 2 didtribute 30% of the land back to the natives.thats serious!!

      WarPig - 2011-05-28 20:51 are so besotted with commie idealism which incidentally has failed internationally that you think handouts and grants will benefit the country and its economy. Is it possible to be so stupid???!! Say goodbye to the whites and their money and especially international investment in what will be left in your new SA sh£t%$le. WE OWE YOU AND YOUR LOt F$%K ALL. THE SAN? YES!

  • Welleducated - 2011-05-27 13:54

    The best way to compensate SA for everything is to create jobs, the best way to CREATE JOBS, is to dissalow and stop companies like Walmart from getting into SA. Once they are in, jobs are gone! Support South Africa, stop criminal multi-national companies like Walmart. From a non-black, non-union but very conerned citizen who knows that the only way to keep all jobs is to stop international rubbish like that into our country.

  • VELOCITY - 2011-05-27 13:56

    Siestog, shame, fokit. So what are they after then, money? 20 or so years from now we whites will also claim compenstion for suffering the racist ANC and their "kill the boer" policies. (If there's any of us left after the genocide that is)

  • YES - 2011-05-27 13:57

    The call is once again, spearheaded by liberals. There is nothing new in what they are saying. All that the group is doing is trying to rewrite history when in fact, AZAPO and Mxqenge family challenge the TRC on the same reasons herein advanced only to be turned down by the Constitutional Court later. The initiative is to steal thunder from credible black organisations which championed black people's liberation from a racist white government not so long ago.

      Eric West - 2011-05-27 14:06

      Paul Verryn is a wigger of note!

  • Jacques Jones - 2011-05-27 13:59

    are you seriously kidding me!!? what a sad sad joke once again we see the goverment instilled sense of entitlement rearing it's head

  • Ampers - 2011-05-27 13:59

    This has got to benefit the DA. Let's face it, whilst the ANC government are paying out claims, they can't pour money into service delivery, whereas the DA can. I hope a few million more blacks step forward and claim.

  • stofsuier - 2011-05-27 14:01

    Apartheid is back "It is called BEE"

  • Eric West - 2011-05-27 14:04

    "You cannot legislate the poor into prosperity by legislating the wealthy out of prosperity".

      Concerned - 2011-05-27 14:28

      WATCH THIS SPACE, it will happen! ! By the way, are you wealthy so that we can start by legislating you out of prosperity?

  • perthbok - 2011-05-27 14:08

    F...**n stupid really man. so Jan van der merwe loses his job tomorrow because of zuma,s BEE, can he claim too. I am sick of these blimmen clowns. Typical African mentality

  • Baas-Julius - 2011-05-27 14:09

    AFRICA is giving nothing to anyone -- apart from AIDS No. It will not do. Even as we see African states refusing to take action to restore something resembling civilisation in Zimbabwe, the begging bowl for Ethiopia is being passed around to us, yet again. It is nearly 25 years since Ethiopia's (and Bob Geldof's) famous Feed The World campaign, and in that time Ethiopia's population has grown from 33.5 million to 78 million today. So why on earth should I do anything to encourage further catastrophic demographic growth in that country? Where is the logic? There is none. To be sure, there are two things saying that logic doesn't count. One is my conscience, and the other is the picture, yet again, of another wide-eyed child, yet again, gazing, yet again, at the camera, which yet again, captures the tragedy of . . . Sorry. My conscience has toured this territory on foot and financially. Unlike most of you, I have been to Ethiopia; like most of you, I have stumped up the loot to charities to stop starvation there. The wide-eyed boy-child we saved, 20 years or so ago, is now a priapic, Kalashnikov-bearing hearty, siring children whenever the whim takes him. There is, no doubt a good argument why we should prolong this predatory and dysfunctional economic, social and sexual system; but I do not know what it is. There is, on the other hand, every reason not to write a column like this. It will win no friends, and will provoke the self-righteous wrath of, well, the self-righteous, hand wringing , letter -writing wrathful individuals, a species which never fails to contaminate almost every debate in Irish life with its sneers and its moral superiority. It will also probably enrage some of the finest men in Irish life, like John O'Shea, of Goal; and the Finucane brothers, men whom I admire enormously. So be it. But, please, please, you self-righteously wrathful, spare me mention of our own Famine, with this or that lazy analogy. There is no comparison. Within 20 years of the Famine, the Irish population was down by 30pc. Over the equivalent period, thanks to western food, the Mercedes 10-wheel truck and the Lockheed Hercules, Ethiopia's has more than doubled. Alas, that wretched country is not alone in its madness. Somewhere, over the rainbow, lies Somalia, another fine land of violent, Kalashnikov-toting, khat-chewing, girl-circumcising, permanently tumescent layabouts. Indeed, we now have almost an entire continent of sexually hyperactive, illiterate indigents, with tens of millions of people who only survive because of help from the outside world. This dependency has not stimulated political prudence or commonsense. Indeed, voodoo idiocy it seems to be in the ascendant, with the president of South Africa being a firm believer in the efficacy of a little tap water on the post-coital penis as a sure preventative against AIDS infection. Needless to say, poverty, hunger and societal meltdown have not prevented idiotic wars involving Tigre, Uganda, Congo, Sudan, Somalia, Eritrea etcetera. Broad brush-strokes, to be sure. But broad brush-strokes are often the way that history paints its gaudier, if more decisive, chapters. Japan, China, Russia, Korea, Poland, Germany, Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia in the 20th century have endured worse broad brush-strokes than almost any part of Africa. They are now -- one way or another -- virtually all giving aid to or investing in Africa, whereas Africa, with its vast savannahs and its lush pastures, is giving almost nothing to anyone, apart from AIDS. Meanwhile, Africa's peoples are outstripping their resources, and causing catastrophic ecological degradation. By 2050, the population of Ethiopia will be 177 million: The equivalent of France, Germany and Benelux today, but located on the parched and increasingly protein-free wastelands of the Great Rift Valley. So, how much sense does it make for us actively to increase the adult population of what is already a vastly over-populated, environmentally devastated and economically dependent country? How much morality is there in saving an Ethiopian child from starvation today, for it to survive to a life of brutal circumcision, poverty, hunger, violence and sexual abuse, resulting in another half-dozen such wide-eyed children, with comparably jolly little lives ahead of them? Of course, it might make you feel better, which is a prime reason for so much charity.! But that is not good enough. For self-serving generosity has been one of the curses of Africa. It has sustained political systems which would otherwise have collapsed. It prolonged the Eritrean-Ethiopian war by nearly a decade. It is inspiring Bill Gates' programme to rid the continent of malaria, when, in the almost complete absence of personal self-discipline, that disease is one of the most efficacious forms of population-control now operating. If his programme is successful, tens of millions of children who would otherwise have died in infancy will survive to adulthood, he boasts. Oh good: then what? I know. Let them all come here or America. Yes, that's an idea. This report by K. Myers appeared in an Irish newspaper "The Irish Independent."

      jowza - 2011-05-27 14:34

      you have options mate.if this country treats you so badly.move on

      Raekwon - 2011-05-27 14:43


      Doublepost - 2011-05-27 14:44

      If Apartheid South Africa treated you so badly, why didn't you just move on?

      StaalBurgher - 2011-05-27 15:13

      Africa deserves what it gets. Thank heavens my tax money is not being stolen by these criminals.

  • stofsuier - 2011-05-27 14:11

    To Appeliepie You should have finished your english education before you burnt down the school, because now you cannot put one simple sentence together.

  • allie - 2011-05-27 14:12

    The shabeens are going to prospur again.Drinks all around on apartheid boys.

  • WhoGivesAshi - 2011-05-27 14:13

    These darkie must really let go of their apartheid scams...

  • JJRR - 2011-05-27 14:13

    They call the compensation BEE!

      Concerned - 2011-05-27 14:29

      Apartheid was your WEE!

      phunkylizzy - 2011-05-28 02:43

      @ Concerned Ons,Ons onder die boom.....

  • Zion - 2011-05-27 14:17

    When some one draws up the list for the victims that suffered under apartheid then under the last entry a fat, Shite, Black or white line must be drawn to indicate the end. But in reality that list will be extended especially when elections are on the horizon. Just think of all the corruption such a list can generate. Even Zimbabweans and Ivorians and Botswanians will have their own lists.

      Kevin - 2011-05-27 18:28

      Excuse me ,have I missed something. the way you guys talk apartheid is over ,finished. jeez what happened.

  • Concerned - 2011-05-27 14:20

    Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssss, they must claim from the DA(former National Party) & FF Plus who were the owners of Apartheid. Yeeeeeeeeeeessssssssss as well to all those who wanna be compensated for being deprived by the Affirmative Action & BEE, bt in your next life time.Go 2 hell.You're still suffering 4 what your older generations did,so shut the hell up & let us enjoy the ride.

      Raekwon - 2011-05-27 14:51


      Esperanza - 2011-05-27 14:54

      Once again... the former Nats joined the ANC, not the the DA. IDIOT DOUCHE

      Megamind - 2011-05-27 14:58

      You really are a stupid Pratt. Dont even know what the hell goes on in politics. The NP MERGED with your beloved ANC. How else u got whitey's in Anc post's? Go back to school, wait,,, you cant do that since the ANC teachers are striking,,,,,maybe a extra 50% on the exam might get you through yourwoodwork class ?

      Phlegm - 2011-05-27 15:21

      You should change your name to Ignorant, "let us enjoy the ride" clearly you are on the gravy train, well done to you on securing a ticket, now you go 2 hell.

      Concerned - 2011-05-27 15:26

      @RAEKWON,ESPERANZA & MEGAMIND. Its fiiineeee good ppl. Your DA will come back & rule in the next lifetime.@least the world is ending on the 21st October 2011. Go book a hotel in Sandton on the 20th October!! That's how smart you guys are & I guess you that's the mentality you applied during the apartheid era. Wake up & smell the coffee. We're here to stay, either COMPLY or SHIP OUT TO AUSTRALIA or move to ORANGE where there are other imbeciles like you who will share your opinions. As most of your mates have done & leave us in peace in our wonderland.

      Concerned - 2011-05-27 15:29

      I'm adding you to the list Phlegm, comply or ship out. You bugger!

      K Man - 2011-05-27 16:33

      @concerned go sleep with an HIV+ woman and then go take a shower please.

      Concerned - 2011-05-27 16:42

      @K Man. Emigrate to Australia or go stay in Orange man. You're crowding us here. We don't need lunatics like u. It looks as if your mind has stopped functioning way early b4 the world ends on the 21st October 2011, according 2 a prophet of doom from the APARTHEID era. Bwaaah!!!!!!

      Matt - 2011-05-27 16:48

      "Concerned" needs a hug.

      K Man - 2011-05-27 16:54

      actually enjoy it here in my motherland. I think I'll stay :)

  • biskit - 2011-05-27 14:24

    ............................................________ ....................................,.-‘”...................``~., .............................,.-”...................................“-., .........................,/...............................................”:, .....................,?......................................................\, .................../...........................................................,} ................./......................................................,:`^`..} .............../...................................................,:”........./ ..............?.....__.........................................:`.........../ ............./__.(.....“~-,_..............................,:`........../ .........../(_....”~,_........“~,_....................,:`........_/ ..........{.._$;_......”=,_.......“-,_.......,.-~-,},.~”;/....} ...........((.....*~_.......”=-._......“;,,./`..../”............../ ...,,,___.\`~,......“~.,....................`.....}............../ ............(....`=-,,.......`........................(......;_,,-” ............/.`~,......`-...............................\....../\ .............\`~.*-,.....................................|,./.....\,__ ,,_..........}.>-._\...................................|..............`=~-, .....`=~-,_\_......`\,.................................\ ...................`=~-,,.\,...............................\ ................................`:,,...........................`\..............__ .....................................`=-,...................,%`>--==`` ........................................_\..........._,-%.......`\ ...................................,<`.._|_,-&``................`\

  • Ucan - 2011-05-27 14:27

    It`s Sad to see that people are still sitting around and letting thier life slip into the back end of things and Not getting up and Taking the chance to make a differnce in this country, but instead they back people with false and misleading morals. What more should people do? We are all human and can only help so much and the rest is up to the person that is in need, to do something further. How can a Country grow and walk forward when majority of the people are holding onto a pole with one hand that was set in the past and when the other is trying to go forward. You need everything you have to move forward and make a difference.

  • Faansie - 2011-05-27 14:29

    Hier kom Groot Kak

      Kevin - 2011-05-27 18:29

      Nee fat boy is nie hier nie

  • Rasky - 2011-05-27 14:29

    Forget this BS on apparteit victims stuff, thats just plain theft if it is paid! RATHER pay the FARMERS families that have been maimed and MURDERED!Better idea.So lets look at R5million per farmer-thats R5mill x 3600 farmers, thats R1.9 Billion.Thats ethical.Please the people of colour actually had it good in the good old days, they were safe too, the whities had to protect the borders from TERRORISTS while the blacks were playing fafi and soccer and sponsering SAB big time!Now they want compensation.DREAM ON>

  • TheDrake - 2011-05-27 14:30

    I wonder about the definition for so-called “apartheid atrocities” Every second person will most probably regard him or herself as a direct or indirect victim of apartheid atrocities that qualify for financial reparation. In her book The Truth about the Truth Commission, Dr Anthea Jefferey pointed out that 19200 of the 21300 affidavits collected by the commission were not sworn affidavits. Very few if any were tested by cross examination. Most of these accounts are based on hearsay evidence and should not be admissible for any purpose let alone for awarding compensation or as an acceptable basis for the findings and recommendations of the TRC. I also wonder if the testimonies supplied to the Khulumani Support Group will past closer scrutiny and especially cross examination, the basic test for truthfulness. Fact of the matter is that 9200 persons were killed by the ANC during the eight year period of the "people’s war" that they waged against all of us. A further 18000 were seriously injured in 80500 incidents of serious violence. Will these people also qualify for compensation and if not, why not?

      Winsome - 2011-08-25 20:07

      TheDrake - this is the most sensible piece of writing I have read tonight - well done! The sense of entitlement in our country is robbing all the tax payers - this is just another way of doing it.

  • TheWiseOne - 2011-05-27 14:33

    I too reject regulation! I'm 27 years of age, white male and Afrikaans. That makes me a second class (maybe even third class) South African citizen. I may not be a direct victim of Apartheid, but surely I'm a indirect victim. Or at least a direct victim of democracy. That is something that will not change until the government stop BEE and affirmative action. So I demand at least a decent dental plan while those policies are the order of the day.

  • TheWiseOne - 2011-05-27 14:39

    The more advantaged your are, the more you pay for it. It is called tax. Lets just throw all our money in one pot and work from there. Dammit, ANC communist propaganda is starting to brain wash me. Who is then going to subsidise for the dumb, lazy, poor, old and politician. O-no, scratch the last one, they will manage the pot, so I'm sure the will divide the money equally between them and the rest of the nation.

  • Doublepost - 2011-05-27 14:42

    Headline should read as such... "Apartheid "victims" seek to bleed the ever decreasing tax paying citizens dry."

  • Pigmalion - 2011-05-27 14:43

    Gimme gimme gimme!!!!!! We deserve everything for free. For at least another 300 years or so.

  • Newsferret - 2011-05-27 14:51

    Oh, another example of entitlement. Why don't they go out and start working for a better South Africa?Can I too as a White who was over taxed during apartheid so that the Non-whites could benefit from the socialist concepts hidden in the apartheid policy also claim compensation?

  • eugene smit - 2011-05-27 14:51

    So let me get this right, they want money for being terrorist who killed innocent women, children and men? If only anyone in South-Africa still had some spine left

      Kevin - 2011-05-27 18:30

      No ,just for being useless

  • Anonymous Thinker - 2011-05-27 14:54

    So does this mean I can claim back due to BEE and so called AA? I'm a 28yr old white woman. Had nothing to do with apartheid as I wasn't raised that way and was to young to even know or care about what Colour my friends were. Now can't find decent work even though I'm qualified because I'm white. AA was supposed to help women get work. Apparently not. When I'm homeless Mr Sina due to your inequality, I'm going to squat in your backyard. After all, you keep saying how land belongs to us all.

  • SLIPBACK - 2011-05-27 14:58

    @ Sandy I am sorry White people came here and raped our mother and that's why we have coloreds and Turned our fathers into slaves. you should count your self lucky Our Father utata Nelson Mandela was not Mugabe or else...

      Felix - 2011-05-27 15:47

      If there wasn't slavery you wouldn't be able to watch the NBA now, look on the bright side. BTW how do you know it was rape? Maybe your "mother" was curious, and coloureds are cool. If you love Bob so much go live there, I'm sure you will be looked after.

      SLIPBACK - 2011-05-27 16:22

      Felix I am a colored dude and I know how it started

      Mystic Boer - 2011-05-28 11:55

      Slipback, but that means you owe your existence to whities.......why so sorry.

  • Rasky - 2011-05-27 14:59

    Hew Jawza..............Voetsek.

      jowza - 2011-05-27 15:19

      is that the best you can come up with

  • Anonymus - 2011-05-27 15:13

    there goes the begging hand again.....

  • As-it-is - 2011-05-27 15:13

    I believe the gov should compensate all Apartheid victims! these were the guys that truly fought for our freedom from the white oppressive regime. beaten up, tortured, murdered, imprisoned etc etc. most of them never got 2 tell their stories at the TRC. scared for life with families suffering as a result. Most of the commentators are all to racist to even know this. some do not even know what the struggle was about and the rest have 2 much hatered in them to disticnt between the 2... KABISH

      Oppressor - 2011-05-27 15:28

      You really are brainwashed and obviously werent around during Apartheid.

      As-it-is - 2011-05-27 15:36

      You truly are one of those verkrampde one's and your name suits you perfectly...

  • El Cid - 2011-05-27 15:14

    I demand reparation for AA and BEE committed in this country. I demand compensation for crimes against me and my family. I demand compensation for the anc's stupidity. I demand I demand I demand....... F@CK!!!

      As-it-is - 2011-05-27 15:47

      I again demand you Shut the f8ck up...

      TheCaretaker - 2011-05-27 18:30

      You have every right to make your demands mate, but in your country please.

  • Plesierspier - 2011-05-27 15:17

    Tell them to go to Hell!!!

  • RIMRIM - 2011-05-27 15:22

    Have lots of children so we can over power the white apartheid government with numbers, our children will look after us when we get old. (Malema made a similar comment recently) Result 25years later... Population grew faster than the economy did and we now have millions of poor blacks. They only way blacks will get out of poverty is if they drop there population growth below the rate of the economic growth or become economically active. The biggest problem with the government is that they have no idea what so what the future consequences will be because of there actions today. If they do know they just don't care. 14 Million people living of social grants while less than 5 million people pay income tax. Out of 14million living on social grants maybe 4 Million have any will or desire to find a job. Why work when I get enough money to buy food and booze. No desire or will to find a job, work or pay tax but more than happy to burn tires in the road and strike for service delivery that I don't pay for.

      Oppressor - 2011-05-27 15:27

      Im sticking around to watch them laying starving in the streets like in Ethiopia. Will make me very happy.

      jowza - 2011-05-27 15:38

      bo opressor,talk the dont have the money to leave this country.thats why you will be around and even if you managed to stumble on some,i doubt any country will want you

      Oppressor - 2011-05-27 15:45

      @jowza true, most of my money goes to the thieving government, some of which they use to keep the unemployed indigenous population breeding.

  • Concerned - 2011-05-27 15:36

    To all you guys complaining about the BEE & AA, come meet me & Park Station in JHB on Monday morning. I'll give each one of you a R50.00 compensation cheque for what you're worth/useless for. I hope it can keep your orifices shut & start enjoying the ride with us.

  • As-it-is - 2011-05-27 15:39

    P.W BOTHA SPEECH 1985 THE FOLLOWING is a speech made by former South African President P.W. Botha to his Cabinet. This reprint was written by David G. Mailu for the Sunday Times, a South African newspaper, dated August 18, 1985. "Pretoria has been made by the White mind for the White man. We are not obliged even the least to try to prove to anybody and to the Blacks that we are superior people. We have demonstrated that to the Blacks in a thousand and one ways. The Republic of South Africa that we know of today has not been created by wishful thinking. We have created it at the expense of intelligence, sweat and blood. Were they Afrikaners who tried to eliminate the Australian Aborigines? Are they Afrikaners who discriminate against Blacks and call them Nigge*rs in the States? Were they Afrikaners who started the slave trade? Where is the Black man appreciated? England discriminates against its Black and their "Sus" law is out to discipline the Blacks. Canada, France, Russia, and Japan all play their discrimination too. Why in the hell then is so much noise made about us? Why are they biased against us? I am simply trying to prove to you all that there is nothing unusual we are doing that the so called civilized worlds are not doing. We are simply an honest people who have come out aloud with a clear philosophy of how we want to live our own White life. We do not pretend like other Whites that we like Blacks. The fact that, Blacks look like human beings and act like human beings do not necessarily make them sensible human beings. Hedgehogs are not porcupines and lizards are not crocodiles simply because they look alike. If God wanted us to be equal to the Blacks, he would have created> us all of a uniform colour and intellect. But he created us differently: Whites, Blacks, Yellow, Rulers and the ruled. Intellectually, we are superior to the Blacks; that has been proven beyond any reasonable doubt over the years. I believe that the Afrikaner is an honest, God fearing person, who has demonstrated practically the right way of being. Nevertheless, it is comforting to know that behind the scenes, Europe, America, Canada, Australia-and all others are behind us in spite of what they say. For diplomatic relations, we all know what language should be used and where. To prove my point, Comrades, does anyone of you know a White country without an investment or interest in South Africa? Who buys our gold? Who buys our diamonds? Who trades with us? Who is helping us develop other nuclear weapon? The very truth is that we are their people and they are our people. It's a big secret. The strength of our economy is backed by America, Britain, Germany. It is our strong conviction, therefore, that the Black is the raw material for the White man. So Brothers and Sisters, let us join hands together to fight against this Black devil. I appeal to all Afrikaners to come out with any creative means of fighting this war. Surely God cannot forsake his own people whom we are. By now every one of us has seen it practically that the Blacks cannot rule themselves. Give them guns and they will kill each other. They are good in nothing else but making noise, dancing, marrying many wives and indulging in sex. Let us all accept that the Black man is the symbol of poverty, mental inferiority, laziness and emotional incompetence. Isn't it plausible? therefore that the White man is created to rule the Black man? Come to think of what would happen one day if you woke up and on the throne sat a Kaff*ir! Can you imagine what would happen to our women? Does anyone of you believe that the Blacks can rule this country? Hence, we have good reasons to let them all-the Mandelas-rot in prison, and I think we should be commended for having kept them alive in spite of what we have at hand with which to finish them off. I wish to announce a number of new strategies that should be put to use to destroy this Black bug. We should now make use of the chemical weapon. Priority number one, we should not by all means allow any more increases of the Black population lest we be choked very soon. I have exciting news that our scientists have come with an efficient stuff. I am sending out more researchers to the field to identify as many venues as possible where the chemical weapons could be employed to combat any further population increases. The hospital is a very strategic opening, for example and should be fully utilized. The food supply channel should be used. We have eveloped excellent slow killing poisons and fertility destroyers. Our only fear is in case such stuff came in! ! to their hands as they are bound to start using it against us if you care to think of the many Blacks working for us in our homes. However, we are doing the best we can to make sure that the stuff remains strictly in our hands. Secondly, most Blacks are vulnerable to money inducements. I have set aside a special fund to exploit this venue. The old trick of divide and rule is still very valid today. Our experts should work day and night to set the Black man against his fellowman. His inferior sense of morals can be exploited beautifully. And here is a creature that lacks foresight There is a need for us to combat him in long term projections that he cannot suspect. The average Black does not plan his life beyond a year: that stance, for example,should be exploited. My special department is already working round the clock to come out with a long-term operation blueprint. I am also sending a special request to all Afrikaner mothers to double their birth rate It may be necessary too to set up a population boom industry by putting up centres where we employ and support fully White young men and women to produce children for the nation. We are also investigating the merit of uterus rentals as a possible means of speeding up the growth of our population through surrogate mothers. For the time being, we should also engage a higher gear to make sure that Black men are separated from their women and fines imposed upon married wives who bear illegitimate children. I have a committee working on finding better methods of inciting Blacks against each other and encouraging murders among themselves. Murder cases among Blacks should bear very little punishment in order to encourage them. My scientists have come up with a drug that could be smuggled into their brews to effect slow poisoning results and fertility destruction. Working through drinks and manufacturing of soft drinks geared to the Blacks, could promote the channels of reducing their population. Ours is not a war that we can use the atomic bomb to destroy the Blacks, so we must use our intelligence to effect this. The person-to-person encounter can be very effective. As the records show that the Black man is dying to go to bed with the White woman, here is our unique opportunity. Our Sex Mercenary Squad should go out and camouflage with Apartheid Fighters while doing their operations quietly administering slow killing poison and fertility destroyers to those Blacks they thus befriend.

      Oppressor - 2011-05-27 15:47

      A true visionary.

      Concerned - 2011-05-27 16:00

      "Our Sex Mercenary Squad should go out and camouflage with Apartheid Fighters while doing their operations quietly administering slow killing poison and fertility destroyers to those Blacks they thus befriend". Then we've got all these APARTHEID AGENTS talking nonsense & ignoring all the stuff that was done by their MASTERS. They must be dreaming. Its pay back time.

      As-it-is - 2011-05-27 16:05

      A dead visionary that is on the right-hand-side of the devil along with verwoerd...

      Concerned - 2011-05-27 16:09

      @Oppressor.If he was a true visionary, his vision would still be in place 2day. Bt I guess its in your mind & system bt u're just not too proud 2 implement it anymore cause it was DEVILISH.

      mamakalami - 2011-05-27 16:23

      There is a cure for what you have. You don't have to suffer alone. Seems the Prozac is not working. Have you been seing any black stars in front of your eyes lately? .....Successful black stars?

      Bheki - 2011-05-27 17:18

      Thank you for reminding us what Botha think of us blacks- I think we need to truly reflect on his speech and explore whether what he was saying is not what is happening or what was happening 1. We have multiple partners (Wives) i.e. President 2. We want to go on strike because white people do not want to create jobs for us and we expect whites people to create jobs for us- Cosatu 3.Go visit the paypoint and see the majority on the child grant- my mother younger sister has 9 kids all of them are below the age of 25. 4. I am yet to see a white man drinking- Ijuba, Ingwe njalonjalo- yet this beer are made by white people for the black man consumption. 5. Do you think there was a white man brain in the design and building of the RDP house?-Pretoria is still standing today. 6. A black man can not plan even for the year- Who is involve in the strike in Lonmin? Who will suffer? How many will suffer? It is clear most of the white people did not buy in this -(produce children thing) because they can think for themselves- at least they knew that it was not affordable. I think we should rather focus on our children and make sure that they get good education which will help them to think for themselves

      Doublepost - 2011-05-27 17:49

      The speech is a hoax for heavens sake!! It's an e-mail doing the rounds in an effort to discredit Afrikaners!! Man you guys will come up with the biggest load of bull!

      Doublepost - 2011-05-27 18:16

      Here is some more proof that this is nothing but a smear campaign, albeit an incredible old one...

      phunkylizzy - 2011-05-28 02:47

      Spoeg en plak, spoeg en plak, elke dag die selle kak. Spoeg en plak, spoeg en plak, elke dag die selle kak. Spoeg en plak, spoeg en plak, elke dag die selle kak.

      RIMRIM - 2011-05-28 15:34

      That speech is a propaganda tool. He never made any of those statements. What a bunch of bull Sh#&* ANC trying to discredit the white man.It is a hoax. Maybe get your facts straight before publishing this BS. Google will tell you the truth

      ToyYoda - 2011-05-31 14:17

      But what is the special ingredient??? LOL

  • MK - 2011-05-27 16:13

    Where can I claim. I am a Victim of Democracy (BBBEE AA) and various other spinoffs of the current Apartheid Systems hidden as Democracy.

      TheCaretaker - 2011-05-27 18:35

      In your country.

  • Concerned - 2011-05-27 16:14

    Ce que je peux vous dire à tous les produits apartheid, vous méritez toutes les douleurs que vous souffrez maintenant. Malheureusement nous sommes intelligents maintenant, nous ne permettrons pas l'apartheid à exister même dans le Cap occidental où la DA est la «intérimaire » du parti. VIVA AFRICAN NATIONAL CONGRESS VIVA!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Matt - 2011-05-27 16:46

      Je voudrais donner-vous un question: êtes-vous Sud-Africain?

      TamaraSays - 2011-05-29 02:09

      Concerned, do you even GRASP the concept that even during apartheid, there was a multi party system? Not every white person voted for the NP. You should look that up sometime. Tarring every white person with the same brush is stereotypical, and racist, not to mention obtuse beyond belief. FYI, most of the white racists who DID support apartheid took their money and left a long time ago.

      Concerned - 2011-05-30 12:24

      @Matt,Je suis un Sud-Africain. Quel est le problème? Doutez-vous de ma nationalité? @TamaraSays, I'd love 2 agree with you. They may hv left bt there is still a few remaining.

  • Matt - 2011-05-27 16:50

    Someone tell them to get a job and earn their living like the rest of us please. If the suffering was truly bad that they're scarred 17 years later, they'd seek justice against a specific body or people, not some quick moola