Armed robbers pose as Hawks

2012-10-15 13:03

Johannesburg - A factory owner from Edenvale was robbed of more than R450 000 by a gang of men posing as Hawks members, according to a report on Monday.

Deon Nell told Beeld that he was confronted on Saturday afternoon by eight men in a marked BMW police car and two other cars as he left his factory to drive home.

Some of the men wore police uniforms and carried R5 rifles.

"They knew my name, accused me of money laundering, and told me they were investigating me," Nell said.

He was told to get into one of their vehicles and direct them to his house.

At Nell's home, the criminals helped themselves to money totalling R450 000, as well as jewellery, a computer, and the factory keys.

They forced Nell back into one of their cars, saying they were going to "arrest" him, then dumped him next to the road a few kilometres away.

"They said, 'you fucking white dog, we are going to take all your money. Fuck off'."

Police spokesperson Captain Pinky Tsinyane said no arrests had been made, but an investigation was underway to establish whether bona fide police officers had been involved in the crime.

  • Andrea - 2012-10-15 13:13

    This is going to get very interesting. I do, however, fail to understand why anybody would keep that amount of cash around? Find out who knew about the money and the pool of suspects should be fairly small.

      sanda.mnyazi - 2012-10-15 13:22

      Damn crime is really accelerating to another level now, who shall we turn to.......these idiots needs to die

      bloulig.brigadeer.3 - 2012-10-15 13:30

      I wouldn't be surprised if they were real cops! You can't even trust them nowadays... We need the DA in power ASAP!!!!

      jack.blacking.56 - 2012-10-15 13:38

      Who cares what the man does with his money, only thing i know for sure is that a certain race was again the perpetrator of crime.

      mattewis.kat - 2012-10-15 13:42

      @semonatenate It may be true that the guy is a criminal, or it may not! How you justify an armed attack by violating someone in their own home as a comparable deed, I do not understand. If you're so stupid to pay yourself to your knees in bank charges, why must I also? Or is this just another Marxist communist idea similar to the strikers intimidating and murdering people who want to work?

      aniken.vader.31 - 2012-10-15 13:44

      jack - don't be vague: it was semonatenate's brothers! After all he is CONDONING this roberry by calling the guy who gives jobs to his factory staff workers a "criminal"!

      BulletProof. - 2012-10-15 13:59

      @semonatenate, I think this guy shoud be investigated, he thinks like a criminal.

      aniken.vader.31 - 2012-10-15 14:00

      "They said, 'you [daisies, flowers and butterflies] white dog, we are going to take all your money. [daisies, flowers and butterflies] off'." you see omonaija - someone ELSE already beat ol'jack to it!

      boom.afridi.56 - 2012-10-15 14:06

      so if the ''hawks'' or police come to our homes is there a number we can dial to confirm that it is really them lol what is this country coming to :P

      omo.naija.750 - 2012-10-15 14:07

      Terrible incident,just shows that no one can be trusted in this country. That being said ,i believe this is an inside job.The fact they knew his name and they knew that he will have money at home suggests that someone close to him sent them. The maid will be the usual suspect but it could even be one of his close friends.People are desperate these days and most will do anything for money.If this was a random robbery he would definitely have been shot or tortured.The fact that he was left unharmed shows that whoever sent them asked them not to lay a finger on him. That being said the Hawks and SARS also need to interrogate this guy and determine the source of the money. They also need to establish if there were any witnesses who may have witnessed the crime apart from the victim.There are a lot of insurance scams going now so one can not be too sure.Secondly he could be involved in some shady business and these could be his way of pocketing the whole money for himself.Keeping R450,000 at home is not a usual thing so that definitely raises a lot of eyebrows.Most people who do that are usually involved in money laundering or drug trafficking. No sensible honest businessman will keep such an amount of money at home especially when you consider the security situation of South Africa.The bank or a safe deposit box will always be the first option for someone whose money was made legally.

      aniken.vader.31 - 2012-10-15 14:13

      omonaija - typical south african mentality! A victim HAS to be treated like a criminal FIRST! I get your point of view! I mean you MUST be in business and as such you handle large amounts of money, so you know EXACTLY why someone would keep R450,000.00 (which by the way it is NOT a large amount of money in these days of age for a business)..! You nee dto FIRST learn how to OWN a business that is PROFITABLE, stable and can accomodate at any given moment in time R450,000.00 in cash I somehowe recall our good ol' bhecki cele and his shananigans of FLYING ON AN AIRPLANE with (what was it R1mil or 2mil) in CASH??? oh YEAH - that was the cash that comes out of your and MY PAID UP TAXES..! fool

      omo.naija.750 - 2012-10-15 14:13

      @anikenvader - So if some idiots jump in front of a moving vehicle ,will you follow them and jump in front of the moving vehicle as well? If you are decent ,you are decent.No one can influence you to become indecent. This is a news forum and though the moderators don't know how do their jobs ,the least the users can do is behave and act like reasonable adults.

      omo.naija.750 - 2012-10-15 14:18

      @anikenvader - You are not the kind of person i debate with ,my standards are very high.You have only exchanged 2 comments with me and you are already insulting me.Well i was brought up differently,so i won't engage you any longer as i don't enjoy or encourage uncivilized behavior.FYI i am not a South African.

      aniken.vader.31 - 2012-10-15 14:21

      @omanaija - you need a ladder to get at my level! I recall but ONE of your comments: "@jack.blacking.56 - Please p*ss off and go take your meds." HARDLY my kind of high-level language!

      aniken.vader.31 - 2012-10-15 14:23

      omonaija - I know: nigerian, and some omo-media founder! doesn't mean you don't have that african tendency!

      Andrea - 2012-10-15 14:46

      Omonaija, I think for him to be able to claim that amount from his insurer, he will have to be able to prove that he had it in the first instance. That should put any allegations of illegal money to rest. Also, it is my understanding that cash is only insured to a maximum amount and I'm not sure that R450k can be regarded as "cash float".

      aniken.vader.31 - 2012-10-15 14:55

      @Omonaija - listen to andrea! You call yourself a debater of high level! First understand what you are presented with before making unfounded claims..! We the higher level kind we call it reasoning, you guys of the (other high level) call this debating! You want to debate everything in africa! NEVER use common sense, learn, study the facts presented to you and THEN make an educated comment..

      omo.naija.750 - 2012-10-15 15:01

      Some people here are trying to deviate from the underlining question which is baffling everyone.They are also trying to convince us that R450,000 is chump change that every businessman or woman can afford to keep in his/her home safe even though SA is crime ridden.Furthermore they insinuate that the rest of us who disgree with them are paupers who do not own a profitable business that generates close to or more than R450,000. Total hogwash if you ask me.No factory owner in is right mind will keep R450,000 of his legally earned money in a home safe when he can keep it in a bank where it safe from robbers.First off any amount above R50000 must be declared by your bank when you deposit it to FICA.If FICA is not aware of these money ,there is already a problem because that could be seen as money laundering or tax evasion.The only people who keep large amounts of money at home from my experience are jews who trade in illegal diamonds and even they do not keep that much. If you run a legal business you will not keep such an amount of money in your home for the fear of loosing it to robbers.As a business owner ,you can make payments for raw materials ,services,bills e.t.c by using either EFT, Mobile banking or internet banking.There is no way you can carry R450,000 cash to go and buy an item in South Africa,the person selling the item to you is mandated by law to report any cash transaction above R50000 to Fica.

      omo.naija.750 - 2012-10-15 15:14

      It is obvious that someone here has a racial itch.Funny how the same person claims to be of a "higher level Kind".LOL! What the heck does that mean??? Jeez some mothers do have them. Damn shame that there are a lot looneys roaming the streets.They have been implanted from birth with a racial poison chip on their shoulders. They have lost all sense of humanity and dwell in a fantasy land of color based reasoning. Their ability to engage,analyse and conclude is severely flawed by their inability to logically think beyond their skin pigmentation.A circus is what we have to live with in this country, a pretty damned circus.

      aniken.vader.31 - 2012-10-15 15:21

      omonaija - I am not a racist, I am a realist! FOR THE LAST TIME DUDE: the RACIST words came out of the article - you don't like it, stop reading and commenting in a racial manner (like you did earlier)! Then you won't piss people like ME off that LOVE to live in a non-racial crime-free society!

      aniken.vader.31 - 2012-10-15 15:26

      omonaija also - your comment about fica! WHO said that someone had a payout of R450K in CASH at ONE TIME? WHAT if it was saved? WHAT if it was a composed of a FEW transactions? If you'd stop insinuating about this business owner that he is doing something illegal, I will drop this commenting - you are simply stating something that is NOT with substance! and if I were that person and read your comments I would sue you for defamation, because as far as I am concerned, you are putting it out there and insinuating that this person is doing illegal affairs and as such you are defaming him to the WORLD..! The article is about a white person that was robbed by people who posed as the hawks, and he got robbed by cahflow that he had on hand (not unlike bhecki cele who travelled with 1mil - 2mil of our TAX money on an airplane and got robbed) what have you got to say about THAT ONE?

      beverly.young3 - 2012-10-15 18:14

      I wonder....did he really have that amount of money?

  • mmanonose - 2012-10-15 13:16

    Why would one keep large sums of my money at home? Eish!

      aniken.vader.31 - 2012-10-15 13:51

      why is everyone asking about this amount of cash being kept at one's house? It is NOT illegal firstly, and secondly to put cash into the bank account is costing a hell of a lot. If you get paid in cash, then you avoid having to pay bank charges! Simple! The question should be"why was he called a white dog"? Is this a racist crime? I tell you what would happen if it was the other way around and whites would rob a black person and call him a "black dog"!.....I tell you ....the earth would stand still..

      Poloyatonki1.lee - 2012-10-15 14:08

      anikenvader... You can call me "black dog" and lets see if the earth will stand still, I am waiting. Anyway about the article, to me it sounds like someone close to him planned the whole thing. How did they know about the money???

      aniken.vader.31 - 2012-10-15 14:17

      polyo - budeeeee you back? I am not in the business of RACIST calling, BUT I was making my point as that ALMOST happened with those two afrikaners that hit that guy in such a state that he died! SAD story (don't get me wrong), but the OUTCRY was DEAFENING! As about (how did they know about the money) does NOT make the VICTIM a criminal like others imply here on this forum...

      azande.futhi - 2012-10-15 14:18

      I do not think for a minute these thugs would call a white man a "black dog", it would be very misleading to both the thugs and the poor man that was robbed.

      aniken.vader.31 - 2012-10-15 14:29

      azande - that is actually funny hahahaha! thank you...

      azande.futhi - 2012-10-15 14:42

      @anikenvader.. :-)

  • Monique Nadine Lovelock - 2012-10-15 13:17

    Is this true or is it just a hoax. But even so this is wierd. they can tell what SAPS vehicle has been where and who was driving it. This just seems to sureal. But it is worrying the racist slur. But this is what is being experienced in SAPS.

      tonja.reiners - 2012-10-15 14:01

      And government is still trying to convince us crime is not racially motivated. Well I beg to differ.

  • RhymeLegend - 2012-10-15 13:18

    Why do you keep so much money by your house though?

      deon.louw.7505 - 2012-10-15 13:51

      Some businesses makes more than a million a month in turnover, if you keep 10% a month you can have that money within 5 months. More people should save.

      keith.f.murphy - 2012-10-15 13:55

      Thats normal for many business to keep money at his house its his money not stolen mate.In Angola there are people who keeps millions of american dollars at home.It does not give anyone the right to rob him of his money he can decide to keep it wherever he wants to keep the money

      RhymeLegend - 2012-10-15 16:13

      I'm not saying they had the right to rob him, what they did was wrong... Neither did I say he can't keep whatever amount of money he wants to... My question is, why would one keep so much money at their disposal? (besides the fact that we know it's theirs)

  • alain.d.thomas - 2012-10-15 13:19

    Something fishy

      kala.bafazi - 2012-10-15 13:30

      I agree, something does smell a bit off.

  • Hemlock - 2012-10-15 13:28

    Another day in sunny SA. Crime is really getting out of hand. Who can we trust ? Nobody....!!!!!

      jack.blacking.56 - 2012-10-15 13:39

      Well, you can certainly trust some people more than others.

      JAbu.R15 - 2012-10-15 14:56

      That is not true, crime is not getting out of hand in SA it has been out of hand in a looooong time and nothing is done by either the police or government as they are all beneficiaries in this crime cycle

  • luvo.luvos - 2012-10-15 13:29

    And this man kept R450 000 in his house in this day and age??

      rochelle.kruger.14 - 2012-10-15 13:42

      Luvo but you are even at risk if your money is in the bank my bosses account was just cleared just a few hours ago when she just signed on the internet banking of Absa she saw how her money got transferred from her account to an unknown account right in front of her eyes, where must we keep our money now?

  • kala.bafazi - 2012-10-15 13:29

    If some one keeps R450 000.00 cash at home that already tells me he is dodging the VAT man. That amount would attract some nice interest in a bank account but if it was deposited would raise some flags at SARS. If it drives like a Hawk, walks like a Hawk and talks like a Hawk...

      ken.rowe.509 - 2012-10-15 13:37

      Then it probably is a Hawk !

      deon.louw.7505 - 2012-10-15 13:54

      Hopefully they don't steal like a hawk too? Some people don't trust banks.

  • cmahasa - 2012-10-15 13:31

    2ru definition of Thugs

  • ken.koen - 2012-10-15 13:34

    This country is becoming more and more like Nigeria and the DRC and Somalia etc. by the day. I don't even believe the government actually has proper control over the country anymore. The anarchic state of this country is becoming very frightening.

      Andrea - 2012-10-15 13:48

      The lost control a looooong time ago.

      omo.naija.750 - 2012-10-15 14:35

      ken.koen - It is ignorant comments like yours that just makes laugh in pity at how ignorant some people in South Africa.You mentioned Nigeria and DRC. Please point to an article that states that police rob people in these countries? When you hate something or someone so much ,you start to imagine things about them. You seat on your behind and make up stories as you go.I come from Nigeria and i don't recall ever hearing of police going to someone's home to rob them.I challenge you to back up your story with documented facts. Surely we will live in the digital age and if such happens in DRC or Nigeria ,it will be reported somewhere on the internet.I am waiting....

  • ken.rowe.509 - 2012-10-15 13:36

    Maybe it is Hawks posing as armed robbers ?

      azande.futhi - 2012-10-15 13:50

      hahahaha that's an interesting one.

      anthea.lagrange - 2012-10-15 18:59

      Hey, why not, we've got thieves and slackers posing as government...

  • rochelle.kruger.14 - 2012-10-15 13:42

    well this is money people have at their premises today my boss were helplessly looking at how all her money just got withdrawn by looking at her screen when she signed on to her internet banking she banks at ABSA. she called Absa and apperently Absa is snowed by the same type of calls today i am actually supprise news 24 did not pick up this latest story yet. our money is not safe in the bank or in our bags or at out homes or business primises please tell me what must we do now?

  • thapelo.maleka.94 - 2012-10-15 13:51

    MALEMA part 2 except this one hide his money under the pillow.

  • nicholas.harle - 2012-10-15 13:52

    Unfortunately one cant risk keeping money at home anymore, that is a luxury as south africans we longer have, as it could endanger your family and yourself. And of course it was police themselves that did the robbing, to them robbing is bigger score,

  • azande.futhi - 2012-10-15 13:52

    At least his life was left alone. who tipped these thugs about the amount of cash in his home? probably the son who do drugs. "Listen, my dad has enough money for a year surply of tic, but please don't hurt him".

      felix.feline.3 - 2012-10-15 14:06

      Speaking from experience?

      azande.futhi - 2012-10-15 14:12

      @anikenvader, fair enough. i guess the farmer who had his son plot his robbery and death did a very job in civilizing the son.

      aniken.vader.31 - 2012-10-15 14:26

      hmm - I thought we were talking about a factory owner - you know the kind that provides jobs!??

      azande.futhi - 2012-10-15 14:36

      @anikenvader, I was responding to "The people that are in business use their brain and TEACH their young ones to do the same when they grow up! We call it civilization you guys call this - unfair apartheid practices..! ",.... and farmers are in business a provide jobs, I thought.

      aniken.vader.31 - 2012-10-15 14:45

      azande - I was replying to YOU while generalizing a person by what I can only think of WEALTH! I don't think there was ANY mention ANYWHERE here about ANY FARMER other than your comment! I am STILL of the opinion that a learned and a wealthy family takes care of their own, and your comment hat it must have been his son because of drugs, just strikes me as generalizing based on wealth (for a better word?) So I DOUBT your comment is based on anything other than pure animosity! HENCE my comment!

      azande.futhi - 2012-10-15 14:54

      @anikenvader, you generalised that "business people" hence my submission about other business people who experienced horrible happenings from their own children. Or was I wrongto include "farmers" in the category of business people who teach their children the same way... My bad.

  • clive.kihn - 2012-10-15 13:52

    Would it be any surprise to find out that tha car and uniforms were "hired out" by yet another crooked cop?

      werner.dippenaar.77 - 2012-10-15 14:01

      Most definitely

      aniken.vader.31 - 2012-10-15 14:07

      you can actually take your pick - the jails are getting overcrowded with these "top-cops"!

      clive.kihn - 2012-10-15 16:52

      Fenderbender, are you saying it WOULD be surprise if the cops were involved? I don't think it would be.

  • lerato.kay.3 - 2012-10-15 13:59

    At the rate guys are making false claims of kidnap just to enjoy some quality time with their mistresses I wouldn’t be surprised in 2 days when it turns out that this robbery was staged or only happened in his imagination. I suggest they check all video footage at casinos and Gentlemen’s clubs first, I won’t be shocked to see this industrialist burning some cash there.

      Andrea - 2012-10-15 14:06

      This forum went very well until you started typing.

      felix.feline.3 - 2012-10-15 14:07

      Have you paid up your trolling licence?

      aniken.vader.31 - 2012-10-15 14:09

      by "industrialist" you mean a job provider! just trying to ensure we ARE on the same branch! Because if we are I wanna go to another branch as people like yourself LOVE to cut the branch from beneath yourself! I would like not to hurt myself when I fall due to you...

  • andre.krige - 2012-10-15 14:04

    I find it strange that's news24 had to try stoke a unnecessary race debate by quoting what the alleged criminals said. I find this crime disgusting, but keep to the facts please. Trying to get their readership up I am assuming .

      azande.futhi - 2012-10-15 14:20

      yeah, i'm with you there and we all know why they did.

      aniken.vader.31 - 2012-10-15 14:28

      agreed - they do that especially when there is white on black crime! why hide this one? let's be fair should we?

  • khathu.rasi - 2012-10-15 14:22

    Fact: We wouldnt have criminals, rapists, corruptors, IF and Only IF We have moral parenting, good manners parents, it all starts at home, now teach your children good way of life, and that education

      azande.futhi - 2012-10-15 14:27

      how do you begin to teach a child discipline if your stomach and his is empty?

      aniken.vader.31 - 2012-10-15 14:36

      azande - it is easy to rectify that: vote for a party that would make a change! There IS a saying (by some white "idiot" with a lot of white hair) it goes like this: the definition of insanity is to do the same thing OVER and OVER and OVER again,....and expect a different result! They keep voting the anc, you will keep getting empty stomach's. After all the saying goes : chest out, stomach in! I recall that other article: "they want the jobs, but not the work"!!! I WONDER - do you think that if we start calling "crime" a "job" would they stop doing their jobs? errr.. crime?

      azande.futhi - 2012-10-15 15:01

      @anikenvader, fair enough. but did you consider the quote from one black consciousness leader "The blacks are tired of standing at the touchlines to witness a game that they should be playing. They want to do things for themselves and all by themselves." . I guess it plays a big role in maintaining status quo in party politics.

      aniken.vader.31 - 2012-10-15 15:32

      so you'd rather be insane than use your mind to understand when the MAJORITY of black people are being taken for a ride? Just remember, nobody helps you if you don't want to be helped! I HATE seeing black people living in the conditions they do! BUT I cannot help them if they don't want to help themselves! I ALSO know that to be able to "play a game" as your black consciousness stated earlier, would be to LEARN the rules of the game! NOT destroy the game and call yourself a winner! The way to learn is called in the real world - EDUCATION! Which as proven many times, the anc does NOT want to provide to the black majority! It PAYS them to keep people in a state of insanity! "They want to do things for themselves and all by themselves"! GOD FORBID i apply that to my young children WITHOUT educating them about the rules of the game!

      azande.futhi - 2012-10-15 15:53

      @anikenvader, problems are there, yes. but voting DA is not gonna sort our problems. The root to our problems is the human trait "greed and selfishness", and unfortunately every human being is born with that element only differing in levels. Now does changing a party gonna root out that problem? No, I think. We need to ensure that what was advocated by the freedom charter prevails that people shall govern. People need to be intolerant of corruption and cronyism through independent bodies such as HRC, PP, Judiciary, Media etc. There should be significant consequence with any wrong doing. DA is not our silver bullet as it cannot provide that what we need to go forward, but people can.

      clive.kihn - 2012-10-15 16:59

      Azande, the blacks have been "in the game" for nearly 20 years, and all we have seen is a small bunch of already wealthy, and politically connected, people - of ALL races - getting richer and richer while the masses continue to wallow in poverty. I don't doubt the the ANC will remain in power for some time yet, so all the minority can ask - no, beg - is that you pleeease elect people (at Mangaung) who can put thing right for ALL of us.

  • sthembiso.jali.50 - 2012-10-15 14:29

    Lol. Captain pinky. Nice one.

  • Andrea - 2012-10-15 14:34

    I have to just add please : if this money is in fact illegal as so many are suggesting here, what are the chances of him making noise about the robbery? Surely he must know that he will be subject to a proper investigation, especially since he is fingering SAPS and the Hawkes? It would take a really daft kind of crook to cry over laundered funds being stolen!

      omo.naija.750 - 2012-10-15 15:31

      You have a point but considering how incompetent the hawks and SAPS are, some scammers with take their chance. Apart from insurance scams there are many angles this story could pan out to.Let us see how the police investigations go. The fact they took such a large amount of money and did not hit him at all is very uncharacteristic of the usual SA criminals. Secondly the fact they dropped him off on a road instead of tying him up in his house with a rope is just weird especially when you consider the Modus Operandi of SA criminals. Many people have been killed for lesser amounts by robbers so this will make the investigators wonder why he was so lucky to have escaped unharmed.

      Andrea - 2012-10-15 15:48

      Yes, it is certainly going to make for some interesting articles, I am sure.

  • Fixzoza - 2012-10-15 14:37

    R450 000 in a house , someone was dodging Mr Tax and Vat...

      aniken.vader.31 - 2012-10-15 14:47

      ...and frankly it would not be Mr. Tax and Mr. Vat it would be Mr. Jacob Tax and Mr. ANC Vat after all they rob us daily...for their nkandla establishments and the likes...

  • piet.snot.77964 - 2012-10-15 14:59

    Hope we eventually find the true story on this matter. 450gees is a lot of money to keep at home - am suprised he did not spread it around at home - maybe he will take my advice now!

  • Mandy Casey - 2012-10-15 15:02

    Just from this article and link we know: 1-Deon Nell has a factory in Sebenza edenvale and stays in a security complex close. 2-He has large amount of cash and jewels in safe 3-the safe is in the bedroom wardrobe 4-we have seen the inside of his home 5-he and his wife are late fifties, early sixty. Insurance should pay out in about 1 to 2 weeks time. People and reporters need to be very aware of what they publish, anyone and everyone can read it. You don't know intentions. Use google and a bit of snooping and the blanks are all filled in. Easy!

      azande.futhi - 2012-10-15 15:15

      yhoo, interesting. i need a analyst consultant for my new assignment. you will recieve 10% of the proceeds, about R300K in one month :-)

  • lynette.parkin.52 - 2012-10-15 15:13

    how did these 'thugs' know he had this amount of cash at his home? begs the question of an inside job at hand

  • conrad.marshall - 2012-10-15 15:30

    " eight men in a marked BMW police car and two other cars as he left his factory to drive home. Some of the men wore police uniforms and carried R5 rifles." if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, looks like a duck..... it is a duck. Police, obvious....

      TheReal.EuanB - 2012-10-15 17:28

      Dirty cops... And by posting this article, his obviously put his life in danger coz they know where he lives...

  • tshepo.maganedisa - 2012-10-15 15:30

    sad indeed, this is not political but obviously some sick criminals who are attacking civilians - i sympathise with the guy and i really hope those involved be brought to justice

  • fran.aphane - 2012-10-15 15:31

    If he has a maid there is no other way to look but right there. If any of his workers knows he has money in the house the police shouldn't take long to find out gave the thugs information. Easy peazy.

      Andrea - 2012-10-15 15:51

      Unless of course he has a jealous wife. There are so many possible scenarios, let's just see what happens next before we start attacking this man's being!

  • leandroklein - 2012-10-15 16:03

    wow... speechless... wher'd they get marked cars and uniforms... conspiracy? i think not!

  • buwaz - 2012-10-15 16:38

    I thought police marked vehicle is written which police station or unit from? So wat abt this one? The country is in deep criminal activities,where did they got the R5 and uniforms

  • Tawizee - 2012-10-15 16:53

    You know this is a mafia state when you hold your breathe and produce a sigh of relief when you hear that the victim was not harmed.

  • beverly.young3 - 2012-10-15 18:13

    For me, its not the amount of money stolen, or the terrible time this man had, its the fact that the KNEW he had money. Someone told, and in addition, how did they know to pose as Hawks??? Delve deeper, there is nonsense abroad.

  • carolyn.dewrance - 2012-10-15 19:09

    I smell a rat here, what was he doing with so much money in his home.

  • Mike Mbongolo Purchase - 2012-10-15 20:23

    Who says it wasnt the hawks.

  • duncan.gill1 - 2012-10-15 20:54

    Well when your government is a bunch of criminals and crooks its not surprising that everyone jumps on the bandwagon!

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