Arms dealer gets interdict against military

2012-03-15 11:43

Cape Town - A weapons dealer was granted an interim interdict against the military by the North Gauteng High Court after it seized a container of his weapons, according to a report on Thursday.

The Cape Times reported that Defence Intelligence officials and Military Police attached Johan Erasmus' weapons, worth around R15m, at the Wallmansthal Special Forces military base on Wednesday.

The attachment was effected without a search warrant, apparently on concerns of national security and the possibility of them being used in a coup d’état by forces the military described as the "Boeremag".

Erasmus, who is operations manager for the Armscor-vetted and registered importer and exporter New Generation Ammunition, said in court papers these claims were slanderous.

According to the report, Erasmus believed the defence force wanted him out of business so they could hijack business contracts.

The defence force had 30 days to respond.

  • larry.piggott1 - 2012-03-15 11:47

    Hmmm, no comment.

  • Marion - 2012-03-15 11:51

    mmmm only this comment

  • Pennywise - 2012-03-15 11:52

    Communist rule here we come. No wonder since the ANC will be sending young politicians on one-year political training courses in the biggest communist state on the planet. i.e. China.

      Tony Lapson - 2012-03-15 11:53

      I'm sorry, relevance?

      Pennywise - 2012-03-15 12:01

      In communist countries the government doesn't care to follow legal processes like search warrants, and they just bulldoze in and take goods and arrest people for fear of the unknown. It's too easy for the ANC to label this as 'boeremag' weaponry. Just a cop-out with no reasonable explanation. Another one of many ...

      Pennywise - 2012-03-15 12:18

      @Sam - LOL. You're definately one of those people from whom weapons should be kept safely away ...

      Jaz - 2012-03-15 12:23

      Sam, try again. I've got a good feeling about your comment, but I just don't understand.

      Fussed - 2012-03-15 12:41

      Sing it again sam

      Sean - 2012-03-15 12:45

      Sam, the criminals will always be able to get illegal weapons. Mostly these days they just buy them from the cops. Chances are good that the weapons in the story above would be sold to criminals by the cops. Guns are not the problem, criminals are. The best defence is to get a gun yourself.

      bluzulu - 2012-03-15 12:55

      Penny unwise and Pound idiot, Scrap and compact the guns for useable steel.

      Clarve - 2012-03-15 13:07

      China is hardly marxist communism. But a weird hybrid of communism and fascism.

  • Tony Lapson - 2012-03-15 11:52

    Making money out of death

      Skuiter - 2012-03-15 12:12

      please man, have you even met the man?

      Deon - 2012-03-15 12:34

      Arm dealers are probably more loved on News 24 than Game farmers that trades in Rhino horns (legally).

  • TheJaydedKing - 2012-03-15 11:53

    As a proffesional News24 troll I am disappointed at the lack of derogatory commentary on this news header.

      Pennywise - 2012-03-15 12:01

      Give it ten minutes

      Gcwabe.KaMavovo - 2012-03-15 12:14

      I'm also finding it hard to troll this story. Religious ones are my true forte.

  • Thoka - 2012-03-15 11:56

    we dont need more weapons, we have enough in wrong hands already.

      Ze Don - 2012-03-15 12:14

      I agree! That's why personnel standing guard duty at military bases no longer get firearms, they sell them...

      Fussed - 2012-03-15 12:43

      We already have wepons of mass distruction in gov

      Sean - 2012-03-15 12:47

      No Thoka. The problem is that we do not have enough in the right hands. Criminals thrive in a disarmed society. Maybe that is why the ANC wants everyone disarmed.

      Thoka - 2012-03-15 13:12

      we need a gun free country Period. it must come to a stage where its a taboo to be seen carrying a gun. would that be a holiday destination?

      Sean - 2012-03-15 13:42

      In a gun free society criminals will just use brute force or numbers to win against defenceless victims. Do you really want to return to the times when strength decided who won. Be defenceless if you want but I would rather be able to protect myself an my family with something practical thanks.

  • Chris - 2012-03-15 11:57

    Well Im convinced these weapons were intended for completely innocent purpouses. How dare the military intervene.

      Pennywise - 2012-03-15 12:04

      The guy's an arms dealer for goodness sake, of course he has weapons. That's like intimidating the cemetery manager because you've found lots of bodies on his premises. Duh!

  • Bigwolf - 2012-03-15 12:02

    The state is so fearful of another armed struggle, why dont they just govern correctly and that way get all behind them? as for above if paper work was in order, why is there now a problem or should have not left it's port.

      Sean - 2012-03-15 12:49

      Agreed. Is'nt it funny in Africa that the more popular a government claims to be, the more paranoid they get about being kicked out.

  • Koketso - 2012-03-15 12:11

    why is s.a busy funding this company (denel) and the arm deal ,or goverment has lost its plot coz b4 1994 our goverment was preaching free education ,health care and free water and electricity but this day its all about arms deals

      Pennywise - 2012-03-15 12:16

      The government has realised that there is a lot of money to be made in making weapons for rogue states and supplying weapons to armies and militias who want to wage war. It's not that they've lost the plot about their promises, but those promises are no longer their priority because money always outways providence (it shouldn't but that's the way of the world unfortunately).

      Sean - 2012-03-15 12:51

      Because the ANC keeps getting voted in by the majority of voters who seem to be complete idiots.

  • Morama - 2012-03-15 12:23

    ANC is now getting paranoid due to their unability to rule this countery unfortunately the majority that votes them in power doesn't even know about the likes of this neither care!!!

      Skuiter - 2012-03-15 12:36

      @pennywise - yes, ask fana hlongwana

      Pennywise - 2012-03-15 13:56

      Hmmm, I notice any straight comment that blatanty blames the ANC, gets deleted. Who's the moderator here?

  • Hendrik - 2012-03-15 12:24

    During the wintertime, an ant was living off the grain that he had stored up for himself during the summer. The cricket came to the ant and asked him to share some of his grain. The ant said to the cricket, 'And what were you doing all summer long, since you weren't gathering grain to eat?' The cricket replied, 'Because I was busy singing I didn't have time for the harvest.' The ant laughed at the cricket's reply, and hid his heaps of grain deeper in the ground. 'Since you sang like a fool in the summer,' said the ant, 'you better be prepared to dance the winter away!'

      Zing - 2012-03-15 12:37

      I'm speechless

      bluzulu - 2012-03-15 13:00


      Gcwabe.KaMavovo - 2012-03-15 13:13

      If I read correctly, Oom Hendrik is advocating the collection and storage of weapons just in case s#it hits the fan.

  • Mohsin - 2012-03-15 12:31


      Pennywise - 2012-03-15 12:37

      LOL - why, did Steers get your order wrong again?

  • lmapheto - 2012-03-15 12:34

    Allowe me to say such allegations dont scare me at all...paranoid blacks or whites can start or run hate camps for all i care...armies to an extend...Hate will never triumph over love...South Africa will never be a war zone...this is KANANA if you know what i mean...Let Mr. Erasmus go he is a legit business man ( o berekela bana ba gagwe) gun ownership is with the hunting and farming/business community in any case if they wanted to form a private army it would have started already...i dont own a gun and i will never own one...this is not my world, who ever it belongs to promised me if i walk by his faith i will never be harmed...i have no fear because his with me all the time...I advocate for peace and prosperity...lets not overeact when such things happen...once again this is South Africa a home for all of us...

      Skuiter - 2012-03-15 12:43

      puff puff pass.....

  • Steven - 2012-03-15 12:40

    Zuma wants to sell the weapons!

      Pennywise - 2012-03-15 12:46

      As long as it's not to the ANCYL

  • My Opinie - 2012-03-15 12:57

    A distressed cat will make distressed jumps....Oeeee ehhh ehhh Scared of the boeremag are we?

  • bluzulu - 2012-03-15 12:57

    Erasmus the Arms dealer , gotta familiar ring to it. Get yourself a humane biso mate.

  • Barefoot - 2012-03-15 12:59

    Take every moment to spite the government will ya? wow every country is fearful of terrorism even the mighty USA so you think it's bad that the military might have been doing their job? i.e. to protect the country from enemies foreign and domestic. lets wait for the court to see if they indeed were right or wrong. sometimes legal people tend to get off the mark and make a little bit more on the side

  • bluzulu - 2012-03-15 13:01

    Another Kangaroo court decision,

      Pennywise - 2012-03-15 13:54

      I think this is the first time I'm agreeing with you.

  • bheki.dingiswayo - 2012-03-15 13:22

    I am not sure about the procedure of importing arms but permission is usually granted by government

  • Trevor - 2012-03-15 13:28

    Boet, it's cause you not conforming to the NEW way of doing business in obviously NOT giving any kick backs and sharing the wealth OR, you don't have a Black Partner...period, fact finished and klaar, that is SA for you.

  • Evon - 2012-03-15 14:30

    Maybe in transit to Iran?

  • Nyiks11 - 2012-03-15 15:09

    Mr Erasmus is probably targeted for not BBBEEing compliant with some rules of "the trade" .

  • John - 2012-03-15 15:16

    The last time they raided the War Museum in Rosebank and confiscated half their displays....

  • Nyiko Ngobeni - 2012-03-15 18:09

    I hear they were ordered by Malema..

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