Army vehicle knocks down dad, 2 kids

2012-04-17 11:35

Mbombela - An army vehicle has knocked down and killed three people in the Mpumalanga Lowveld, SABC radio news reported on Tuesday.

A man had been carrying two children when he was hit on Monday night, the broadcaster said.

All three died at the scene.

The army vehicle had been travelling in a convoy on the R38 towards Barberton at the time.

  • Jabu - 2012-04-17 11:43

    Very sad story, I hope it was not suicide.

      Amanda - 2012-04-17 14:04

      jes. shame to the man and poor kids

  • Mashudu - 2012-04-17 12:03


  • Mashudu - 2012-04-17 12:03


  • Mashudu - 2012-04-17 12:03


  • Denise - 2012-04-17 12:09

    R I P

  • agueorguiev - 2012-04-17 12:15

    My heart goes out to the Mom...that's a big, heavy loss all in one day. God keep you strong, dear woman. May your family Rest In Peace.

  • maseratifittipaldi - 2012-04-17 12:21

    This makes me very sad. And angry. It seems that our society has lost so much direction. Everywhere you look, you find misery and degradation caused by incompetence, apathy, lack of leadership, inequality, lack of morals, lack of empathy, lack of anticipation, lack of appreciation... We really should somehow embark on a road leading to higher quality...

  • Jacqui - 2012-04-17 12:22

    Very sad. If it isn't the blue light convoy, it is the army being careless on the roads.

      DuToitCoetzee - 2012-04-17 12:56

      Wow....and we know it based on what facts?(army)

      Compos - 2012-04-17 13:32

      @Jacqui. You have no idea what it means to be driving in a convoy.

  • Martin - 2012-04-17 12:24

    when i was in the army they dished out licences to soldiers which had not even driven a road car yet.The vehicles were not exactly road worthy either.

      barryljones - 2012-04-17 12:34

      You were obviously not in the same army I was in! K53 was used in the army long before being implemented for civilians!!

      Compos - 2012-04-17 12:35

      Martin you were probably in the army in the time of bicycles.

      catgirl1971 - 2012-04-17 13:44

      Or drove a donkey-cart.

      Harold - 2012-04-17 14:05

      martin you are sour grapes because you failed your army licence due to a low self esteem and low IQ.

      raegan.mcreed - 2012-04-17 14:40

      martin use to pick up soap in the army...

  • Ben - 2012-04-17 12:42

    Check left, then right, then left again.

  • Spikes - 2012-04-17 13:26

    Spare a thought for the driver of the military vehicle as well. He will be facing charges of culpable homicide at the very least.

  • Mike - 2012-04-17 13:42

    A convoy is rather large and visible so how did they get knocked over?

  • Mandla - 2012-04-17 13:52

    there is not reason to blame people who were not involved, the only person to be blamed is the father. he committed suicide. i just do not understand why he took the kids. media must report correctly, rather than leaving many questions unanswered

      Koos - 2012-04-17 14:16

      Don’t agree about the suicide statement. Probably more out of habit than anything else. I see it every day. There is a sidewalk 5 meters wide but they will walk in the road and side by side. We were taught how to cross a street. Walk to the intersection, look left then right then left again and if clear start to cross form one side to the other. Today people walk in the road, side by side and cross form left to right over the middle of an intersection hardly looking for traffic. Let’s not even mention what happens at certain schools. Honestly I’m surprised that pedestrian death toll isn’t higher.

      Tony Lapson - 2012-04-17 14:33

      @Koos The number of times I have to avoid pedestrians standing in the middle of a lane everyday, only to get a dirty look as though I am doing something wrong. Although it isn't relevant to this sad case, I think lots of people think that it looks 'cool' to be aloof and non-chelant when crossing the street, like some kind of amazing human being who doesn't fear death... And when you do stop for them, they will walk e v e r s o s l o w l y... Ah well, I guess this is why jay-walking is illegal in other countries, and why their governments actually provide safe crossing points and pedestrian bridges.

      Megan - 2012-04-17 19:55

      My heart goes out to you, Lungile, for losing your son, his life had not even begun. RIP Mkhuleko you will forever be in our hearts.

  • Carol - 2012-04-17 14:22

    Ai toggie :(

  • verna.vwyk - 2012-04-17 15:25

    So Sad!!! RIP What happened to the driver of the army vehicle?

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