Assault at mosque causes outrage

2014-02-28 22:36

Johannesburg – An Islamic organisation has voiced its disgust on Friday after a 10 year-old-boy was assaulted and molested at mosque in Lenasia.

Earlier reports said the boy was assaulted at a church, but according to Jamiatul Ulama South Africa the incident happened at a mosque in Lenasia’s Extension 11.

Jamiatul Ulama South Africa general secretary Moulana E I Bham said the victim was molested by three teenagers and a 23-year-old man, who have since been arrested.

“We would like to strongly denounce this incident and welcome the quick arrests which have so far been made of the suspects.”

Police spokesperson Kay Makhubela said the crime happened on Wednesday during a prayer service when the suspects took the boy into an upstairs room away from the congregation.

Unbeknownst to the child's attackers, the crime was captured on CCTV.

When the service ended, an elder went to check the CCTV footage and discovered the evidence of the crime.

The matter was reported to the police.

The teenagers would be taken to a place of safety and would appear in a special inquiry court for children soon.

  • Bloodstone Shakespeare - 2014-02-28 23:04

    Sure, be outraged! What about Boka Haram? Killing - no slaughtering 21 children. Where is your outrage now? Jamiatul Ulama - speak out about your brethren in Nigeria as well!

      Imtiaz Ahmed Karolia - 2014-03-01 07:33

      What about the Muslim genocide in Christians have spoken human is perfect as the Christians think that they are.

      Alan Kennedy - 2014-03-01 12:42

      Imtiaz, as unfortunate as that is, it's a bit of a backlash against foreign "rebel" forces?

      Ernest Foster - 2014-03-01 18:43

      Ok just my 2 pence ... you will find mosques all over the world ... now I challenge anyone to try and build a church in saudi arabia. I am not religious and therefore impartial but having worked in saudi 5 years I feel I am qualified to say they are the most intolerant , opinionated and arrogant people I have ever met. Just the way you are greeted on the airport with exposed guns and complete rude arrogance explains it all.

      Verity Fourie - 2014-03-02 01:03

      @imtiaaz, I struggle for an ounce of compassion for muslims in CAR when in EVERY other ME nation Christian genocide and discrimination is of epic proportion. Christians are not the ones cutting heads off or strapping bombs in the name of Allah imtiaaz. If Christians have not spoken out of this recent retaliation it is because they are mindful of the genocide by muslims which has been happening for years already. Get real. In case you have not read your koran of late, it is the muslims which think they are the perfect religion. Go read about it in black and white.

  • Paulson Meziri - 2014-03-01 03:32

    Terrorism is his way to SA , that is how it all started in Nigeria. Gideon Akaluka was pulled out in awaiting trial and beheaded in 1998, his head was pluged in a long stick and took round the muslim's street of Kano in Nigeria in a case he knew nothing about. They accused him of wiping his child bum with a page of quran which he denied and question affordablity of quran & tissue paper. They said church earlier but later discover the right place it happened.

  • Silvana De Mattia - 2014-03-01 04:16

    Church, Mosque, Synagogue or Temple is irrelevant. Rape is unacceptable wherever it occurs. But as it happened in a Mosque, they should probably apply Shariya law on these cowards.

  • Ismail Amod - 2014-03-01 07:29


  • Bradley Craig Naidoo - 2014-03-01 07:54

    Cut the rest off !

  • Fidelis Oviahon - 2014-03-01 08:04

    In South Africa, people refer to mosque as a Church...............I sometimes get confused myself.

  • Berkold Enderstend - 2014-03-01 08:15

    It seems, to me, that there is a large amount of people that wish to discredit the Christian Church. People had a lot to say and then suddenly, the comments were closed. The SEX ATTACK, MOLESTATION and ASSAULT WAS AT A MOSQUE.

  • Zuki Hlubi RalaRala - 2014-03-01 09:47

    Molested ?I think its an under statement, how about rape? Sexual offences ammendment Act spells it out as rape .

  • Haifa Joomah - 2014-03-01 10:50

    name and shame those damn sods. don't waste taxpayers money and do all those waste of money psychology reports and investigations. They caught on camera!

  • Peter William - 2014-03-01 14:40

    Any crime against humanity is terrible, but when it's a child my blood boil.

  • Isabel de Faria - 2014-03-02 12:37

    Sexual abuse of children knows no religion or colour it is happening everywhere. The question should be why and what are we as a society going to do to educated people to root out this kind of behaviour.There must be a reason for this type of behaviour why are children also abusing children. Does it have to do porn being on our TV's late at nite and children watch without their parents knowledge. It needs to be researched.

  • Surjit Kaila - 2014-03-03 12:30

    This is nothing when you compare what muslims do to little children in some muslim countries. Go to YouTube and type in '' bacha bazi-afghanistan '' in search box and see. Muslims are hypocrites, when they say '' muslims hate homosaxuality ''

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