Attempt to defeat ends of justice: Bizos

2012-11-05 16:57

Rustenburg - Evidence presented at the Farlam commission indicates an attempt had been made to alter the scene of the Marikana shootings, advocate George Bizos said on Monday.

"The evidence clearly showed there is at least a strong prima facie case that there has been an attempt to defeat the ends of justice."

Bizos, for the Legal Resources Centre and Bench Marks Foundation, said senior police officers responsible for the scene, and who could have prevented the alleged tampering with the scene, needed to give evidence at the inquiry.

Bizos was responding to evidence, led by Mbuyisela Madlanga, which indicated that weapons had been placed around the bodies of protesters killed in a confrontation with police near Lonmin's Marikana mine on 16 August.

Madlanga showed crime scene expert Captain Apollo Mohlaki photographs of three bodies.

He showed three photographs of each body. Two were taken in daylight and one by electric light after dark. Mohlaki took the night pictures.

Mohlaki admitted his photographs showed more weapons around the bodies than those taken earlier.

Referring to the night-time photograph of the corpse of Henry Mvuyisi Pato, Madlanga asked whether Mohlaki could see a butcher's knife and an iron rod.

"That weapon is underneath the hand or arm of the deceased?" Mohlaki said.

Drawing attention to the photographs of the same body taken in daylight, Madlanga asked: "Quite plainly, that butcher's knife is not there?

"It is not appearing, I don't see it," Mohlaki replied.

Ishmael Semenya, representing the police said: "The national commissioner has instituted an investigation."

The investigation was launched "immediately" after the photographs were handed over two weeks ago.

Bizos said: "Who were the people who had the opportunity to really insult the administration of justice in our country?...This came as a big surprise to us."

Commission chairman, retired judge Ian Farlam, said it came as a surprise "to all of us".

  • philani.goba - 2012-11-05 17:11

    everything is a soapie these days...lets watch this one unfold

  • tim.gordon.5011516 - 2012-11-05 17:16

    I doubt there is anything more to this than the cops simply screwed up processing the crime scene. We keep hearing how the cops are undertrained etc. I think Mr Bizos is trying to find ways of bringing back his previous glory.

      john.loveland.9 - 2012-11-05 17:52

      Screwing up a crime scene and tampering with evidence or a crime scene are 2 different things.... It appears the cops cannot even tamper with evidence without screwing up.

  • gary.desousa.7 - 2012-11-05 17:22

    The truth must out whatever the outcomes,the commission makes its findings and then the courts have their day and ultimatly perpetrators brought to book.Justice done.

  • osmaseko - 2012-11-05 17:35

    so the police are not that smart as well? lol

  • whatda.fuqbro - 2012-11-05 17:37

    Bizo never seizes to give me that strong urge to throw up. He's about as slobberingly far left and liberal as anyone can possibly be.

  • braamc - 2012-11-05 17:39

    That is your ANC government for you, Viva, you get what you vote for

      Paul Mphap - 2012-11-05 17:45

      braamc...we made a mistake & we need to rectify it in the next coming national DA viva!!

  • sthembiso.jali.50 - 2012-11-05 17:40

    w'll comment when they touch on the muti man

  • andre.vandeventer.16 - 2012-11-05 17:52

    George Bizos is naturally prejudiced against law and order and always takes the part of the "under dog" even if he is a criminal.

      syphor.zit - 2012-11-05 18:09

      Do you mean you are underdog?

  • sefako.mokgalaka - 2012-11-05 18:17

    Some people suffer from # I refuse to accept anything that is logical# syndrome. Can we let the lawyers do their work without questioning who they are please! If there is proof of tempering with evidence, the commission will accept or reject based on what is presented to them. It is not a sin to shut up when one has nothing to say.

  • more.pido - 2012-11-05 18:46

    trueth wl cum out at de end of de day

  • carlo.meissenheimer - 2012-11-05 18:52

    My point of view,they were not the only people that was killed,what happened to the police, and people,that went to work and were,hacked to death,will there be an enquiry,just thinking

  • Sakhiwo - 2012-11-05 19:18

    George Bizoz ligqala umakad'enetha udizadala kade bemkhwahlaza,thambo dala kade bemqongqotha.Zenihlabe nikhangele mapolisa ndini

  • vanzyld - 2012-11-05 19:37

    The police collected weapons and piled them together after the attack on them. If the bastard was lying next to the pile more weapons would show up!

  • vanzyld - 2012-11-05 19:58

    A striker: someone who refuses to work before demands are met. A NZA striker: armed with panga and spear, murderer and torturer of security guards; hacker to death of police officers; murderer of workers who refuse to strike; murderer of opposition trade union members; openly threatens the lives of others by stating the intent to murder; openly acts to murder by attacking the police en masse - any where else in the world a common murderer. In NZA - a victim!! (and if they were peaceful, why have a sangoma protect them against bullets?!)

  • justice.muzila - 2012-11-05 20:01

    The Marikana victim's blood is crying out in the ground. The whole truth will come out.

      vanzyld - 2012-11-05 20:24

      Use Youtube and enlighten yourself. The only crying that should be done here is for the waste of tax payers' money!

  • Neil Alberts - 2012-11-05 20:13

    wonder to what lenghts bizos and co will go to get there hands on some state money??? this whole thing is another money making scam and an eye blind by government to hide their incompetence, they have proven they cannot handle nor control strikers and blood hungary unions!!!

  • patricia.dewet.92 - 2012-11-05 21:14

    Ask the miners where they got the empty shells. They must have done alot of the disturbing.

  • george.gervais.7 - 2012-11-05 23:10

    George Bizos sure crawled out the wood work in a hurry for this inquest. The great and noble human rights advocate. Where has your big mouth been for all the farm murders Mr high and mighty human rights advocate? It is clear to me you have a complete racial bias towards white South Africans. Clearly we see again the liberal stance of "the enemy of my enemy..." Common sense that any half decent human rights advocate would fight atrocities without any color label. Bizos I can clearly see your fight against apartheid had nothing to do with human rights violations.

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