211km/h BMW speedster in court

2011-03-09 21:15

Johannesburg - A case of a motorist who was caught driving at 211km/h along the N12 in the North West was postponed in the Matlosana Traffic Court on Wednesday.

Khaphutshelo Nephumbada, 33, was caught speeding between Stilfontein and Klerksdorp on the afternoon of February 20 in his BMW, public safety spokesperson Lesiba Kgwele said.

Nephumbada, a sales representative, also allegedly nearly ran over a traffic official who tried to stop him after the speed camera clocked him at 91km/h over the permissible speed limit of 120km/h.

The officer managed to record his car registration and traced him to a beverages company in Klerksdorp.

Nephumbada will return to court on March 16.

  • Grant - 2011-03-09 21:23

    I hope he has been fired by the company and his company car taken away for a start. He then needs some jail time to 'reflect'.

  • Andy49 - 2011-03-09 21:49

    This is either a very long court or he was racing his scalelectrix BMW.

  • Bernard - 2011-03-09 22:38

    Shame, the ghost of AWB Terablanche was most probbaly chasing him LMGA

      Bernard - 2011-03-09 22:43

      Spelling mistake, Terreblanche,s ghost was most propably chasing him LMGA

      Felix - 2011-03-10 12:35

      Bernard what is LMGA? All I could find was: ** LMGA Lightweight Machine Gun and Ammunition (est. 2004) ** LMGA Louisiana Meat Goat Association * LMGA Lower Mainland Geocachers Association * LMGA Louisiana Municipal Gas Association (est. 1987) * LMGA Location Managers Guild of America * LMGA Liceo Militar General Artigas (Spanish: General Artigas Military School; Uruguay)

  • Janine - 2011-03-09 23:29

    Lock him up and take away his car.

  • - 2011-03-10 06:21


      Squeeze - 2011-03-10 08:03

      I agree 100%. Now this makes news but the government funded taxi's that are not roadworthy killing people on a daily basis does not. Was anyone hurt in the bmw......did'nt think so. 95% of taxi's.....defenatly

      phillip.havenga - 2011-03-10 08:08


      Artoo - 2011-03-10 08:27


      bentz - 2011-03-10 08:43


  • Dave - 2011-03-10 06:36

    Only 211 km/h? He must have been scared of speed. Shame on him. Lol.

  • Dave - 2011-03-10 06:38

    Only 211 km/h? He must have been scared of speed. Shame on him. Lol.

  • Joe - 2011-03-10 07:00

    There is NO 120km/h area on the Stilfontein - Klerksdorp road. The limit is 110km/h.. Speeding is a every day occurance on the Potch - Klerksdorp part of the N12.. this guy was driving slow..

  • Warren Pridgeon - 2011-03-10 07:56

    Before we attack the poor sob... we are all guilty of speeding from time to time... would we be so quick to jump on the "crucify the speeder" bandwagon if we were the speeder? Yes it was wrong... and he will pay the price. What I would like to see is everyone paying the SAME price when they get caught. The people who act like the biggest saints are the biggest liars. So fess up when you mess up.

      phillip.havenga - 2011-03-10 08:09

      Especially those people that jump stop streets and red robots, those that don't indicate etc all just as dangerous!

      sarel.brits - 2012-09-08 09:35

      And every body that got into their car drunk or even a bit tipsy

  • JuluisMalema - 2011-03-10 08:09

    If you are going to do speeds like that my brother atleast take of your number plates, or put masking tape over it. I ride my boney to work every day now, also doing speeds like 120 + VAT + 70% mark-up, every day i will fly by speeds well over 200, there is a peace of white PVC insulation tape over two of my numbers on my numberplate, I must have picked it up from the road, the tape was lying on the road and as i drove over it, it got stuck to my wheel and then the wheel just threw the peace of tape up on to my number plate covering two numbers, hope the cops will believe my story one day, if they can catch me. So just gover you plates mate. People get a way with murder in SA so nothing will happen to you. And always remember one thing: IT IS ONLY ILLEAGAL IF YOU GET CAUGHT SO DON'T GET CAUGHT!

      JuluisMalema - 2011-03-10 08:44

      That is not a very nice thing to say. The hate you have brother, you need help.

      Andries Dutchy - 2011-03-10 09:15

      *spell check*

      JuluisMalema - 2011-03-10 10:26

      Andries you should know by now bikers can't spell. I know it sorry for being inperfect, i know you are just perfect!

  • Nice Guy - 2011-03-10 08:45

    I think people need to understand that you can't drive these cars below speeds of about 215km/h otherwise it just feels sluggish. This is the manufacturers fault and not the driver. I demand he be set free!!!!!

  • Jono Kgatshe - 2011-03-10 08:47

    whats wrong with's are fast so drive them fast..Big ups to you my man, and well done for not stopping hahahaha

  • Monde - 2011-03-10 08:48

    number plates off next time boet!!!

  • Allain - 2011-03-10 08:56

    Why do they manufacture cars that can speed up 300km/h? Where was he going anyway?

  • RationalistPabi - 2011-03-10 09:36

    what's all the fuss about anyway? I'd say between 140 & 180 is the 'sweet spot' cruising speed of a decent, well maintained sedan. All things considered ofcourse, being sober, road condition permitting(congestion, weather, etc) most of us would gun it if we had the chance. I wonder how much revenue is being made from these 'speeding' fines?

  • JuluisMalema - 2011-03-10 10:32

    LIFE BEGINS AT 200km/h!!

      Nico - 2011-03-15 01:20

      It also ends frequently at that speed.

      sarel.brits - 2012-09-08 09:29

      You die happy

  • Chris - 2011-03-10 14:27

    The modern car of today are build and tested thoroughly and can easily reach these type of speeds and above. It’s selfish of the government not to fix the potholes on our main roads so that people who can afford these expensive cars can really appreciate living 21st century automobile quality. Also, people driving these “type” of cars will not be doing the speeds if they are not fully aware and capable – millions of people speed but the wreckages at the end of the day are the unlicensed, un-roadworthy vehicles and caused due to driving under the influence or just bad judgement.

  • sarel.brits - 2012-09-08 09:33

    Speed limits.....stop signs.... what a pot of crap.......I don’t believe everything I read....just a joke please dont kill me or sel my car or lock me up for 50 years!!!

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