Babeile in trouble again

2003-12-14 14:19

Johannesburg - Andrew Babeile's Youth for Change programme, aimed at racial reconciliation, was disrupted when he was reportedly assaulted by a man in Schweizer-Reneke for apparently fondling the breasts of the man's wife.

The man, whose name cannot be published because it would reveal the identity of his wife, has laid a charge of indecent assault against Babeile.

The man, meanwhile, appeared briefly in the Schweizer-Reneke magistrate's court on a charge of assault with intent to do grievous bodily harm. His case has been adjourned until January 20.

Babeile is also facing charges of indecent assault and common assault after allegedly assaulting the husband of a pregnant woman.

The former Vryburg high school pupil made headlines in 1999 when he stabbed fellow learner Christoffel Erasmus with a pair of scissors in the neck. At the time Vryburg was plagued by racial tension.

He was subsequently convicted of attempted murder and jailed for three years.

He served half the sentence and was released on parole on April 29.

Mooi River police spokesperson superintendent Louis Jacobs confirmed the indecent assault and assault charge against Babeile.

Boy-Boy Sejake, Babeile's "official spokesperson", said they decided to ease pressure on Babeile by not granting any interviews to the media.

Sejake said the former Vryburg and Reveilo high school pupil was in Schweizer-Reneke to launch the Youth for Change programme when the incident occurred.

Regarding tensions raging in the local African National Congress branch, Sejake denied rumours that Babeile was in Schweizer-Reneke to lead a march against suspended ANC councillors, in support of his one-time rival, Kenny Morolong.