Baby Wade's parents guilty of murder

2012-08-13 14:03

Pretoria - The parents of a baby boy, who died of a massive head injury after being continuously assaulted during his two months of life, were both convicted of murder by the North Gauteng High Court on Monday.

Judge Cynthia Pretorius found Marissa Rudman and her lover Nolan Schoeman guilty of killing their baby, Wade.

He died of severe head injuries four days after being admitted to the Steve Biko Hospital in Pretoria in April 2009.

According to medical evidence, parts of his brain had already died and he was in a coma when he was admitted to the hospital. His brain injuries had been caused by direct blunt force trauma.

He was admitted to another state hospital a week earlier, but Rudman discharged him against medical advice.

Accused deny awareness of injuries

Both his arms had been broken, as were most of his ribs. He had a severe lung contusion, caused by a direct hard blow to the chest, as well as bruises and abrasions to his face, chest, and the soles of his feet.

A 9-year-old boy testified he had seen Schoeman punching Wade in the head. Two doctors testified the baby's injuries would immediately have been clearly visible.

Both accused denied being aware of any injuries or abuse.

Judge Pretorius said although there was no evidence that Rudman had assaulted the baby, she had been aware that Schoeman had attacked him.

The judge said it was noticeable that Rudman had been more concerned about Schoeman beating her than his attacking the baby.

She continued her relationship with Schoeman after Wade's death for two years, until his bail was revoked, despite suspecting him of causing the baby's death, Pretorius said.

  • michael.vanrheenen.9 - 2012-08-13 14:11

    "Both his arms had been broken, as were most of his ribs. He had a severe lung contusion, caused by a direct hard blow to the chest, as well as bruises and abrasions to his face, chest, and the soles of his feet." This poor little child was beaten so badly! They don't deserve to live after this... This should have been a death penalty. PLEASE BRING BACK THE DEATH PENALTY NOW!!!!!!

      procold2 - 2012-08-13 14:26

      couldnt agree more, there is no process in the world that could rehabilite these wrothless excuses trying to pass as human beings, no place in society for them give them a violent painfull death.

      christopher.saint.3386 - 2012-08-13 14:36

      Kill these killers. An eye for an eye. Then all this sh*t will slow down...

      michael.vanrheenen.9 - 2012-08-13 14:37

      Who the hell would thumb me down? Are you agreeing with what these 2 low lives did to this defenceless little one?

      JohncarlosBiza - 2012-08-13 14:47

      This kind of savagery can not be put into words

      vlarismam - 2012-08-13 14:49

      Abusers will thumbs down because they won't ever agree that any other life is worth anything, especially when it interferes with his/her lifestyle/comfort and selfish existence!

      steve.gibson.146612 - 2012-08-13 14:53

      What a pity an eye for an eye does not apply to these monsters

      ann.murray.9279 - 2012-08-13 15:19

      100 % behind your comments Michael. Not even animals treat their children in this manner - see this inspiring insert: NOW I KNOW FOR SURE WHY I LOVE ANIMALS A WHOLE LOT MORE THAN HUMANS!!!

      christelle.james.7 - 2012-08-13 15:25

      Michael, I am sorry but there could be similar people posting here like the people who murdered that poor child. Who knows, as some stage even they might have been posting here. But what you are saying is true - death penalty is the only fitting punishment.

      anri.tredoux - 2012-08-13 15:39

      Bring it back NOW!!!!!! I can't believe that people can do this to a baby.

      rudi.wet.5 - 2012-08-13 16:20

      The death penalty is not good enough for these spineless excuses for living beings. They should be tortured like this poor little baby. Then after that they can be put in a Zimbabwe jail and be forgotten. Hopefully they will suffer the pain and suffering of some huge STD infected psycho's rape before they die and rot in hell - for eternity.

      johnnie.vercuil - 2012-08-13 16:24

      How did they end up in a court? They should have been hanged when they were arrested. Kangaroo court justice _ when the State finds out about them, they should be gone, give them 10 seconds to say the Our Father and pull the plug.

      Ben Rabe - 2013-03-05 17:45

      i assume you are ready do do all the killing of the people standing in the queue then right?

  • jmsepmybr.zuma - 2012-08-13 14:16

    Death Penalty !!!!!!!

  • Perfume5 - 2012-08-13 14:25

    Death penalty or life with no parole. I don't care how many times they get bashed in prison, baby Wade deserved to live!!

  • - 2012-08-13 14:27

    Break my heart reading what these monsters did to that little angel... Death is too good a punishment for them.. they should suffer every single blow that they gave him.. over and over and over.. RIP little Wade.

      jmsepmybr.zuma - 2012-08-13 14:45

      Ok...Not the Death but Extended Torture penalty.

      tuzka - 2012-08-13 14:46

      I agree death is too good of a punishment, but then again if sent to prison it's only for a few years or a small amount of bail money, despite the taking of a innocent life, then giving them the chance to do something like this once again. The death penalty is the only way to make sure the MONSTERS stay away!

  • Louise Whittingstall Barnard - 2012-08-13 14:27

    Ate these 2 creatures from another planet or something? who or what does this to a defenseless little baby!!!!!! sick sick demented disgraceful piece of ####

  • shirley.steenkamp - 2012-08-13 14:29

    Damn!!! They should both be [ut to death for this! Firstly they must receive the same treatment they gave the poor child!

  • ckiddo - 2012-08-13 14:29

    Give them to the public, we will sort them out!

  • Hemlock - 2012-08-13 14:29

    How can any parent do this to an infant? Sterilize them both and lock them up in a maximum security prison so they never see the outside world again. May they both receive in prison what they dealt to an innocent child. They are both sub-human scum of the earth.

      chloe.knowitall - 2012-08-13 15:09

      The mother is pregnant again.

  • Dimitri - 2012-08-13 14:30

    Sick People!!!!!!

  • Bradley Froud - 2012-08-13 14:30

    Death Penalty!! Scum!

  • riette.nothling - 2012-08-13 14:31

    I don't have words, I can imagine that people can do this to a helpless little baby who can't do anything! My G*d, if the death sentence were ever deserved it's this case! I can bear to think of what the little guy must have gone through, it's just too sad.

  • jackie.m.dickson - 2012-08-13 14:31

    I just cant understand WHY??? What would make you do this? This is a tiny human being weighing less than 5kgs!! What goes on in your head that makes you do this again and again? Why would you want to? This baby would probably have been better off being left in a bin or pit latrine - thats outrageous! I am so sorry for the little baby. Those 2 should rot in hell.

      tuzka - 2012-08-13 14:50

      That is unfortunately the million dollar question.

  • bridgette.vermaak - 2012-08-13 14:34

    Agreed! BRING BACK THE DEATH PENALTY!!!!!!!Infact, they should have done to them as they had done to Wade.

  • arlene.levitan - 2012-08-13 14:35

    Disgusting and impossible to understand. If they didn't want the baby they could have handed it over to child welfare. What kind of twisted people brutally beat a tiny baby. They deserve a lifetime of suffering.

  • niel.phillips.7 - 2012-08-13 14:37

    hang them, hang them high, from their toes, in public...otherwise send them to "pappa"

  • Roxy - 2012-08-13 14:39

    This will remain one of the things about the universe that I will never understand: why can these "people" have dozens of children when there are so many decent couples out there who would do anything to have a child of their own.

  • bletlatsa - 2012-08-13 14:45

    These two things belong in jail they should go rot in jail actually they should burn in hell.That lil soul must have sufferd imensly at the hands of these 2*things*May wades lil soul rest in peace

  • magriet.buys - 2012-08-13 14:47

    I hope they get the same treatment in jail !!!

  • Gavin - 2012-08-13 14:48

    the fact that this happened and neither of these creatures accepts responsibility makes me wanna puke. there isn't a punishment appropriate for a crime like this. I watched a tv show many years ago where the good guys shocks the bad guy to death, then brings him back, and he says to the guy, we can do this all day long - this comes close to a good start. Punishment is now unfashionable... because it creates moral distinctions among men, which, to the democratic mind, are odious. We prefer a meaningless collective guilt to a meaningful individual responsibility - Thomas S. Szasz

      steve.gibson.146612 - 2012-08-13 14:58

      You are so right, Everyone argues about the perpetrator's constitutional rights, but no one argues about the victom's constitutional rights that have been abused and were in fact not given/granted.

  • djim.bie - 2012-08-13 14:48

    DEATH PENALTY!!!!!!!

  • cathy.joubertsouth - 2012-08-13 14:49

    There is no excuse for these parents. They should both get the death penalty. There are so many childless couples who long to have a child and would have taken little Wade in a heartbeat and given him a loving home if they had the chance. My heart breaks for that poor baby.

  • rockR32 - 2012-08-13 14:54


  • philip.geldenhuys.33 - 2012-08-13 14:56

    these people as absolutely sick and should be stoned like it is written in the bible!!! they are a discrace to the human race and deserve the same fate as their poor deceased child!!!

  • hudayfah.newman - 2012-08-13 14:57

    What this poor child must have gone through is unimagineable. No one to help.No one to reach out to. No way of expressing the pain he feels. So sad.

  • andrew.mckenzie.566 - 2012-08-13 14:58

    What vile specimen can do this to a baby? Utterly sickening. No punishment or penalty can be too great.

  • jawa.bunter - 2012-08-13 14:59

    Lock them up in the same cells as Alison Botha's assailants and throw away the key.

  • bless.boswell - 2012-08-13 14:59

    The fact that these monsters are permitted to continue to breed is a disgrace. They should have been sterilized. But had they been put to death that would not have been necessary. She's apparently pregnant again???

  • adriaan.pieterse - 2012-08-13 15:20

    Hope they rot in jail!! Disgusting filth the both of them.

  • TheVern69 - 2012-08-13 15:22

    Don't worry...babykillers get it REALLY bad in prison! Monsters!

  • stefan.kruger.1297 - 2012-08-13 15:24

    Send them to jail for life... you take you, you give one...

  • mariette.korf - 2012-08-13 15:25

    This is just SO sick! Thy should both HANG!!!

  • thadelphukem.completely - 2012-08-13 15:28

    Baby Wade, You tragically lost your precious life... My heart goes out to yo for the suffering you endured by your parents! May you rest in peace knowing that they will rot in jail for a long long time... May they not be shown the mercy that they should have shown you...

  • andre.c.smit - 2012-08-13 15:47

    We know what happens to child abusers in jail .And these miscreants are going to get it in abundance in jail .Karma is a bitch .I just wish we coould see them being raped and tortured in jail .I would love it ,JUSTICE .

  • Francois - 2012-08-13 15:52

    Die doodstaf moet terug maar die gemors moet dit nie kry nie, Nee hy moet ook gemartel word en ek hoop hy kan die pyn ervaar wat daai weerlose kind moes verduur. Skuim van die aarde!!!

  • lindy.j.booysen - 2012-08-13 15:59

    Ek hoop iemand gebruik hulle gesonde verstand en steriliseer die twee so gou moontlik!!! Suurstofdiewe, hoeveel mense sal nie geld betaal om 'n klein lyfie soos klein Wade hulle eie te kan noem nie?? Daar's baie tyd om te dink in die tronk, mag hulle gewetens hulle ry tot die dood toe!

  • charmaine.hoffmann.1 - 2012-08-13 15:59

    Anybody who would have messed with any of my two babies would have ended up DEAD! This idiot had to have fallen asleep sometime and she could have taken the bastard out....she is as guilty as he is....bastards!!

  • tharvard - 2012-08-13 16:20

    I read this, and go ice cold. How can they do this to a baby? A little child! Oh please God, let these people suffer in 100 fold what this little child suffered.

  • don.quioxte.3 - 2012-08-13 16:24

    Immediate sterilization for both.

  • don.quioxte.3 - 2012-08-13 16:27

    Maybe with luck someone in gaol will stop their clock.

  • godesha - 2012-08-13 17:18

    It would be interesting to see what sentences they will get. Life sentences will be too short for these two.

  • jody.beggs - 2012-08-13 17:35

    Makes me wonder where jeebus is when these things happen! Guess he's not real ... Damn the man.

  • carolyn.dewrance - 2012-08-13 18:47

    Make sure that while in prison, they are attacked and killed. we dont want scum like them in our country, and this goes for all those killers out there.

  • ruan.bezuidenhout - 2012-08-13 21:17

    I can't begin to imagine the terror that poor baby had to endure! No form of punishment would ever be enough. They are sick excuses for human beings. I have 17 solutions and would not mind pumping every single one of them into these two spineless sacks of sh%t.

  • Johan De Beer - 2012-08-13 22:17

    Words fail me.

  • Amanda Coetzer - 2012-08-14 05:55

    hoop hulle vrot in die tronk. wens eerder die doodstraf was nog in werking, alhoewel die doodstraf 'n te ligte vonnis vir hulle is. hulle moet dood gemartel word, nie net vir 1 dag nie, vir n leeftyd. Hul moet wens hulle is nooit gebore nie.

  • maureen.churchill.9 - 2012-08-14 06:29

    Hope they get bloody good hidings in jail, I'm sad that part of my tax money will be used to feed the vermin. That little mite had no chance, he only knew pain in his short life. Hope it plays over and over in your minds till it drives you crazy.

  • george.manyaapelo - 2012-08-14 12:25

    this guy de court has 2 do public broadcast execution coz he murdered a person n a woman mst b gvn a long jail experience

  • samantha.stewartgraham - 2012-08-14 12:32

    Absolutely sickening!!! They deserve to be tortured the way they tortured their child. Poor soul :-( Hope they get raped and tortured in jail by gangsters and hope they suffer so much there that they will eventually just want to be dead. Evil evil "people

  • lourens.v.d.watt - 2012-08-14 16:56

    Tatoo what they did all over their body and send them to jail!!!!!!

  • christina.meenaghan - 2012-09-12 09:56

    just heart breaking poor baby r i p little angel xxxxx