Baby stolen in Cape Town

2012-04-25 17:10

Johannesburg - A woman claiming to be a social worker has abducted a two-week-old baby boy in Lingelethu West, Western Cape police said.

The woman approached the baby's 16-year-old mother on Wednesday and offered to help her apply for a birth certificate, said Captain Frederik van Wyk.

She accompanied the teenager to the home affairs office, but she did not have a clinic card.

"The suspect then gave R20 to [the mother] to go back home to get the clinic card," said Van Wyk.

"She promised... to look after her child [in the meantime]."

When the mother returned, the woman and her baby were nowhere to be found.

  • michael.a.devilliers - 2012-04-25 21:34

    I'm not sure who I want to find that women first... a mob or the police. Taking advantage of people in a vulnerable situation - worse than a murderer in my opinion. Never trusted people who approach you to help, and never will especially after stories like this.

  • Virginia - 2012-04-26 08:01

    Agree with Michael but also there must be some mistake about the age of the mother. This is 2012 - how can a 16 yr old be the mother? How does she expect to look after a child? No amt of education or common knowledge seems to work.

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