Bachelor party killer gets life

2004-09-17 18:53

Johannesburg - A man was sentenced on Friday to life imprisonment by the Johannesburg High Court for a shooting at a bachelor party in Krugersdorp that left four dead.

Glenard Graham Dawes, 30, pleaded guilty to four charges of murder, two charges of attempted murder, illegal possession of guns and ammunition, pointing a gun at a petrol attendant and attempting to defeat the ends of justice.

On March 21 at the Lion's Den pub, police ispector Julian Dry, former policeman Richus Wiebenberg, security guard Richard Selepe and pub owner Simon Pretorius were shot dead.

Frederick Schutte and Mark de Matta were wounded.

Dawes and a friend were drinking at the pub when a fight broke out. Dawes left the venue, but returned with three guns.

He stood in the doorway and started shooting, "accepting that innocent people might be killed,but (he) went on recklessly", said Judge Roger Claassen.

Defeated the ends of justice

Dawes, who lives in Florida west of Johannesburg, received four terms of life imprisonment and 34 years, all of which will run concurrently.

Under a plea bargain, co-accused Charmaine Elizabeth Knoetze, 29, was sentenced to three years' correctional supervision or house arrest.

She pleaded guilty to defeating the ends of justice for telling Dawes the police were looking for him.

She also pleaded guilty to illegal possession of guns and ammunition.

A third accused, Ruben Richard Pennels, 28, will appear separately on October 4.

Pennels faces four charges of murder and other lesser charges.