'Bad Brad' beaten up in pub

2007-04-10 22:57

Pretoria - "They tore my clothes off me and knocked me unconscious three times. They were like a pack of dogs attacking us," said Brad Wood, aka Bad Brad of Big Brother fame, on Tuesday.

He, Dr Walter Ward, a businessman from Johannesburg, and Ward's son, Tiger, 19, were badly beaten by seven men using a steel pipe, beer bottles and their fists.

The beating took place at the Sediba Restaurant in Naboomspruit last Thursday evening. Ward and Tiger's vehicles also were damaged during the fight.

Brad's right knee is cracked, both his eyes are swollen shut and he has head injuries.

Ward's left eye socket is fractured internally.

Tiger's right eye socket is fractured and his nose was broken.

Bumped into man 'by accident'

Ward and his two sons were visiting his game farm near Naboomspruit for the Easter weekend. Brad and about 20 other people were also on the farm.

Brad said he and a few others had visited the restaurant for drinks. Ward, Tiger and a few friends also went to the restaurant, but Ward didn't stay long.

At the pub, Brad bumped into a man "by accident".

"He swore at me and I apologised three times. I also bought him two drinks. Everything seemed fine," said Brad.

According to Brad, he went to join Tiger and his girl friend outside.

Suddenly, the same man rushed at Tiger and head-butted him.

"He and his friends tackled me with a steel pipe and their fists. The fight didn't last long."

Meanwhile, Ward had phoned his son to ask him when they were coming home.

'Threatened to shoot my workers'

Ward said: "Tiger told me they had just been assaulted and I immediately phoned the police. I drove to the restaurant with six of my workers."

"When we got there, the police had not yet arrived.

"Some of the men in the restaurant referred to my workers as 'fucking kaffirs' and threatened to shoot them."

"The man who'd assaulted my son, hit me in the face with a beer bottle. About seven men stormed at us and attacked us.

"Three of them held my son's hands behind his back, forced him to his knees and then hit him repeatedly in the face.

"My staff tried to stop them and some of them put their hands around Tiger to protect him."

Ward said the men wanted to throw him and Brad from the first floor of the restaurant.

"They followed us to our cars and punched us repeatedly," he said.

More arrests expected

Brad denied reports that he had broken the car windows of some of the attackers.

"They were hitting and kicking me the whole time."

Investigating officer George Ngobeni said several suspects had appeared in court on Tuesday on charges of attempted murder and assault with intent to do grievous bodily harm.

He did not want to release their names, because more arrests could follow.

  • Brad appeared in Randburg magistrate's court briefly last November after an incident involving Tjaart Steyn, son of Douw Steyn, the founder of Auto & General.

  • Earlier, Ward was also in a court case involving his former wife Yolande Kloppers, Miss South Africa 1978.

    They were granted interdicts that neither could assault the other.