Bank card fraudster arrested - again

2012-10-17 09:34

Johannesburg - A man was arrested in Welkom on Tuesday when he was found with a device used to duplicate bank cards, Free Sate police said.

His arrest came after police responded to information from residents about his suspicious activities at ATMs on Long Road, Sergeant Puleng Motsoeneng said.

The officer who went to investigate spotted him and realised he had arrested him on a previous occasion for possession of a skimming device, used to copy information from a bank card's magnetic strip.

The 40-year-old man was searched and found carrying the device under his belt. He was arrested and a cellphone and a laptop confiscated from his home.

Motsoeneng said it was the third time the man had been arrested. He was nabbed in September 2011 and again in January this year.

The Welkom Magistrate's Court sentenced him to three years' jail on August 30. The sentence was suspended for three years on condition that he repay the financial institutions he defrauded.

He was expected to re-appear in the same court on Wednesday to face charges related to contravention of the Electronic Communications and Transactions Act.

  • annelise.vanderschyff - 2012-10-17 09:45

    Was in jail released yet again up to his old tricks lock these people up for a long time I was also a victim

      squeegee.pilot - 2012-10-17 10:10

      No consequences... We are developing a generation that does not actually suffer the consequences of bad behavior, rudeness, abuse and criminality.

  • riana.bruynslombard - 2012-10-17 09:51

    3rd arrest?? Why isn't he in jail??

  • Rabbler.Rouser - 2012-10-17 09:56

    He is a habitual criminal. This career criminal must now go to jail for a long time.

  • TshilidziPhuravhathu - 2012-10-17 10:02


  • gaius.longinus.9 - 2012-10-17 10:08

    SA, the true land op opportunity and, if you are a criminal, the land of milk and honey as well

  • joemarshe.push - 2012-10-17 10:11

    So he's repaying financial institutions by defrauding other financial institutions? Must be a Nigerian national I assume.

      rupert.magande - 2012-10-17 10:17

      with all due respect sir , not all criminals are nigerians or foreigners ,even south africans can also duplicate atm cards , all you need is a card duplicator and a laptop which you can buy at game or at any computer shop . stop stereotyping and blaming foreigners for all the crimes in this country .

  • thabang.maleka.35 - 2012-10-17 10:15

    Few months ago I discovered I had an imposter; a person is using an original fake ID book(ID book printed at using Home Affairs equipment, but not using the live database) to open accounts. I went to home affairs to report it, they still have my original information including my ID book’s issued date on their system, but the guy’s ID books was issued after mine and I guess it was not printed on the live database as it would have updated the issued date with the date of his ID book since it was issued after mine. His copy has my full names, ID number with his face. He submitted a fake payslip, stamped bank statement, Woolworth’s statement. I checked with the bank and the account belonged to someone else and transactions on it did not correspond to those at the bank system. Woolies account was frozed since 2009 although his statement is for August 2012, payslip was fake with different date format which are not used in SA. It had pay date(August,1,2011) Appointment date(31-08-12). His used this entire obvious fake document to successfully open 1 cellphone contract and 1 clothing acc.What bothers me is that cell providers like MTN/Cell-C/Vodacom/8ta all have automatic approval without verifying the employment, bank acc holders. I am desperate I tried opening an account with the police, but was told there is nothing they could do. One Officer narrated as story where he experienced the same thing, all I got was an affidavit. What can I do

      thabang.maleka.35 - 2012-10-17 10:41

      I also got a calls coming from this number 0873508555, but have figured out what they are up to. Sometimes they just call you and confirm you details and then drop the call. Don’t call them back, Be informed and don’t confirm your information details to them, for more information read all about it on

  • WigzellRM - 2012-10-17 10:19

    Why should the government lock him up? He is an ideal candidate for a high ranking position with them.

  • sedeshan - 2012-10-17 10:20

    Clearly the man has no intention of getting a job and earning his own money. Time to sit in a cell if you ask me.

  • ken.koen - 2012-10-17 10:27

    They call it freedom and "democracy". They think law and order is oppression. Theyre always changing names, Why don't we change the countries name. The anarchic "democracy" of Azania

  • Portia Dikeledi Van Wyk - 2012-10-17 10:32

    seems that he doesn't want to do anything with his life! he would rather get cash the quick and dodgy way!

  • gerrit.vanpletzen - 2012-10-17 10:38

    Three years imprisonment totally suspended for a second offence of the same nature? WTF!

  • kitty2wp - 2012-10-17 10:50

    send him back to his own country, ban him from coming back into SA

  • parlo.mkatazo - 2012-10-17 11:31

    you dont play catch and release with criminals...thats the kinda stuff normal people do with fish

  • sisie.indola - 2012-10-17 12:04

    So what are you going to do about it? Whatever happened to the so called data base that is supposed to have all the details of all criminals, that these police can access, so that the next time he is caught bail will be denied. Or am i just blowing in the breeze! Again!

  • Mandy Casey - 2012-10-17 14:27

    His defense, I was working on repaying the debt.

  • jacqui.daanevanrensburg - 2012-10-17 14:31

    Here is another suspension coming and he will be doing his thieving again tomorrow.

  • esme.collins1 - 2012-10-17 23:48

    This is an habitual criminal....NO rehabitational matter there!!!!Once a thief, always a thief! Once a conman, always a conman! Once a fraudster, always a fraudster.....a crook is always a crook. Put him away for a long time.

  • MallyGold - 2012-11-05 18:59

    The ruling dictators don't want to put an upstanding citizen like this in jail. This man is like a Sunday School teacher compared to all (all means all) the trash in government.

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