'Barbie' the victim of a sadist

2010-02-10 22:10

Pretoria - Convicted sex offender Cézanne Visser was a "typical" victim of a sexual sadist, counselling psychologist Micki Pistorius told the High Court in Pretoria on Wednesday.

In mitigation of sentence, Pistorius submitted that Visser's former boyfriend Dirk Prinsloo was a woman abuser, a coercive controller and a sadist.

"Ms Visser is a victim of domestic abuse, coercive control and a compliant victim of a sexual sadist at the hands of Mr Prinsloo and her behaviour was influenced by him."

Pistorius also testified that Visser entered into the relationship with Prinsloo with low self-esteem and was, according to other medical reports, diagnosed with chronic post traumatic stress and major depression.

"She was sexually naive, a virgin, and very vulnerable. She was a sitting duck."

Pistorius said Visser became a compliant sex slave, fearing she may lose Prinsloo or that he would harm her or her mother, as he had indicated numerous times.

Therefore, she sacrificed her own moral values which led to the solicitation of minors and prostitutes as well as indecent sex acts.

Came to her senses

"She finally began to realise that things had gone too far, albeit too late. She knew the wrongfulness of the acts, but she could not act accordingly and take any measures to [stop] him due to her conditioned submissiveness and life-threatening fear."

Pistorius believed Visser had since "come to her senses, shows sincere remorse" and could still make a valuable contribution to the community.

"It is strongly recommended that she receives extensive therapy. I recommend that she be sentenced to correctional supervision as she is a first time offender and poses no danger to the community," said Pistorius.

Pistorius advised against jail time as Visser was a first time offender and posed no danger to the community.

In a disclaimer, Pistorius said she had the right to change her opinions and findings should additional information be brought to her, such as Prinsloo's psychiatric evaluation.

Earlier, the defence asked for a postponement to obtain a copy of Prinsloo's evaluation from Belarus, where he was recently convicted.

Acting Judge Chris Eksteen said he would consider it when he had seen the details involved.

Pistorius's findings were based on her own evaluations of Visser and her mother as well reports from other psychologists, a psychiatrist, criminologist and a psychometric evaluation.

The case was adjourned until Thursday for cross examination.

In October last year, Visser was convicted of 11 of 14 sex-related charges.

These included soliciting a 15-year-old to perform indecent acts, indecently assaulting 11-year-old and 14-year-old girls and the possession and manufacture of child pornography.

Prinsloo, who skipped the country (SA) while out on bail during the trial, was sentenced to 13 years in prison by a Belarus court last month for theft, assault and attempted bank robbery (there).

He still faces sex-related charges in the North Gauteng High Court in Pretoria.