Basson inquiry to resume

2012-01-26 09:26

Johannesburg - An inquiry into alleged unethical conduct by cardiologist Wouter Basson continues in Pretoria on Thursday.

Basson, who headed South Africa's chemical and biological warfare programme in the 1980s, is seeking a discharge on four counts of unprofessional conduct before the Health Professions Council of SA.

His hearing before the HPCSA's professional conduct committee in Pretoria was postponed last year for legal argument on the discharge application.

Should the application fail, the hearing will resume in March for his evidence and that of his own experts.

At the previous hearing, Jaap Cilliers SC, for Basson, put it to medical ethics expert Steven Miles that Basson would deny conducting himself unethically or unprofessionally.

It was Basson's case that he received instructions from General Ernst Nieuwoudt, who was at that stage the surgeon general, and who was a member of the medical council.


He believed the programme he was participating in was defensive and not an offensive.

Cilliers said Basson would argue that his participation in research and development had largely been to provide guidelines.

A distinction could be drawn between the use of, for example, teargas by the police for riot control and its military use, such as in Basson's case, where materials were used to break up a defensive position of the other side and did not result in a reduction in casualties.

However, Miles contended that Basson acted unethically while heading the programme by becoming involved in the development and deployment of toxic weapons.

This had endangered human lives in violation of his ethical obligation to preserve life.

He said he had tried to be "scrupulously fair" in his discussion as an international expert, but that it was up to the council as a South African body to decide whether Basson's conduct was unprofessional.

  • Jomah - 2012-01-26 09:30

    Wouter is too clever for these idiots.

      Lordwick - 2012-01-26 11:07

      You are a STUPID RACIST...south africa is not interested in pigs like you.

      Jomah - 2012-01-26 11:52

      What portion of my statement offended you?

  • David - 2012-01-26 09:32

    "I was just following instructions" .Heard it all before. A doctor like Basson has a brain to think for himself what is morally right, or doesn't he?

      Mike - 2012-01-26 10:19

      you are an idiot @david - Basson brain is 10x more than yours

      David - 2012-01-26 11:26

      @ Mike.. you mean Basson is more of a mass murderer and you support him, meaning you also "follow instructions" like a zombie......

  • Pietertjie - 2012-01-26 09:34

    Stupid people. In war you try to kill as many people as possible, whether you are a doctor or nor. On orders of the politicians. The more the merrier. Stop wasting Wouter's time, and leave him be!! WTF!!!

  • Gideon - 2012-01-26 09:40

    The guy was previously cleared of wrongdoing years ago, let it go already! How much more money has to be wasted on inquiry after inquiry? And for what? It's not like you're going to send him to prison are you? How about a retrail while we are at it for the St. James Church massacre perpetrators, regardless that they were given amnesty. That doesn't seem to matter anyway.

  • SarelJBotha - 2012-01-26 09:42

    The ANC waged war, the whites defended by any means they had. Most people will do that oif they are under severe threat.

  • frans.grobler3 - 2012-01-26 09:48

    Idiots - Wasting the tax man's money again

      paulmandlankosi - 2012-01-26 10:05

      This is money well spent

      Mike - 2012-01-26 10:23

      @paulmandlankosi - you an idiot as well with no brain - money well spent - idiot - money could be spent on building low cost housing for the pure - idiot

      Hotkop - 2012-01-26 10:36

      Well spent on what?

      paulmandlankosi - 2012-01-26 10:38

      @Mike Wolf, senile dementia has long creeped so I would not mind to be called an idiot by an old idiot like you, keep it up moron.

  • lhfick - 2012-01-26 10:49

    This man acted on orders and if he did not follow them he would not have been here today. I am sure that he did his best to stall all actions and one must remember if these things were to be used it would have killed or effected all at the scene! Dr BASSON IS A VERY GOOD DOCTOR! Let him continue the work he wants to do! Those that dislike this man because of the past must just realize that, that war is over and all of us paid a price because of it. Consecrate on the wrong doings that is currently taking place, because it seems like it might cause the masses to regroup under new radical leaders that promise to deliver and this might just lead to a new revolution, but I think it might just be to late!

  • Aphrodite - 2012-01-26 11:00

    Dr. Basson is a genius, and furthermore a brilliant cardiologist of the likes of Dr. Barnard. Groote Schuur hospital used to be world renowned, have any of you worked there lately? Its gone to the dogs! ie; ANC!! He is a tremendous asset to this country. In his defence... When in Rome, do as the Romans!

      paulmandlankosi - 2012-01-26 11:04

      Crap as usual

      Van - 2012-01-26 11:36

      In reality he should be the chief of the National Defence Farce.

      Lordwick - 2012-01-26 12:38

      I don't like ANC either but to call peoples dogs motivates the majority of south africans not to oust ANC by voting DA which is the only hope we have and wish for.So stop your stupidity and live positively.You and phumi has got something in common,stupidity!!!only if the wise tolerable south africans can come to realise that south africa needs patience and tolarance to convince the majority which always see ANC as the only political party to vote for.but because of your stupidity,we will struggle to see that in our life time.

      Gideon - 2012-01-26 12:41

      @Lordwick: I really wish people would think rationally for a change and not get emtional all the time. How are we supposed to build a nation like this? And I'm talking of BOTH sides here.

  • Elena - 2012-01-26 12:26

    To use Mandela's name here is unacceptable, Basson enjoyed his Nazi like experiments and has to answer to the war crimes tribunal, not to a RSA court with a bias. Phumi it is sad that you consider murderers heros, even if the person murdered was unacceptable, you most probably support the murderers killing the farmers as well. You are supporting segregation by wanting to kill whites.

  • Lordwick - 2012-01-26 13:09

    I am really wishing for miracle to happen to all south that they can come to realise that education and tolarance especially towards the majority is needed the most to oust ANC.I assure the majority of the news24 "white people" to have or they will(myself included) witness the hardship(Dictatorship) from ANC.Am from the villages in Limpopo and used to hear ANC canvassing and ssying to the old people "We don't want to be ruled by whites because aoartheid would come back".So let's unite to oust this Party.But if we keep on pushing like now,commenting on racial line.Just forget about convincing the majority to vote for hope called DA.Every country has History and how can we keep on looking backwards and relate that with the present...we are not going anywhere but to rule but this corrupt ANC untill the end of time!!!

      Mathibela - 2012-01-26 15:31

      There can never be a miracle whatsoever. We don't need a miracle but we did between 1957 n 1993. What we need now is to redress the past and ensure that the majority are afforded the same opportunities as the minority. Most of u here u don't understand a black man's culture . Ours is a culture that is shaped by the past and to say that we must forget that apartheid happened is an insult.

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