Bheki Cele probe gets under way

2012-03-05 11:03

Pretoria - The probe into suspended police commissioner Bheki Cele started in Pretoria on Monday, with Judge Jack Moloi laying the ground rules and explaining the crux of the inquiry.

Moloi indicated that the inquiry was not about to re-investigate what had already been investigated by the Public Protector Thuli Madonsela.

The board would seek to establish whether Cele acted corruptly or dishonestly or with an undeclared conflict of interest in relation to the two police leases, his fitness to hold office and capacity to efficiently execute his duties, he said.

"The board was also not sitting as a court of law to review the correctness and accuracy of the public protector's report," said Moloi.

Police leases

That report found that Cele's action pertaining to two leases for new police headquarters in Pretoria and Durban, valued at R1.6bn, was "improper and unlawful".

These findings would form part of the evidence at the inquiry.

The board was appointed by President Jacob Zuma in October last year to evaluate allegations against the police chief.

In February the board invited members of the public to disclose any information that could help determine whether Cele was fit to hold office.

The outspoken police chief, who was present at the inquiry on Monday, was suspended with full salary, allowances, privileges and benefits pending the outcome of the probe.

The previous national police commissioner, Jackie Selebi, was handed a 15-year jail sentence by the South Gauteng High Court in 2010 for corruption following a lengthy trial which began in 2008.

  • Poloyatonki - 2012-03-05 11:07

    Nail his @ss.

      Eduard - 2012-03-05 12:01

      again, this will make a lot of money for lawyers, cost the tax payers millions and take a couple of years....and the pain continues

  • E=MC2 - 2012-03-05 11:10

    While he sits in the comfort of his home receiving his full pay...

      E=MC2 - 2012-03-05 11:59

      ...or hang on! maybe he's come down with a mysterious illness that’s keeping him in bed...?

  • slawek.puk - 2012-03-05 11:11

    Looks like they trying to set him free or limit his jail time. This sounds all very fish. If you guilty you are guilty, but i suppose in South Africa if you have money and friends in high places you can play these type of games.

  • kgomotso.radise - 2012-03-05 11:13

    I foresee handshake or he will get his job back.

      Sharon - 2012-03-05 13:10

      How did he get the job in the first place? Was he ever a policeman? Does he know the law and how to apply it? He is not qualified, surely there is someone in the service who can do a proper job and get crime under control!

      Jacqui - 2012-03-05 14:04

      No, Sharon he wasn't, he is a friend of Zuma. That's all it takes.

  • TBlogger - 2012-03-05 11:16

    Hopefully he is convicted, and no using the "I'm sick" excuse.. Jackie has already taken that one sorryyyyyyy!!

  • Tammy - 2012-03-05 11:18

    LOL - let the circus begin

  • Derk - 2012-03-05 11:29

    lets see how many years this case drags on for

  • kasamkelo - 2012-03-05 11:30

    Awe awe ma se kind

      Ben - 2012-03-05 11:35

      Ecellent comment.

  • Muneer23 - 2012-03-05 11:31

    Your job is to fight crime and corruption, not find better ways to commit it lol

  • Thoka - 2012-03-05 11:56

    this is a proper test for friendship loyalty. mfowethu

  • Den - 2012-03-05 11:59

    no doubt he will book a bed right next to selebi.

  • Den - 2012-03-05 12:00

    this country is a joke. anyone seen district 9? i think the prawns have taken over...

  • Den - 2012-03-05 12:01

    mate of yours poly??

  • Winston - 2012-03-05 12:11

    paint themn all with the same brush judges, doctors, lawyers etc.. the lot. Thay have no integrity. they are the devils advocates. The majority of south africans may be hoodwinked but those of us who are enlightened to their evil devises won't be fooled. They need to bring to book the evil doctors who signed off shabby shaik's fictious disease or has he been resurrected from the dead.

  • Mashudu - 2012-03-05 12:26

    I smell rat here.

  • David - 2012-03-05 12:50

    What am I missing here. Surely formal charges should be laid and a court of law determine if he is guilty or not?

  • Janice - 2012-03-05 13:14

    Ja ja ja ja ja ja and so it goes on.......

  • thommymolala - 2012-03-05 13:27


  • Nkosinathi Mokoena - 2012-03-05 13:35

    Jail is where he belongs...

  • Jacqui - 2012-03-05 14:03

    This will take three years at least.

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