Bid to stop hostel integration

2007-09-14 11:12

Bloemfontein - The Freedom Front Plus (FF Plus) has filed court papers to stop the University of the Free State's hostel integration policy, the Volksblad newspaper reported on Friday.

An inadequate consultation process by the university is the main ground for the application by the FF Plus, the report said.

Court papers had already been filed on the University of the Free State's (UFS) council and the UFS itself.

A notice that the application would be opposed had been filed at the Bloemfontein High Court, the report said.

In the filed papers, the FF Plus said they would ask the high court on October 4 to stop the UFS council from continuing with its hostel integration policy (for 2008) until the decision had been reviewed.

The council approved the policy on June 8.

In the review application, the FF Plus will ask the court to set aside the decision to place a percentage of white and coloured students in integrated hostels.