Biker, 67, killed in Free State crash

2012-07-02 09:01

Johannesburg - A 67-year-old man was killed when his motorbike crashed into a car on the on the R711 road near Clarens in the Free State on Sunday, paramedic said.

"The man had sustained various fatal injuries and was unfortunately later declared dead at the scene.

"None of the occupants in the car sustained any injuries. Local law enforcement officials will be investigating the incident further," said ER24 spokesperson Andre Visser.

He said paramedics from Bethlehem were driving on the road when they came across the collision.

"It is unclear as to how the collision occurred, but the gentleman, aged 67, had collided into the side of the passenger vehicle with his Harley Davidson motorcycle."

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  • - 2012-07-02 09:58

    The amount of motorcycle accidents is alarming. 2 motorcyclists died in an accident over the weekend.

  • jackie.stone.501 - 2012-07-02 11:06

    I have witnessed some bikers driving like the want to die. Doing 100km on the middle lane in town, some just like swerving the bike for no reason at all. Lifting the from wheel is not ayoba. Mind the Car Bikers

      hugh.olphart - 2012-07-02 12:38

      we do try mind the car, but have you seen how some nutters drive? Too busy texting; doing makeup or picking thier noses to pay attention. As for speeding, it goes both ways, only the bike takes the hit.

  • gembleton1 - 2012-07-02 11:43

    Sounds to me the car did a U turn with out looking, and this is a every day happening, the only non biased witness is dead.Rest in Peace fellow biker.

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