Bikers converge at Hummer case

2012-02-08 11:22

Pretoria - Scores of bikers converged on the Pretoria North Regional Court on Wednesday for the brief appearance of a man who allegedly ran over and killed two motorcyclists with a stolen Hummer.

It had been expected that a trial date would be set for Indu Chyabu, who faces two charges of culpable homicide. However, the case was postponed until February 21 to allow the 31-year-old to instruct his legal team.

Bikers Johannes Kruger and Pieter Coetzee were killed when a Hummer Chiyabu was allegedly driving ploughed into them on Rachel de Beer Road in Pretoria on October 16, 2010.

Two motorcycles and the Hummer caught fire. Coetzee and Kruger died at the scene. Chiyabu allegedly fled.

Coetzee's son, also called Pieter, lost his leg in the accident. He was in court on Tuesday in a wheelchair to watch the brief proceedings.

Chyabu, who is out on a warning, was escorted from the court through a back entrance by court officials.

  • Gerhard - 2012-02-08 11:28

    Kills two bikers, permanently disables another and he is out on a warning? Have to love our "justice" system....

      jogesig - 2012-02-08 12:15

      Gerhard you missed a few points. *Steals a Hummer *Kills 2 bikers *Disables a third *Flees the scene of an accident and evades police and then is let off with a warning. I am no lawyer but I count at least 4 high schedule offences there

      Andre - 2012-02-08 13:28

      Gerhard and jogesig, you are both missing the point. He has not yet been on trial so he did not "get off with a warning". Jogesig, you count 4 high schedule offences ... how many has he been charged with? What was he charged with? Do you know? No, clearly you do not. He is out, basically on zero bail and the case will follow at which time he will be found guilty, or not guilty and if found guilty will be sentenced.

      jogesig - 2012-02-08 16:02

      @andre "who faces two charges of culpable homicide" so that is 2, so yes I know what I read. I am pretty sure he should not just be let go.

  • willem.wulfse - 2012-02-08 11:46

    I happen to know who owned the Hummer. With this knowledge, the delays and shenanigans make sense to me. In the end the perpetrator will probably get away with a slap on the wrist. Money and influence talks.

      Leann - 2012-02-08 12:14

      I also know who owns the Hummer and yes Willem you are probably right :-(

      Bart - 2012-02-08 12:39

      Let me know. I should be able to give it the beetle eye.

      Shistirrer - 2012-02-08 13:25

      Don't be chicken now - please name and shame :-)

  • sam.swanpoel - 2012-02-08 11:51

    The fck steals the hummer and he's out on a warning??? WTF?

      Keith - 2012-02-08 12:03

      Agreed Sam, and why was he not allowed to leave court by the main entrance. I'm sure the welcoming committee would have dismounted their two wheels to escort him to a nice quiet place.

  • anthony.swart - 2012-02-08 12:11

    OUT ON A WARNING...this is how cheap a life is in this banana democracy, if it was a white and the bikers where black the story would be different. thank you Mr Fir for you are super stupid and racist to boot, take the justice system and throw it out lets have an eye for an eye justice system by the people for the people.

  • paullombard17 - 2012-02-08 12:14

    im speechless, best I dont comment cos itl be riddled with profanity @#$%^!!

  • Debbi - 2012-02-08 12:24

    Oh well. He has to come out of hiding some time and then he will have to explain himself to the bikers. Don't know how understanding they will be tho. Think he will spend the rest of his days wishing he had never set eyes on a Hummer or a motorcycle.

  • Myvision - 2012-02-08 12:26

    Why is the honourable Chyabu out on a warning in such a serious matter?

      Piet - 2012-02-08 13:52

      You probably meant "horrible" because there is nothing honourable about this person.

  • yvonnecraig.linton - 2012-02-08 12:30

    what biker club did those riders belong to?

      miaauw3 - 2012-02-08 12:36


  • StarStruck - 2012-02-08 13:36

    I don't understand this. They know he stole the hummer and that he killed two people. How do they then let him go on a warning?? This must be a technicality or God help us.

  • willem.wulfse - 2012-02-08 14:29

    The Hummer belonged to Ms. Rose Raisibe Matjiu an Executive director of Sephaku Holdings Ltd. I don't think the vehicle was stolen from her. Therefore in all probability no charge of theft was laid. More a case of someone in the household having used the vehicle without the owner's permission. No fuss if the accident hadn't occurred.

  • Jason - 2012-02-08 16:44

    Nice to see people standing together.its what needs to happen more in SA before we see any real changes.Sad state of affairs for those greatly affected by this.the sooner we stop accepting the justice system the sooner someone will have to change it.

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