Bloem giraffe does BMW leap

2013-06-18 08:40

Bloemfontein - A local businessman has told how he got a huge fright when a giraffe jumped over his BMW sports car, nearly hitting him with one of her hooves.

Buks Westraad, owner of the Emoya estate outside Bloemfontein, was driving through the estate on Saturday morning with the hood down - when the 5-year-old giraffe cow, Kammie, came running along at a blistering pace and jumped over his car, reported Die Burger.

Westraad said he was driving quite slowly at between 10 and 15km/h and was heading for a guesthouse on the estate when it happened.

“She must have gotten a fright and came running over my car. Her one hoof hit the bonnet like a gunshot and the other just missed my head and came flying past my face. I could feel the wind.

“Her legs are several metres long and it took just one stride and she was over the car.”  

“I only later realised that I could also have been in my glory,” said Westraad, whose first thought was for the safety of the uninjured giraffe.  

He estimated that damage to the car was valued at R48 000.

  • Jacques Joubert - 2013-06-18 08:45

    only in

  • Anthea La Grange - 2013-06-18 08:54

    15kms an hour in a BMW? We believe you... anyway, congratulations, you're lucky to be alive.

  • Sheilan Clarke - 2013-06-18 09:01

    Who the hell goes to safari in a sports car? Wish the car was heavily damaged.

      Monster Monti - 2013-06-18 12:06

      People with more cash than you

      Nasiefa Jackson Lazarus - 2013-06-18 13:47

      Nasty makes u ugly!!!

  • tednhet - 2013-06-18 09:07

    It was trying to become a high flyer.

  • Mluleki Simelane - 2013-06-18 09:08

    This man is very lucky, I read somewhere that a grown Giraffe can decapitate a lion with 1 kick

      Kobie Nel - 2013-06-18 15:54

      Spot on there Mluleki. Not a horse to play ball with.

  • Gcwabe-KaMavovo - 2013-06-18 09:11

    Tall tale

  • Kosie Nel - 2013-06-18 09:11

    Must mention and show, a BMW, not any other car!

      Athena - 2013-06-18 12:40

      Erm, did you see the big hoof shaped scrape on the bonnet of the car? That is a photo of the BMW in the story.

  • Robinson Mbonde - 2013-06-18 09:26

    Maybe the animal didn't like his car 'lol'

  • Janet Taylor - 2013-06-18 09:38

    A good one for the creatives beats the cow jumped over the moon.

  • Chreamz George - 2013-06-18 09:46

    He was probably too intoxicated to drive at a BMW normal speed of 260km/h. So, a BMW bonnet cost R48k???.

      Regte Boer - 2013-06-18 10:33

      Fool. Maybe you are intoxicated right now?

  • Debi-Nikita Rathbone-Rentzke - 2013-06-18 09:54

    Glad that the giraffe is okay..

  • Deon K. Alexander - 2013-06-18 09:59

    Never drop a BM's hood as it mite looks like a water pool...

  • Puleng Mabuya - 2013-06-18 14:04

    top gear.

  • Jacob Molife - 2013-06-18 17:44

    'Giant steps are what you take...walking on the moon'

  • Vinesh Moodley - 2013-06-18 21:58

    great guy...prepared to stick his neck out for his pet giraffe!

  • Johan Mynhardt - 2013-06-18 23:22

    Pffft. show me one beamer driver that goes 10 to 15km/h.

  • Solo Mathe - 2013-06-19 09:43

    Wow!!!! At least no one was hurt...

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