Blue light victim back in hospital

2011-12-23 14:30

Johannesburg - Thomas Ferreira, who was left brain damaged after a collision with a blue light vehicle six weeks ago, was back in hospital on Thursday after contracting a virus, reported The Star on Friday.

According to the report, Ferreira, who had been in a rehabilitation centre, had a high fever and was readmitted to Krugersdorp Hospital around 14:00.

"He's running high fever, so they decided he'd better go back to hospital," Ferreira's father Paul was quoted saying.

The 18-year-old was injured when the official vehicle of Gauteng housing MEC Humphrey Mmemezi crashed into him while he was riding on a motorcycle six weeks ago.

The driver of the vehicle, Semitsi Modomai, was transporting Mmemezi and had turned on blue lights to cross through a red traffic light when he collided with Thomas.

At that time Mokonyane publicly promised to cover the costs of the teenager's medical bills.

The costs of the rehabilitation centre to which Ferreira was moved to last Monday was around R120 000 per month, according to the report.

  • mholthuysen - 2011-12-23 14:44

    There you see how our beloved leaders rule us - Humphrey Mmemezi you should be laying there; as you self importance, arrogance and carelessness brought this innocent person to where he is now. Are you paying for what you and your driver did - of course not. Another criminal and liar brought to you by a failed struggle movement called ANC!

  • Wesley - 2011-12-23 14:44

    It is so strange, a guy got R 8000 fine for spilling liquor on Zuma, endanger his life, but they don't mind drive like hooligans with blue lights on the highway. Which is more dangerous? They like the bling, punt en klaar

      Kate - 2011-12-23 14:45

      It is called double standards Wesley

  • Andrew - 2011-12-23 14:55

    And the cost of medi-care mounts with our caring MEC only willing to meet in the New Year to unravel the payment and promises made to the family. I bet had it been one of their family no delay would be tolerated. As well as no double talk of which facilities to use.

  • David - 2011-12-23 14:58

    Another bunch of idiots who think that they can use blue lights to go through red traffic lights to show importance and now have ruined the life of a young man and his family. The driver should be jailed for culpable homicide and the housing minister for an accessory or what ever we can charge him for! If he was at least a resposible person he would not allow his drivers to use blue lights South Africa is now really a banana republic very typical of Africa and we thought we were different!

  • Shirley - 2011-12-23 15:10

    What a horrible start to the festive season! This poor family! I hope the minister chokes on his Christmas lunch! He doesnt deserve 1 bit of happiness after all his empty promises and shocking lack of interest!!!!!!

  • Janine - 2011-12-23 15:30

    so bloody full of themselves - jumping traffic lights and bullying other drivers on the road. Their ego precedes them. She has at least offerred to pay for his medical expenses but when will they learn they are here to to serve -the consequences of their behaviour is horrifying

  • christovb - 2011-12-23 15:35

    The Blue Light Brigades = One of the ANC's almost genocide attempts to all South Africans. It is hight time politicains all over the world are replaced with competent people and people who are not in it for the money or sexual misconduct.

      christovb - 2011-12-23 15:36

      Politicians sorry

  • Zee - 2011-12-23 15:39

    I hope he receives a complete recovery. He is suffering while the people that caused it are enjoying a damn conscience. All the very best to the Fereirra family

  • Blossom - 2011-12-23 15:41

    This poor family. We can only continue to pray for them and know that if it takes a hundred years God will have the final judgment of the person who did this.

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