Boeremag driven to coup, court hears

2013-02-07 22:21

Pretoria - The police's crime intelligence unit drove Boeremag members into planning a coup, a retired police spy testified in a treason trial on Thursday.

Former Crime Intelligence Officer Captain Deon Loots testified that the rightwingers had initially planned only to protect themselves against crime.

However, the police's crime intelligence headquarters had been intent on nudging their actions towards a plan to overthrow the government.

Loots was testifying in an application for a special entry on the court record which could eventually be used on appeal, in an application to set aside the convictions of the 20 accused on a charge of high treason.

The convictions arise from a rightwing coup plot to violently overthrow the African National Congress government.

The last of the accused were arrested after a series of bomb explosions, one of which caused the death of Soweto mother Claudia Mokone in 2002.

Loots recruited JC Smit, one of the chief witnesses in the treason trial, as a police informer in 1994 and acted as his handler until the middle of 2000, when he decided to leave the police.

Loots was put on medical pension after being diagnosed with post-traumatic stress syndrome.

Smit was a member of the Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging's Ystergarde (iron guard) and was, at that stage, an accused in a criminal trial in the South Gauteng High Court in Johannesburg.

He was one of the men accused of planting car bombs in Johannesburg and at the international airport in Johannesburg in 1994, but was acquitted on all charges in 1996.

He was offered "considerable compensation" for spying on the AWB during the trial and was later tasked with becoming close to certain rightwingers to gather information.

Loots gave Smit instructions and regularly sent reports to police headquarters about the information he gathered.

Different direction

Loots said he finally decided he was done with the police after a confrontation with his commander at the rightwing reactionary desk in 2000.

He told Smit he was no longer with the police and that Smit would be transferred to another handler, but advised him "to get out of the whole story because huge trouble was coming".

"I came in conflict with my commander and the commanders at headquarters," Loots testified.

"They understood that I did not agree with the whole process how the investigation [against the Boeremag] was driven.

"I said it in my reports and I told them many times that according to my information it was a crime self-protection plan and not a coup.

"They saw it in a different light and drove it in a different direction.

"It has been building up since 1998, but the bomb burst in 2000," he said.

Smit was an AWB suspect in the bombings when he was identified as a possible informer.

Loots said he focused on Smit because he was young, thought that "any form of sports" would get him attention, and could be led in any direction.

The information Smit supplied eventually drew the attention of his commanders at headquarters, who realised a new movement was forming and should be investigated.

Loots arranged an "accidental" meeting between Smit and rightwinger "Oom Jan" Viljoen when he became aware that Viljoen was attending and later also addressing meetings about self-protection.

Smit started playing the role of being involved in the commando so he would be seen as credible.

Loots said that, after a while, he and a fellow investigator realised that no one would suddenly start having meetings out of the blue and that someone must have laid the basis for the meetings.

They eventually came across the file of the "Verligte Aksiegroep" (enlightened action group) at headquarters and realised there was a document that was similar to the documents being used at the rightwing meetings.

"I saw that it was a military document dealing with the restoration of law and order through the commandos after 1994.

"The document never talked about a coup," he said.

Judge Eben Jordaan postponed the trial to 25 February, when Loots will resume his evidence.

  • Ntombenhlez - 2013-02-07 22:36

    where are the comments, because if this article was about Zuma or the ANC, we would have more than 20 comments by now, hahahaha where are they???or bayahona

      Citroes - 2013-02-07 23:33

      I am ashamed that there are whites that are like this. But I am more ashamed that our president is the buffoon that he is.

      gert_swart - 2013-02-08 01:02

      @Citroes What T.F. is wrong with you? What has the president to do with this article? And who do you think you are talking about other people like that? You don't even know the president. You have never even met him, but you choose to insult him. Has your mother never tought you any respect? Don't you realise that if you insult the president, you also insult a large number of South Africans?

      sally.lewitt - 2013-02-08 01:54

      Hahaha Gert.. Citroes? is replying to Ntombenhlez' comment in case you overlooked it..

      johan.mostert.967 - 2013-02-08 07:22

      @Gert - respect is earned, something that Zuma never did.

      Killbot79 - 2013-02-08 08:10


      nu_un_clear - 2013-02-08 08:21

      Lol "the sauce" Jesus loves you Gert!

      paul.bester1 - 2013-02-08 09:04

      @gert_swart What T>F. is wrong with YOU?? Where do you get off lecturing someone? Respect is earned, it is not automatically granted the minute you occupy a senior position. If by insulting the president it inadvertently insults many south africans then so what? They voted him in. Our president has made this country a laughing stock.

      steve.ritchie.739 - 2013-02-08 09:12

      Look at you lot. Falling for gert swart trolling again.

      sihle.mabaso.7 - 2013-02-08 09:18

      They are always like that ntombenhlez haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa,some people can make your day,they just hate zuma and anc,lmao

  • nu_un_clear - 2013-02-07 23:14

    So, in other words, someone in the ANC instructed the police to cook up a coop using people that is scared and felt the need to protect themselves. Shouldn't somebody from the government also be on trail here? This case is going to become very interesting the moment the dirty ANC fingers comes out. I hope Hellen does something about this, it clear that it has become a political issue now .

      ClassWarTrotsky - 2013-02-07 23:43

      Coop? Trail?

      nu_un_clear - 2013-02-08 06:14

      Sorry, late night and coffee jitters. Coup and trial.

      johan.mostert.967 - 2013-02-08 07:24

      Hellen will never get involved, just as she will never speak out against farm murders. She is selling out the victims for votes.

      nu_un_clear - 2013-02-08 08:17

      @johan.mosterd, sadly so, I have to agree with you on that. She is caught between a rock and a hard place, should the DA stand up for the accused, she will lose a lot of the black and colored votes. I would also calculate not to get involved. The DA is getting stronger every day and the best thing to do at this stage is to choose the battles you know you can win like zuma's incompetence. A sure win.

  • nicolaas.vanschalkwyk.5 - 2013-02-07 23:30

    This is typical of the Anc. They invent imaginary enemies too keep the public occupied while they plunder and steal our countries resources. Something has to be done about these clowns

      gert_swart - 2013-02-08 01:00

      From the news articles about this case it seems that these people were set up. It seems more and more that the police used informants to create a case of treason, which was never there to begin with. They done all this in order to loot the special funds they have for paying informants and doing investigations.

      Killbot79 - 2013-02-08 08:11

      Kagiso - remember you voted for a terrorist organisation

      gert_swart - 2013-02-08 08:13

      I wonder if this "boeremag" ever exist. I am a white Afrikaner and I know not of even 1 right winger. Seems that the only right wingers are those who the police created!

      Killbot79 - 2013-02-08 08:38

      Kagiso - nice to know you support racism and racial hatred towards whites. Terrorism is a worse act than what apartheid was, so technically you support the killings of white people to further yourself is that it?

      Killbot79 - 2013-02-08 08:50

      I would just like to say thanks to Kagiso and buti for supporting mass murder of innocent people, I guess it's in your nature to kill to get ahead in life. You are just plain filth is what you are, then you say we are racist?

      Killbot79 - 2013-02-08 09:33

      Just because the DA agreed on a couple of policies does not mean they are working together. Yes in our world and the wide world the ANC will still be known as a terrorist organisation. Your ANC isn't the democracy loving party it so vehemently makes out to be either kagiso my booi

      Killbot79 - 2013-02-08 09:47

      Yes I do, so please enlighten me as to why the ANC loves/hates whites, and don't dodge the question.

      Killbot79 - 2013-02-08 10:00

      And to inform you some more dear Kagiso, I do not support the boeremag just in case you question my motives

  • dewaldt.duplessis.5 - 2013-02-07 23:38

    The Boeremag or AWB will never succeed because there are too many rats in the organization.

      ClassWarTrotsky - 2013-02-07 23:43

      And too little brains.

      dewaldt.duplessis.5 - 2013-02-08 00:08

      Dmvilane I don't mind if she takes support from the DA or ANC or whoever. That is one lady with integrity that can unite all South Africans. I will even vote for her. She has my respect. But at the moment its DA all the way

      dewaldt.duplessis.5 - 2013-02-08 00:08

      Dmvilane I don't mind if she takes support from the DA or ANC or whoever. That is one lady with integrity that can unite all South Africans. I will even vote for her. She has my respect. But at the moment its DA all the way

      dewaldt.duplessis.5 - 2013-02-08 00:08

      Dmvilane I don't mind if she takes support from the DA or ANC or whoever. That is one lady with integrity that can unite all South Africans. I will even vote for her. She has my respect. But at the moment its DA all the way

      sue.viljoen.7 - 2013-02-08 07:01

      dmvilane - please name them

      johan.mostert.967 - 2013-02-08 07:26

      "The Boeremag or AWB will never succeed because there are too many rats in the organization." Which in return shows that the majority of AWB members don't believe in what they fight for or what they were told to fight for. Kids of all races must stop listening to their parents and start thinking for themselves.

  • motho.batho.98 - 2013-02-07 23:57

    This is laughable!

      Killbot79 - 2013-02-08 08:11

      But the terrorism of the ANC isn't because they killed lots of innocents and you voted for them.

  • abner.mophethe - 2013-02-08 06:47

    white police driving white people to plan a coup then arrest them,welcome to the new old south africa,dont believe none of this s

      johan.mostert.967 - 2013-02-08 07:29

      Just show you how dubious the ANC and the Police are.

  • ReanLubbe - 2013-02-08 07:11

    A$$ clowns had it coming. Fact that the police pushed them in that direction only makes the police guilty as well, doesn't make them less guilty. Two wrongs make two wrongs, not a right... wing

      ReanLubbe - 2013-02-08 10:08

      I am going to attempt to translate that to the best of my ability, please note however that I do not speak Illiterate Imbecile, so I might miss a few of the finer points of your statement. To wit: "Dear sir, I request you remove your head from the sand as you are in grave danger on account of the object above you being dismantled." The object in question must be inanimate, as otherwise this is gibberish (Note: possibly a piano or anvil? perhaps a building?) "and is incapable of choosing to "lubbe"." (note: Lubbe - A variant of Lubben. Germanized form of a Slavic or Old Prussian name formed with lub- 'love', 'dear'. It is assumed that the original author is not so retarded as to assert that the object will attempt to [surname], thus we believe the text to infere it cannot love). "May the moon leave you" ("who n" is assumed to be a clerical misspelling of "moon" as nothing else makes sense in the context, "may the moon leave you" is assumed to be a local tribal blessing akin to "may the sun rise for you") "I salute you as the head of the Lubbe family" (Possible more literal translations may include "you are a loving head", or "I love your head". But as this is also nonsensical it is discarded in favour of the aforementioned translation). Thank you very much for both the warning and the comliments good sir! I also salute your head!

  • arthur.salvado - 2013-02-08 07:38

    We're they set up ? Possibly , but does not excuse their intent. The funny thing is that the boere set up the boere. Genetic flaw ?

  • winston.jackson.14 - 2013-02-08 07:59

    Proudly South African. You can say what you like but the commandos pre 94 were the best in the business. The nats weren't perfect but you could clearly argue there was law and rigting, oh the good old days!

  • Barefoot - 2013-02-08 08:02

    lol all you people are funny. 1- person arrested accused of a crime and appears in court = guilty right there! 2- witness gives testimony in court = fact no questions asked.

  • raymond.lloyd.73 - 2013-02-08 08:24

    Never ending story ......Ask ten people around the world who invented the car , tv , computer etc , I bet no Africans will be named . It is a pity these people are in jail for wanting to be able to live peacefully producing food for the masses . If News24 and the media are correct then farm murders as reported are occuring at a much higher rate than whites killing blacks . Fact or lies by the media ?

  • - 2013-02-08 08:28

    To our black brother saying where are all the comments, you'll note that this is actually the government framing these guys.

  • solo.mathe.5 - 2013-02-08 09:01

    Excuses, excuses!.... Jail them for life. Dangerous retards!

  • charles.gregory.7906 - 2013-02-08 09:21

    Ag the boeremag guys as taking long route just get medical parole like shabir and jackie?

  • dimitar.kostov.1048 - 2013-02-08 11:31

    Crime Intelligence... theres no such thing in SA. Dont make me laugh

  • vuyisile.cyril.5 - 2013-02-08 11:45

    Hang these bloody racists already,,,these whites have gone too far now,they keep criticising everything we do,,,can't they leave us in peace and go wherever they feel safe

      jessica.bornman.16 - 2013-02-08 13:48

      This is hate speach!! This is not your country to begin with, and this country will be safe for all to live in again!

      John - 2013-02-08 18:40

      YOU are the RACIST!

  • craig.thom.376 - 2013-02-08 11:59

    So does the third "wors" exist?

      craig.thom.376 - 2013-02-08 12:00

      Or is it just the "boerewors"

  • jessica.bornman.16 - 2013-02-08 13:39

    I think a full explanation should be given to the people of this country after reading the full testimony of Deon Loots. Where does the bribe and compensation money come from to frame our own people? Is this Tax money?

  • Asdiedamwalbars - 2013-02-10 21:22

    The wrong people are on trial..they was led into temptation by the justice with own agendas. Justice definitely not served.

  • godfried.kruger.9 - 2013-02-25 22:53

    Who is the criminal?

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