Boeremag man ill in C-Max

2003-03-12 22:39

Pretoria - The man suspected of drafting the Boeremag's so-called coup plot apparently contracted the liver disease Gilbert's Syndrome while in C-Max prison.

Testifying in the Pretoria Regional Court, Mr Michael Teshart du Toit, 43, said he needed urgent medical care. The syndrome causes the body to discharge too much bile and breaks down the blood.

His liver and spleen are enlarged and there are signs of liver prolapse, presumably caused by a lack of medical attention.

Dr PHJ Doussy, his house doctor, said the syndrome is found in "unfavourable environments, like prisons" and in cases where tension is caused by environmental factors.

Co-accused Dr Johan (Lets) Pretorius, 56, of Mokopane (Potgietersrus), is monitoring Du Toit's condition in C-Max.

Another of Du Toit's physicians, Dr HPD van Wyk, said prison staff could not be trusted to monitor his condition.

A request by Du Toit's brother André Tibert, 32, and Mr Jacobus Christoffel (Rooikoos) du Plessis, 43, for a bail application based on new evidence was postponed on recommendation by the state.

The prosecutor, Advocate Dries van Rensburg, said the state would sent Du Toit to Pretoria Academic Hospital for observation for seven days before the bail application could continue. The hearing will take place on March 19.

Du Plessis repeatedly called the investigating officers "cowards" before heavily armed police officials escorted him from the dock to the court cells.

All three accused allege in sworn statements they know nothing of the Boeremag and are not members of the Israel Vision sect.

Du Toit said a warder found an eavesdropping device in Pretorius' cell.

"We can't communicate with each other to discuss the case because we don't know if the police are listening in."

"Nor do we know if the consulting rooms are bugged," Du Toit said in his statement.