Boeremag treason trialist denied bail

2012-02-03 20:06

Pretoria - A Boeremag treason trialist, who allegedly attempted to escape from the North Gauteng High Court last year, was refused bail on Friday.

Judge Peter Mabuse dismissed the application by Gerhardus "Oom Vis" Visagie, finding that it showed "utter disrespect" for the court.

The Boeremag (Boer Force) is a rightwing activist group accused of planning to overthrow the African National Congress government to reinstate a new Boer-administered republic.

Visagie was taken to hospital in May after collapsing in court the day after the alleged escape attempt.

The 73-year-old underwent heart bypass surgery and later said the facilities in jail were not conducive to his health.

Visagie denied the escape allegation, claiming that he was walking between the benches when he saw what appeared to be a fight between some of his co-accused and the police.

He said he was trying to settle the matter and was standing at the entrance to the court when someone pushed him from behind, causing him to fall onto the people fighting.

Police, however, said he had been part of the group of Boeremag accused who tried to flee.

Not in the interests of justice

In a statement, investigating officer Lieutenant Colonel Tollie Vreugdenburg said Visagie's family had actively assisted him to evade the police before his arrest and he had little confidence that Visagie would attend his trial if he was released on bail.

Mabuse found that there was a reasonable possibility that Visagie would decamp and frustrate the administration of justice.

He also held that correctional services had made reasonable and proper provision for Visagie's prescribed medical treatment and that there were sufficient exercise facilities in jail.

The court found that it was not in the interests of justice to release Visagie.

The Boeremag treason trial's oldest accused was on the run for several months before his arrest in January 2003 after an alleged attempt by the group to overthrow the government.

He was also denied bail in 2004.

Correctional services said the accused were held separately.

The State alleges that Visagie, who was the Boeremag's chaplain, not only had a common purpose with the group, but had participated in the attempt.

The trial was provisionally postponed to March 30.

The trial started more than eight years ago.

The 20 accused have all pleaded not guilty to 40 charges ranging from high treason to sabotage and murder.

  • Stephen - 2012-02-03 20:26

    Eight years for a trial, and bail is still under discussion? What ever happened to speedy justice. Perhaps the justice system needs to think a little about showing the basic respect accorded them under the law?

      moziz - 2012-02-03 21:44

      Yawn! Another rant pls

      Jerzy - 2012-02-03 21:49

      He wants to reinstate a Boer administered republic. Bryll cream, cortinas and veld skoene are about to make a fashionable comeback. Don't forget the new anthem played by the boere Orkes.

  • Geoff - 2012-02-03 20:49

    73 years old and has had heart surgery? Surely he must be treated as Selebi...with a parole on the cards? Whats the difference?

      Shadrach - 2012-02-03 21:10

      He is still on trial my fellow SAn.

  • Jan - 2012-02-03 20:49

    Looks like the Boeremag trial is a new form of punishment of the accused before the verdict. If the state could prove it's case beyond reasonable doubt, this would have been over before the end of 2003. It is 9 years later and our legal system is still bumbling on. Looks like the Terreblanche trial will add egg to this already messed-up face. It will be interesting to see where the blame lies. Any bets?

      Shadrach - 2012-02-03 21:12

      Sorry,no bets. In SA anything can happen.

      Nadine Booyse - 2012-02-03 21:21

      If nothing else apartheid can always be blamed again. Just as it always is blamed for "the new" south Africa's screw ups

      ahpretorius - 2012-02-03 23:51

      You are right Shadrach he is still on trial... But the corrupt police chief Selebi was sitting at his home watching the court case in luxury paid for my the Mafia... Selebi's replacement criminal, Cele is sitting at home waiting for his turn to claim that he has "a medical condition" while he is at home....Jacob Zuma was at home during his rape case! Showerhead only paid R300 for evading tax for a decade and he did not spend one night in jail despite being corrupt to the core. Shaik was freed by Zuma's meddling to keep him quiet. Yet an ill and probably crazy old man has to stay in jail for a decade while the ANC stumble their way through this case? The test for Cosato's new corruption watchdog will be whether they impact positively on this case and the case of the prosecutor Breytenbah who is being sidelined by the criminal Jacob Zuma for looking into the affiars of his family. Why has the 20 murders at the Aurora mine not led to a Zuma and Mandela in jail? They killed ten times as many people as the Boeremag!

  • Lumko Ntshinka - 2012-02-03 22:19

    Lol someone once said we spend so much money prosecuting and protecting men who cant even run past the court gates lol

  • Gerhard Lemmer Marais - 2012-02-03 23:29

    To News 24, The Media and other news agency's. This matter is a laughable one. The ANC government and its affiliated partners is to blame for this. I propose that the trail be held publicly in front the constitution court. The ANC is trying to make an attempt of making an example! And they must be careful! See this as you want to. I am not implying a threat I am merely stating the following! The ANC Government is accused of Genocide and this matter has been brought forward to the UN. A Genocide on White Afrikaner Boers. The Goverment and this country I live in is a mess a disgrace and a total retarted backwash 3rd world country with standards of living that can only be measured against the lowest slums in the world. To fully comprehend this one just have to question the competency if it all exist within the ANC. I am willing to state in front of an international court in the Hague off atrocities against human beings and unwanted circumstances against my people. And make a note I am not the only ONE !!!This attempt to black wash our whites is only indicating that there is Martyrs examples to follow. Let those people GO FREE they are now to old to be a threat you are looking to enrage a civil unrest!!! This further indicates your lack of understanding and competency. Do you really want to incite a civil war??? Why so that you may have permission to eradicate the white minority?

  • Johan - 2012-02-04 08:20

    Well at least there are some people out there that have the guts to try and overturn the corrupt country of ours! Then there is the ANC that planted bombs all over the country that turned this country of ours to a new Zimbabwe! Let me tell you! If King Shaka and Dingaan where as good as Hitler was, why don’t they have the hole of Africa so-called they own the hole of Africa? I know in one instant things can be overturned not by the whites or blacks but you that are reading this and has something to comment! Or that prospective num-nut that wants everything for free and complains of “poor service delivery” you the num-nut are steeling bread out of your community.

  • Wimpy - 2012-02-04 09:16

    white pride world wide

  • Lucky Manaswe - 2012-02-04 10:25

    If u want to overthrow the government and introduce your own better laws do it via polls, win first there any means other than that the suspects must be hanged by their balls and soon as they are arrested no matter their color. Same goes to murderers and rapists the only people we should show mercy to are cyber criminals those that cleaned the postbank etc at least they use their intelligence and instead of them getting criminal records they should get the job as security specialists and fire the useless ones. Mxm

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