Bomb left in Eastgate Mall

2011-11-28 14:25

Cape Town - An explosive device was left outside a jewellery store in Eastgate Mall on Monday, police confirmed to News24.

Captain Katlego Mogale said that the Johannesburg mall was evacuated after police received a phone call about a “suspicious case” which was left in front of a jewellery store.

The bomb disposal unit and sniffer dogs were sent in and it was found that there was in fact a bomb inside the briefcase, Mogale said.

EWN quoted the mall's management as saying that police had detonated the device, and that was the explosion people heard.

Mogale told News24 that the jewellery shop had received a “letter” warning of the explosive device.

Shoppers at the mall tweeted that they also saw a man running on the roof while police went after him and a helicopter circled overhead.

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  • procold2 - 2011-11-28 14:29

    gee, hope we not going back to the dark days of the 1980's

      Willie - 2011-11-28 15:02

      @ procold2, no i think this is different ball game now our foreign policy leaves much to be desired.What do you think buddy?

      Maai - 2011-11-28 15:12

      I wish! This country was much safer in the 80's.

      rbphiri - 2011-11-28 15:19

      Depending on the make of the bomb, one can conclude the level of experience the man has in terms of manufacuring home made bombs and it can also provide clues of his current or previous profession. "Mogale told News24 that the jewellery shop had received a “letter” warning of the explosive device". There is something fishy about this, I don't think a criminal would be that dumb to send a letter to a place they plan to bomb. Either this was a diversion for another crime they planned to commit. Know that most police personel in the area would converge to the mall in their numbers for crowd control and to apprehend any possible them ample time to commit another crime without the presence of police to stop them. Or either this was just the first phase of committing insurance fraud.

      pal.mabelane - 2011-11-28 15:23

      Hey Mr Phiri, spoken like a true criminal.LOL!

      Dirk - 2011-11-28 15:29

      Would the SAPS know the difference between a bomb and a doughnut? I also read some exaggerations here of the 80s

      rbphiri - 2011-11-28 15:29

      Ha ha ha pal but the whole story sounded fishy when they mentioned the letter. It had me thinking about the true motives behind this bomb case

      chizgal - 2011-11-28 15:41

      lol...@RPhiri watches too much movies...tltltltltt....but indeed what he's saying makes sense haholo.... who'd warn the store if there isn't history there??

      yummyhamster - 2011-11-28 15:56

      RPhiri - building a bomb is easy , and this country has allot of ex military in it so knowledge of this is easy get hold for a cover up of a crime ? Police wont converge in large numbers due too many hands make for more of a risk as it brings more meat to the BOOM.secondly it would make people pan-nick more seeing an army of police. A letter in my opinion is that they wanted to intimidate someone and the actual bomb is to show that they can back up their threat.that is the most logical conclusion. a terrorist would have just detonated it, to cover up another crime they would have phoned the police to make sure the police get there in order to time their get away with the distraction. pinpointing who built it is not easy as military grade explosives and weapons are easily found on the black market here. in order to come up with a plausible motive for this you have to be able to think like a fraud is also not likely.blow up your shop and claim everything back ? where is the profit. a theft/robbery would be plausible in that scenario as they could steal the stolen loot. i might be wrong, but i would say this was to intimidation.

      Graham - 2011-11-28 16:06

      Well done SAPS for diffusing the bomb safely - I hope you can now catch those responsible - there must be some camera footage of someone carrying that briefcase..

      JustMe - 2011-11-28 16:11

      Malls got video surveilance. So there should be a dodgy CCTV pic of the guy who planted the bomb. Also, as yummyhamster says this sounds more like intimidation to me. That would be a very good statement followed up with a call later on, e.g. We planted a bomb in broad daylight and gave you a heads up. Next time we're targeting your family, no heads up...unless you give us one gazillion dollars.

      Harry - 2011-11-28 16:26

      @Maai It depends on where you were in the 1980's. White people lived in a false sense of security as they were only given selected information. The apartheid government did not keep crime statistics or they destroyed it. The highest murder rate was in 1995 (first records available) and it has been steadily declining since then. In 1980, we had police beating up and arresting people who were peacefully demonstrating. We had people being murdered and disappearing by the so called law. It was a very violent time. We had a state of emergency in the country and the country was made technically bankrupt by the white government -a debt paid back by the democratic government. These are facts and you can research it if you want. This country has many problems and I think our current government is perpetuating many of our problems. It is important to understand that we all have had different experiences and therefore I think if we work together we can fix a lot of the problems. I have personally given up on the existing government to sort out my problems and now I sort out my own issues. We really do not want to return to the 1980's style of government...

      Darryl - 2011-11-28 20:01

      @Harry: Nonsense. Crime statistics for the Apartheid years exist and were not destroyed. In fact they are accepted as accurate by the Institute For Security Studies and are available on their website: To quote the ISS "The murder figures — generally considered to be accurate — show dramatic increases from the late 1980s". Furthermore all their graphs and figures show an enormous spike in crime after 1993. They also predicted, in 1998 when this study was done, that crime would stabilise at high levels and slowly decline over a long time period, which is exactly what we're seeing. The sense of security white people felt wasn't false, it was very real. You get that sense of security by not being assaulted or raped if you go out at night, being mugged if you quickly go to the cafe or arrive home to an empty house or worse: one filled with criminals. Was South Africa a better country in all aspects? Probably not, but it was in a great many. Horrible human rights violations, sure, but nowhere near the corrupt and equally criminal ultra liberal people try to make it out to be. As a child we played out in the street at night and walked to the corner shop alone to play arcade games. We had no wall around our property and no burglar bars on our windows. We did not even know anybody who knew anybody who had experienced crime.

      Merven - 2011-11-29 08:51

      @RPhiri - if you can google, you can make a bomb.

      Merven - 2011-11-29 09:03

      @Harry, you are seriously dreaming. 1. In the entire 40 years of Apartheid the police and security forces murdered 7000 people - read the TRC report 2. The protests were not peace full, that is ANC propaganda. 3. I still remember the 80ties, when I was still a child, the milk man dropped your milk in the mornings at your front door, nobody stealing it, try it today! Hell, my mom send me to the cafe at 8 in the nights. Try that today!

  • Larry - 2011-11-28 14:29

    Oh Great, another step backwards. What next?

      En - 2011-11-28 14:41

      Go live in Spain...they have good weather, sexy wait, nevermind. They also have a good dozen car bombs go off every year

      richard.hipkin - 2011-11-28 15:25

      Not to mention Uk bus bombings..

      Maai - 2011-11-28 15:34

      @En&Pointblank ya but they dont have 20 000 murders per year.

      Collen - 2011-11-28 15:35

      Larry, you worry too much. Such retards don't even make up the steps you talking about. SA will not go back because of these stupid actions.

  • TrueTenacity - 2011-11-28 14:31

    Isn't the Eastgate mall in Johannesburg?

      dumisile.nene - 2011-11-28 14:35

      My sentiments too *smh*

      Randomhero6661 - 2011-11-28 14:37

      is that a rhetorical question?

      Lauren - 2011-11-28 14:40

      Yes, but News24 is based in Cape Town.

      Robsschele - 2011-11-28 15:14

      When the news happens in the Cape it's written in Joh'burg and vice versa.

      melissalarajones - 2011-11-28 15:20

      I do believe the article said "...the Johannesburg Mall..." Did you read it??

      Paul - 2011-11-28 15:36

      Stereotypes are not the brightest cookies around.

      Squeegee - 2011-11-28 15:52

      Pointblank. Sure, and 87.54% of statistics are made up on the spot...

      Deon - 2011-11-28 16:05

      It can be confusing.

      Henk - 2011-11-28 16:12

      I also hate when news24 reports from another city and start off with where they are reporting from instead of where the news is hapening. So what if you are reporting from capetown on what is hapening in joburg.!! We do not neet to know that! Confusing useless info......

  • StarStruck - 2011-11-28 14:33

    ATM's is probably not a viable career path anymore. Old school would have done it - guns blazing and scaring the hell out of everyone there.

      Poloyatonki - 2011-11-28 16:11

      I wonder what race is the person who left the bomb.

      DuToitCoetzee - 2011-11-28 16:36

      @Poloyatonki. They spot him. He/she/it seams to be between polony and ya tonic. Must be a trolling alien. Hope it helped you???

      Jenny - 2011-11-28 16:46

      Poloyatonki - once again you've unveiled yourself as a troll. Please stop wasting everyone's time; you're not even clever about it.

  • Clinton - 2011-11-28 14:33

    Eastgate shopping center is in the east rand of JHB. Not cape town.

      jannie.debeer - 2011-11-28 14:36

      The report is from Cape Town, the mall is Jhb.

      En - 2011-11-28 14:39

      For the millionth time....there is sometimes a difference between where the story was compiled, and where it actually took place. Hence the location at the beginning of the story, doesn't always match the location/city involved.

      richard.hipkin - 2011-11-28 15:26

      They clearly state that it is a JHB mall.... sigh.

  • Preshen - 2011-11-28 14:35

    Suicide bombers have no pension fund

      Rofras - 2011-11-28 14:43


      Allan - 2011-11-28 15:13

      Is it an exclusion on the policy?

      Kala - 2011-11-28 15:23

      More often than not it's a problem with their ticker

      Sarah - 2011-11-28 15:32

      What about medical aid ?

      Squeegee - 2011-11-28 15:53

      Actually they have a dynamite pension plan...

      Mike - 2011-11-28 22:12

      When I was younger, I wanted to be a suicide bomber. But then I realised there's no future in it.

  • r.mashigo - 2011-11-28 14:35

    was this person really that bored?? go bomb yourself dude

  • Christine - 2011-11-28 14:38

    Gees guys... it means that the article was written in the Cape Town branch... they didn't say Eastgate is in Cape Town

  • Mohammed Afzal Jhetam - 2011-11-28 14:43

    The 'Cape Town' in the start is not suggesting that the mall is in Cape Town, Rather that the article was written/typed from someone in Cape Town.

  • tobydt - 2011-11-28 14:47

    Apparently there was a big explosion by Eastgate... Stay tuned.

  • Anwar - 2011-11-28 14:48

    there was a bomb scare and we are arguing about whether or not the mall is in Cape town.. Seriously are you for real

      rbphiri - 2011-11-28 15:23

      News24 is based in Cape Town, the story was compiled there. It's not as if the mall is based there.

      Henk - 2011-11-28 16:16

      Jip , I am for real. @RPhiri: We also know that news24 is based in Capetown, but the point is that they realy dont have to start of telling is that, as it has no relevance to the story witch is taking place in Joburg... Dah!!

  • Babalwa - 2011-11-28 14:48

    TJO, N I WAS ON MY WAY THERE.......................SHOOOOOO

      BA - 2011-11-28 14:57

      Better avoid these types of places from now on!

  • Dianne - 2011-11-28 14:52

    Cowards always aim at the innocent....bring back the death penalty for filthy criminals! Whilst the crime and ATM bombings will never be stopped at the very least these nitwits should get their target right....TOLL BOOTHS!

      Sarah - 2011-11-28 15:22

      Now there's an idea.........But wait , wouldn't that mean Mrs. Maharaj wouldn't have any Christmas presents this year ? Now we couldn't be that mean , could we? Or could we ?

      George - 2011-11-28 16:06

      but you first need to catch the criminals before you can slaughter them. I don't think we are good at catching.

      skootzie - 2011-11-29 14:53

      @George : We're good at letting go (on bail or otherwise) though :P

  • kabelo.leballo - 2011-11-28 14:52

    Terrorists have landed!!

  • tobydt - 2011-11-28 14:53

    UN-Confirmed report of a man who was demanding R800 000 in Eastgate. Cops and heli were seen, chasing him on rooftop. UPDATES: Unconfirmed reports say a bomb has been diffused in a controlled explosion at Eastgate Shopping Mall. No reports of injuries.

  • Phillipa - 2011-11-28 14:57

    Who is this silly reporter??? Lauren Hess Eastgate is in Johannesburg.

      DanielDennett - 2011-11-28 14:59

      If you bother to read the entire thread you will realize your comment is silly

      richard.hipkin - 2011-11-28 15:28


      Snoopsy - 2011-11-28 15:47


      Monika - 2011-11-28 15:54


  • Phillipa - 2011-11-28 14:58

    Who is this silly reporter?? Lauren Hess...Eastgate is in Johannesburg, not Cape Town.

      Kala - 2011-11-28 15:26

      Who is this silly commentator?

      barry.mcbride - 2011-11-28 16:48

      “Cape Town” only refers to where this article was published or written and it clearly states that “the Johannesburg mall was evacuated”.

      carrinp - 2011-11-28 19:22

      What you are referring to is called a dateline - where the story was filed or written - don't be so quick to call people names, your ignorance is embarrassing...

  • Rosalind - 2011-11-28 15:03

    Oh no....innocent people AGAIN, being targeted. What is it with these sicko's?????????????????

  • barry.swart - 2011-11-28 15:06

    Wat a crazy day, I'm sitting at work designing an X-Mas emailer and the next minute I hear a BOOM out side of my office and all I c were people running 2 and from eastgate mall!! Not realizing what happened out side were the crazy part! Well done SAP!!! But wat a crazy day!!

  • reaazw - 2011-11-28 15:07

    I dont get it, you wanna blow up a mall? because you what? hate the festive season....TAKE THAT SUMMER!!!! BIG CHRISTMAS CAKE....

      Sarah - 2011-11-28 15:25

      And to Sunflowers : Both of you , the point is these people want money , not to " target innocent people " , there's no other motive for these attacks , it's purely a financial gain involved , actually , what isn't purely financial these days ?

  • Matt - 2011-11-28 15:09

    Merry Christmas ! ! !

  • hosia.modiga - 2011-11-28 15:09

    Alqaeda is not welcomed in S.A

  • Mohsin - 2011-11-28 15:10

    Thank the lord the police acted swiftly!

  • Smanga Zwane - 2011-11-28 15:12

    When found, the 'planter' must be made to swallow his/her bomb...

  • Orapeleng Molosiwa - 2011-11-28 15:17

    Put his whole body in an explosive protected device except for his genitals,take that bomb and let it go on them...

  • wnkambule - 2011-11-28 15:24

    You can't rob a jewellery store with a bomb... What an IDIOT!

      HendrikAfrika - 2012-05-07 22:58

      Can only be a lost black who thought he can get some ANC necklaces there.

  • StuartM - 2011-11-28 15:42

    @Robsschele - Yeah irks me to ;)

  • Gcwabe-KaMavovo - 2011-11-28 15:48

    With such a large mining industry, I'm afraid it's just too easy to get hold of explosives in SA. And seemingly people know how to use them.

      Sarah - 2011-11-28 16:09

      If you were around in the eighties you'd know that mining doesn't have too much to do with it............

      Gcwabe-KaMavovo - 2011-11-28 16:13

      A lot of explosives used in ATM bombings are stolen from mines. This is a fact.

      RockChick - 2011-11-28 16:26

      Valid point Gcwabe....

      Christopher Collings - 2011-11-28 21:24

      U are correct! So easy 2 steal dynamite @ the mines. Security @ these places are so laxy dazy. And a lot of ppl know how 2 rig tnt. Its quite simple. Tnt works well with the tellers becuase its a controlled blast. If u place the explosives correctly it can wrench out the booth without destroying the contents or the surroundings.

  • Rohin - 2011-11-28 15:49

    considering that a letter was sent to the owner of the jewellery store, maybe it's something personal, like competition or a lover scorned? I guess we won't know until a full investigation is undertaken.

  • Clinton - 2011-11-28 15:49

    Any one heard anything about a bomb scare at greenstone shopping center in edenvale/modderfontein?

      Dianne - 2011-11-28 16:04

      It was reported on the radio 5 minutes ago that there was another "bomb" outside KFC at Bedford Centre......

      Gcwabe-KaMavovo - 2011-11-28 16:16

      Nah, just a belch from one of KFC's fat regulars.

      melissalarajones - 2011-11-28 16:25

      Could have been Juju. He loves KFC and any belch from him WOULD sound like a bomb blast.

  • Yurak - 2011-11-28 15:52

    OK, I wonder how the anc is going to blame apartheid on this one.

      nomnganga - 2011-11-28 15:55

      its apartheid on the rise, idiot!

  • Kay - 2011-11-28 16:17

    guys they even say in there the johannesburg mall dnt be oblivious, read properly, that some dumb person whats the point of blowing people up i mean realy and they got nothing out of it. My blackberry was going crazy with broadcasts saying a bomb in the cinema, then it was in the CNA then it explode inside, so glad news24 reported about this else stupid people will believe everything they read and have heart attacks, well done SAPS and east gate for getting every1 out and doing your jobs. 5 stars. Now can we blow the idiot up who tried this????

  • sam.swanpoel - 2011-11-28 16:26

    Maai U'r not wrong this was a much much safer place in the 80's

      Cliff K Masola - 2011-11-28 21:47

      safer 4 u whites only

  • CopperWoody - 2011-11-28 17:17

    a bomb in a suitcase?... how very retro!

  • Amanda Habane - 2011-11-28 19:21

    can't help thinking this was a decoy for another bigger crime, how can you rob a jewellery store with a bomb... IDIOT.

  • Amanda Habane - 2011-11-28 19:22

    can't help thinking this was a decoy for another bigger crime, how can you rob a jewellery store with a bomb... IDIOT.

  • Marius - 2011-11-28 20:57

    Where did this happen Johannesburg or Cape Town?

      Dudleygbu - 2011-11-28 22:24

      it says cape town, then something about jhb, i think news24 have cracked quantum physics

  • Swais Stouter - 2011-11-28 21:59

    Welcome to South Africa

  • Esperanca - 2011-11-28 22:59

    Some of your comments are hilarious , news24 should keep them - it sure wld make entertaining reading! We are grateful no one was hurt! Big up to the person that made the call and thanks a mil to the cops.

  • - 2011-11-29 00:21

    I live in the United Kingdom (UK). We do not have bus bombings, fortunately fo this year 2011. Northern Ireland is no longer a real threat. There is a very real threat of terrorism based on the situation in Afganistan. There is always a security threat as there is in every country on the planet. What we do have is a very real problem that this nation has bred, the challenge from a bunch of delinquent youths with no ambition to be educated or respect for man, women, property or society. In my opinion I see South Africa as being no different. The bomb threats today in South Africa are a message of the sign of the real times promoted and antagonised by racist incitement and hate speak against the white minority and I am sure new threats will ony become much worse. What really surprises myself is that the authorities are doing nothing to prevent re-occurencs, except a 'slap on the wrist mentality' an appalling disgrace to democracy in this day and age.

  • chris.khanye - 2011-11-29 01:11

    Else where they've AL Shabab, Bokaharam, Alqaida, Taliban and what do we have in here? This is scary but come to think of it. It's what the coward(s) want - a country in panic. I for one, I shall not stop visiting malls, bomb or no bomb. I shall never live in fear of any coward(s) - finish en klaar!

  • Marc - 2011-11-29 04:34

    Cape Town???

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