Boy, 15, to appear over pencil murder

2012-10-22 13:14

Johannesburg - A 15-year-old schoolboy accused of killing a fellow pupil was expected to appear in the Pretoria Magistrate's Court on Monday, Gauteng police said.

The boy was arrested and released into his parents' custody on Wednesday after allegedly stabbing a 16-year-old boy at the Berea Park Independent School.

The two youths, who were friends, allegedly got into a fight about a pencil during second break, said Lieutenant Colonel Katlego Mogale.

Donald Molefe died at the scene after being stabbed several times in the chest with a pocket-knife.

The Times newspaper reported on Monday that Molefe's death was filmed on cellphones by his friends and was being circulated on YouTube.

Pupils searched

The school's headmaster Izak Theron was called to the scene of the fight, "but by the time I arrived, everything had already happened," he said.

He said he was mystified at the presence of the knife because his pupils were searched at the school gate every morning.

Gauteng education spokesperson Charles Phahlane said the department was not involved in the administration of independent schools.

However, it had a sent a team to the school to provide counselling to those affected.

In 2010, the department launched a school safety strategy, as part of which it conducted unannounced raids on schools with the police, confiscating knives and drugs.

Phahlane said the programme did not involve independent schools.

  • douglas.hollis.7 - 2012-10-22 13:27

    They were friends??? I think this must tell us something about the mental state of SA's youth. Since when does a 15 year old stab his friend to death over an argument involving a lousy pencil? And then the victim's death gets posted to youtube, just for good measure. Know it's generalising, and you get many wonderful people out there...but our society seems to be one of the sickest, most deplorable in the entire world. Condolences to this boy's family.

  • briana.scott - 2012-10-22 13:45

    This is what is happening because out children are brought up with no consequence. How shocking... How can anybody make sense of such outrageous violence over nothing at all. Sad for all families involved. I truly hope this child is charged as an adult, and not slapped on the wrist as a minor.

      kerri.barlow.5 - 2012-10-22 13:55

      Sure let's send him to prison so he can get a better education as a criminal and enter that never ending circle. Why punish our children because we as a society have failed them? I truly believe all children can be rehabilitated if given the chance and proper guidance. I fail to see how sending a child to jail and charging them as an adult will do anything but create yet another criminal in this country.

      Dawn Campbell Gibson - 2012-10-22 14:24

      at 15 he is no longer a child, and is fully aware of what he is doing. Charge him now or have more murders to contend with.

  • makhosonke.mqikela - 2012-10-22 13:51

    Let tje law take its course... Tragic indeed.

  • Mpotsiseng - 2012-10-22 14:09

    Eish.. it's a pity. When i was in primary i punched my friend in the face and gave him a nose bleed. Because of a pencil. Till today i dont know what drove me to do that. I'm just glad i didnt kill him. But stabbed a couple of times?? he's f**ked

      rainbownationrsa - 2012-10-22 15:43

      Eish.. it's a pity. When i was in primary i punched my friend in the face and gave him a nose bleed. Because of a pencil. Till today i dont know what drove me to do that. I'm just glad i didnt kill him..... need we say more !

  • mable.jacobs.90 - 2012-10-22 14:24

    Sick to my stomach...

  • Cpho Addwin Featherbird - 2012-10-22 14:27

    So othr skul kids preferd to record da vid dn to stop da fyt? Thy hv da same attitude as da killer!

  • bob.moodley.9 - 2012-10-22 14:36

    thank zoomer and merry band of thieves for this.....if they did not staeal most of the money from the state coffers then there would be enough money for a better educations system with better security for all schools and to pay for professional counciler at every school and not but the burden of schools or school governing bodies to find the cash for this.

      Dawn Campbell Gibson - 2012-10-22 14:40

      bring back corporal punishment, then security would not be as necessary at schools.

      Mike.ntsh2009 - 2012-10-22 14:53

      Bob, Bob Bob! Independent school!

  • maria.kave.5 - 2012-10-22 14:50

    Satanism is playing a major role in schools - you'll find out that the boy didn't even know what he was doing - i mean how can you kill somebody (best friend) over a pencil, other friends filming his death instead of stopping the stabbing - what is wrong with our boys/sons lately??? Hayi bo, our children really need prayers.

      seanrossouwslr - 2012-10-22 16:36

      satanism? um... what

  • mshiniboys - 2012-10-22 15:04

    Another freedom killing.

  • Andrea - 2012-10-22 15:08

    And then we have half a school of spectators, taking the time to record the incident on their phones and then rushing to their pc's to be the first to load the clip. Absolutely pathetic, but no more than the moron passing the bucket by stating that "the department was not involved in the administration of independent schools". Whether privately tutored or not, ALL scholars are your problem!

  • lerato.ranaka.9 - 2012-10-22 15:40

    Saw the picture {R18} its disgusting, but the person i saw it from says thiers always a 'murder case' at that school, mxm, yizo yizo the return.

  • tyroymike3 - 2012-10-22 16:07

    Sanity has to prevail - sending a kid to prison to learn the finer details of savagery is to put a gun to the tax paying public's head .The learner savage will be released at some time - you are aware of that ?! SA prison's are the university that all SA human waste aspire to graduate from - if you survive your stay , you come out an ubber criminal!! There must be constitutional rights that do not allow first time offenders to mix with the established prison gentry ? We really need a massive change in our prison policies - solitary confinement for long term and violent offenders . First time offenders given time off for educating themselves and behaving correctly. Repeat offenders make up a large part of the criminal element in SA - this is a crisis for the tax paying public and must be dealt with before we are all living in a low level civil war ..... hang on , what the hell !!!

  • r.mashigo - 2012-10-22 16:49

    Wow. I have no words.

  • sheila.wilson.92798 - 2012-10-22 18:26

    Two young lives wasted completely... whatever the outcome, justice can never be done in a case like this.

  • marcanthonytaylor - 2012-10-23 00:21

    There seems to be this how can our children do this/ this is a reflection of the youth....blah blah blah. This is the reflection of absent parents.

  • richardnealejohn.underwood - 2012-10-23 09:00

    They call each other " brother " but treat them like weeds......

  • Elisha - 2012-11-05 15:00

    This is what happens in a world where God is been left out. When the world turns it's back on God, then He leaves us to the consequences. We need God back in our schools, and Government, and society. That is the only thing that will change things.

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