Schoolboy denies claiming he was raped

2012-05-29 16:19

Cape Town - A boy who underwent initiation while on a school rugby tour never claimed he was sexually assaulted, the Western Cape education department said on Tuesday.

"The boy vehemently denied that. I can only think that this claim stemmed from people who looked at the tour photos that were put up on the web," education spokesperson Paddy Attwell said.

"The pictures had a sexual element to them, but there was no evidence to suggest sexual assault took place."

Attwell said the father had not claimed that his son was raped or sexually assaulted because there was no medical evidence to support this.

According to a Beeld report on 10 May, the boy's mother claimed he was sexually assaulted with a broom handle and a banana in March after playing a rugby match against a local school, while camping at Velddrif on the West Coast.

She told the newspaper that he had sent her a "please call me" from his cellphone after the older boys apparently wanted to shave his head.

The next night, after he had gone to sleep, he was allegedly attacked in his bed and raped. The attackers also shaved his eyebrows, squirted toothpaste up his nose and drew a phallic object on his forehead.

Various reports that followed had assumed, as fact, that the boy and his father claimed the same thing, Attwell said.

Lieutenant Colonel André Traut confirmed that a case was opened at Bothasig police station in connection with the Edgemead High School rugby tour.

But a senior state prosecutor declined to prosecute after looking at the complete docket, Traut said.

The department conducted its own investigation to determine whether any sexual violation, humiliation or initiation had taken place.

"The investigation found that learners engaged in initiation practices, which included shaving the hair of newcomers and drinking a non-alcoholic mixture of various substances," Attwell said.

Certain team members drank alcohol despite a warning by their coach.

Attwell said team members subjected the boy to humiliating treatment on the night of 17 March and took photos which appeared on social media sites.

Seven pupils were suspended for seven days after a disciplinary hearing.

It was found that the school had followed the correct disciplinary procedure.

"The investigation could not find evidence that the boy was raped or sexually assaulted. The boy and his family have denied making this claim," Attwell said.

The department, nonetheless, condemned the pupils' behaviour as appalling.

A warning letter on initiation practices would be sent to the principal. He would be expected to reply with measures he had taken to ensure that initiation did not happen again.

  • Peter-Peter - 2012-05-29 16:23

    Claim...and then when it gets too hot...'deny'...yip, a politician in the making

      Squeegee - 2012-05-29 16:30

      To many people claiming: "He said, etc." Let's hear from the boy (through a lawyer/parent) - ask him directly.

      Cherri - 2012-05-29 16:40

      Squeegee, in an interview with the local community newspaper, Tabletalk, the father has vehemently denied that he ever said that his son was raped. Apparently, that was an assumption made by the media.....

      Peter-Peter - 2012-05-29 16:45

      I wonder why (and this news has been circulating for a week or 2 now) he didn't deny it when it was being printed...there have been several articles why now only? I mean, after quotes from the mom and dad, and the boy saying otherwise to what he claims now, is the truth

      Peter-Peter - 2012-05-29 16:48

      its pretty much the same story as that girl who went to trials for the 'all whites team'...and she fabricated an entire false story...why do these people do it??

      Squeegee - 2012-05-29 17:17

      Cherri, I read reports of the father accusing the principal of ignoring photographic evidence of sexual abuse. The problem with this sort of thing is that eventually you don't know whom to believe.

      maseratifittipaldi - 2012-05-29 19:08

      Almost there... must still learn about "slam" and "context"

  • Hallo - 2012-05-29 16:27

    Journos making up stories again.

  • frans.vanderpoll - 2012-05-29 16:31

    Claims......Denies let me see....denies. Makes me think about the story of a certain Spear. Were you perhaps threatened in anyway? People do that sometimes you know.

  • louis.langenhoven - 2012-05-29 16:33

    I wonder where is the crowd that gave me thumbs down when I said I smell a rat with the whole story ...

      Squeegee - 2012-05-29 17:41

      That would be me... I'm still not convinced that the boy was not abused.

      arne.verhoef - 2012-05-29 18:11

      Well, considering your other beliefs you spout on here Squeegee, its no wonder you dont

  • Karen Wallace Engel - 2012-05-29 17:36

    my son's name is down for next year, he's petrified because of this story. My elsest son matriculated 2009 from EHS without incident. all in all its an excellent school

  • jaco.barkhuizen - 2012-05-29 17:48

    Maybe they ment the kid rapped on the rugby tour?

  • braamc - 2012-05-29 17:51

    He was offered a lump sum of cash to keep quiet.

  • Morne - 2012-05-29 17:54

    So if they (family) never officially 'claimed' he was raped - is the media's sensationalist reports not to blame?

  • Dakey - 2012-05-29 18:07

    I'd love to know exactly how this works. Was it perhaps the notion of a bunch of white schoolboys going to prison that changed their minds? How exactly was this published in an earlier article: "The school said in a media statement that they had not received any proof of criminal actions – despite the boy’s father saying he had shown cellphone photographs of the incident to the school principal." or "The only conclusion I can draw is that the internal investigation conducted by the governing body was flawed and deliberately biased," he was quoted as saying. Exactly where does News24 get its sources from?

  • kara.ascott.1 - 2012-05-29 18:47

    So now I understand how this works ... anybody can "allege" absolutely anything ... and the media, for the sake of sensationalism, prints it as "fact" despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary that the "allegations" are "factual". So ... Don't believe everything you read if you were not there to witness it firsthand!!

      elaine.pretorius - 2012-05-30 10:03

      You GO! Kara!

  • strauss.steven - 2012-05-29 20:34

    why wait till the case goes to court to spill the beans on thr truth- they should have said him and his mother are liers before thousand of rands was wasted in court and the schools reputation was damaged. now for his punishment is suggest they do take a stick and banana and shove it in his ask his mother

  • Riaan - 2012-05-29 22:01

    I still don't know how you can be raped with a banana! LMAO

      Pur - 2012-05-30 10:04

      Same way you push a marshmallow into a money box.

      Carla - 2012-05-30 14:53

      I wonder if you would still find it humorous if someone did that to you.

  • leagan.phillipslaws - 2012-06-01 10:56

    I smell HUGE cover up by our lovely department of education. \Non-alcoholic mixture\? Really? How gullible do they think the general population is? Anyway, I think this is an absolute tragedy and I hope karma bitch slaps all involved in this cover-up.

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