Boy dies alone in shack fire

2012-07-31 07:39

Johannesburg - A 6-year-old boy died in a fire at the Ivory Park informal settlement in Kimberley, paramedics said on Tuesday.

Netcare 911 spokesperson Jeffrey Wicks said the boy had been left sleeping alone in a shack when it caught fire on Monday.

"Paramedics arrived at the scene to find that the shack had been razed to the ground by the blaze and the boy's charred remains were found within."

The cause of the fire was not known.

  • Bandot Tea - 2012-07-31 08:40

    support for boy

  • bond.ndalo - 2012-07-31 09:08

    Parents to blame

  • gia.ellis.5 - 2012-07-31 12:06

    Parents should be arrested, since when is it ok to leave a six year old alone at home, I know that at the age of 6 they start doing thins for themselves but that does not mean they should be left alone.

  • ndou.miranda - 2012-07-31 14:29

    Where were the parents, they should be arrested.

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