Boy killed after being dragged outside hijacked car

2014-07-20 10:48

Johannesburg - A 4-year-old boy has died after being dragged outside a hijacked car in Boksburg, Gauteng police said on Sunday.

Police spokesperson Khensane Magoai said that the boy was travelling in a City Golf with his mother, father and sister in Reiger Park on Saturday night when the family was approached by three men.

"They ordered him [the father], his wife and daughter to get out of the vehicle," said Magoai.

"The 4-year-old was left in his safety belt. They [the hijackers] got in the car and drove away."

Magoai said it was unclear how it happened but the boy was then dragged along; hanging outside the car door by his safety belt.

"He was dragged along until Boksburg. The hijackers then abandoned the vehicle and the boy was dead."

Reiger Park is about 8,5km from Boksburg.

Magoai said that no arrests had been made yet.

"We are still searching for the suspects."

  • Phillip Sithole - 2014-07-20 10:53

    South africa has turned into sodom and some people are going to burn.Rest in peace boy.

  • Don Hiram Pick - 2014-07-20 10:54

    The death penalty is long overdue.

  • Monsternari - 2014-07-20 10:55


      Colin Craig Broadfoot - 2014-07-20 11:05

      You will get more help from Satan.

      Mc Apple - 2014-07-20 17:53

      Zuma or Satan what is the difference?

  • Ben S - 2014-07-20 10:56

    Disgusting what is happening with crime in this country. These are not ordinary criminals.

  • Mpho Modiba Alphy - 2014-07-20 10:56

    heartless but one day dey will pay fo wat dey did to dis innocent life

      Pamela Van Wyk - 2014-07-20 22:13

      Mpho, thanx brother I agree

  • Adrian Woon - 2014-07-20 10:58

    For the benefit of all South Africans the Government had better get control of the country as it appears to be going down the drain. R.I.P. little one. Condolences to his family.

  • Justin Marshall - 2014-07-20 11:03

    Please find these animals, this poor child must've been terrified.

      Graham Du Toit - 2014-07-21 06:04

      Justin - whilst I agree with you it is a bit much to expect our fat lazy corrupt police force to be effective

  • Tseke Kolobe - 2014-07-20 11:04

    Perth or not, crime affects all races and cultures! My heart cries for us as a nation! May God be the family and may God bless South Africa with peace!

      Chris May - 2014-07-20 13:02

      We're going to be ok, Tseke - as long as you and I watch out for each other. And our children. It will be crazy for a while, but we'll get it right.

      Pamela Van Wyk - 2014-07-20 22:14

      Norman...just ffff off you useless human being. This is not about YOU, its about people in the country expressing their grief.... God if I could be close to you I would give you a p-klap of note

      Eyes TO See - 2014-07-21 02:34

      This is NOT true! I am living in a foreign country now and things like this DO NOT HAPPEN!!! Crime is RARE overseas, not evryday happening. Stop lying and denying there is a problem in SA. Stop saying it affects all races. It sure does affect ALL South Africans. That is NOT a reason to imply its normal.

  • jonas.Bnet - 2014-07-20 11:05

    Bastards we have no borders our police can't Coope

      Audrey Pearl Meyer - 2014-07-20 18:31

      Paul shame on you!!!!!!!!

  • Kabelo George - 2014-07-20 11:06

    My god be with this will be hard but it will be ok.

      blackmarlene - 2014-07-20 12:33

      My heart goes out to this little boy's family. They must be heartbroken.

  • Nachos Gracious Maifo - 2014-07-20 11:07

    now zuma would do the same for this boy!!! or sent condolences his to the boy's parents!!! not i dnt think so cos he is white

  • Iwe November - 2014-07-20 11:10

    Mr Prez, did I miss your call on this one? He too was 4yrs old and scared at some point in time. What's your criteria, Sir?

  • Shaun O'Meara - 2014-07-20 11:13

    A lawless country that is no better than a war ZONE. Yes people who complain about Gaza. You are no better right here in S.A.

  • Nicki Labuschagne - 2014-07-20 11:14

    What horror! Disgusting, heartless creatures who deserve the death penalty. Waiting for Jacob Zuma's outrage and condemnation of this act but I doubt it will happen. May God protect and console this family and may the little boy rest in peace.

  • Denise Oosthuizen Wilshire - 2014-07-20 11:18

    O Dear Lord! How can this family face their lives? My heart breaks for them. An innocent child coming home with his family!!! When you find them please hang the scumbags. I now appreciate mob justice. There is no excuse in the world for this. This country has sunk to a place where there is NO LAW, NO PENALTY OR NO MORALITY. We see no punishment for anything that happens in South Africa today. School children are allowed to do whatever they please while their parents get taken to task when they do try and enforce decent behaviours. Teachers are sacked for trying to do the same and excuses are made for all law breakers from rapists to theives. Our Government are a fine example on how to bend the law to suit themselves. They get away with all their lying, thieving and cheating so why should the public not follow suit? The day Jacob Zuma ducked his law suits was the day that they sent a message to the rest of South Africa to do as they pleased. Hunt the murderers down and lets see some justice for a change.

  • Joe Irwin - 2014-07-20 11:20

    Absolute scum. No other discrimination fit these thugs.

  • Tavengwa Chivirira Muchini - 2014-07-20 11:21

    So heinous and seedy people,why don't they want peace and good will for others?Selfish.

  • Esther de Waal - 2014-07-20 11:23

    My advice to all decent young South Africans, black and white: get educated and get out of here as soon as you can. This country is beyond rescue. Evil has won in SA.

      Anthoula Joshua - 2014-07-20 21:09

      Very negative. Good will always triumph over evil in the end Esther. As long as we don't give up. However it seems you have.

  • Wehr Wulf - 2014-07-20 11:27

    What a wonderful country eh?

  • Foodie Beeach - 2014-07-20 11:30


  • Alta Egor - 2014-07-20 11:31

    RIP young man :( Poor, poor, poor parents.

  • sharmay.thuynsma - 2014-07-20 11:34

    Condolences to this little boy's family. As if being hijacked isn't terrible enough, they have to deal with the death of their little one. RIP

  • Esther de Waal - 2014-07-20 11:39

    May God be with his parents and family and may these barbarians get EXACTLY what they deserve.

  • Herman Burger - 2014-07-20 11:40


      Genet Joobs - 2014-07-20 12:28

      Agreed! Nothing but sub human.

  • Sam Smit - 2014-07-20 11:41

    8.5km with a 4 year old boy being dragged outside the car, and no one did anything to stop it? WTH people???

      Tarryn Taylor Fynn - 2014-07-20 11:54

      Sam half the community drove (& ran) behind the can we please not judge if you don't know the full story & if you're not from the community.

  • Chol Mabeo - 2014-07-20 11:42

    This a bad year for children - they are killed by the dozen in Palestine, Boko Haram is mowing them down in Nigeria, Kiki mutilated in Pongola, Bronkhorspruit boy missing, now this Reigerpark boy dragged to death on side of a car. THE VIOLENT ONES ARE HAVING A FIELD DAY INDEED.

      Mc Apple - 2014-07-20 17:56

      This is what happens when evil men is guaranteed rights by evil leaders.

  • Kevin Critchfield - 2014-07-20 11:43

    A few bad apples, seriously! Over 50 people murdered daily, over 100 rapes daily, and the list goes on. Doctors come here to learn trauma medicine because of the high number of cases of assault that they would never see in their home country. Sick sick society.

      Vuyolwethu Patrick Dondashe - 2014-07-20 12:29

      Yes, Kevin...I still say a few bad apples. If this was done by all Black Africans, you wouldn't be even able to count bodies and rape incidences!!! It'll be called a civil war!!!! I simply don't understand your determination to paint everyone with a single brush!!!

      Chris May - 2014-07-20 13:13

      Vuyo, it might not have been a direct criticism - just the way it is until it isn't that way anymore.

  • Shaun O'Meara - 2014-07-20 11:46

    Without change in government and Malema attitude this will continue in this evil country. I agree with the gent who says get out now. Let evil destroy evil. RIP young angel. Peace be with those parents. Psalm 23

  • Shirley Bisschoff - 2014-07-20 11:47

    Shocking, disgusting and ridiculous. No life is valued these days.

  • Andre van Wyk - 2014-07-20 11:50

    Exactly why this country will never be civilised. Can not tell me the HJ's did not know. No words to discribe feelings. Condolences to family.

  • Sakhumzi Nkasela Jezile - 2014-07-20 11:55

    God help this counrty of us and the people who liver in it why those guys they did jst take a car

  • Peter William - 2014-07-20 11:57

    You protested against Israel and say they are killing people in Hamas. NOW demonstrate against these bloody murderers who kill, rape, murder innocent people. To the family of this little guy I am SO SO sorry for your loss. Thy will be done.

  • Foodie Beeach - 2014-07-20 11:58

    Right, I am outta here. Everyone has a breaking point, mine has just been reached. Good luck peeps

  • Ziyaad Rashid - 2014-07-20 12:09

    MarcoCambell917 you are disgusting. You use an incident like this to insult the ANC for condemning Apartheid Israel. Show some simple human decency and respect for the child and his family. The only thing that this has in common with Israel is that the perpetrators killed a single child and our country is going to try to get them. If this was done by a Zionist in Israel, it would be applauded by the zionist and the perpetrators would be praised and defended by the government. The ANC is nowhere near perfect. They may well be corrupt and incompetent. All the same, I would choose a corrupt and incompetent government over a brutal Apartheid state that condones the murder of children simply because they are of a different race, any day:

  • Marjorie Smith - 2014-07-20 12:12

    SAVAGE, HEARTLESS BASTARDS !!! I bet they ran away from car laughing. You can run...but you can't hide !! Every DOG gets their day. My condolences to the family of this innocent little boy, who's life just taken by savage idiots. RIP little one.

  • Famida Nana - 2014-07-20 12:15

    Did no one see this incident and report it or have we become so de-sensitised by all the crime around us that we just look the other way and accept it as part of life. As a mother my heart breaks each time I hear of incidents involving children. My condolences go out to the family and friends of this little boy.

      Chris May - 2014-07-20 13:19

      With you

  • Alistair Campbell - 2014-07-20 12:18

    I'm heartbroken. My condolences to the family

  • Gregory Jaftha - 2014-07-20 12:26

    Totally discussing,the crime rate is sky high because goverment does nothing about crime,their main priority is wasting 500million rand on Nkandla and zulu dance festivals...Dear president Zuma...why don't you rather spend that dough on fighting crime

  • Kirsty Prinsloo - 2014-07-20 12:32

    That poor family. What a horrific way for a young life to end. My heart goes out to this family.

  • Matshane Seleko - 2014-07-20 12:33

    This I think is cruelty at its highest,and there has been many cruel incidences like this,and more are still to come,and guese what...we will be told crime has come down.

  • elnette.louw - 2014-07-20 12:34

    Today I cry for my country. My condolences to the family.

  • dylan.mugabe - 2014-07-20 12:34

    I can't believe what I'm reading. I actually can't process it. WHAT THE FFFFFF IS WRONG WITH THIS COUNTRY?!?!

      Imtiaz Ahmed Karolia - 2014-07-20 12:56

      Dylan ,no regard for human life ,we are very close to anarchy.leaders lack the will to stop the rot.

  • Merita Bantom Ground - 2014-07-20 12:44

    Heartbreaking. Cry my beloved country, RSA I look at you and find myself so so sad. RIP little one, may God give your family inner strenght.

  • michael.kleber.376 - 2014-07-20 12:50

    In your own country children are dying say something ANC

  • Leon E Young - 2014-07-20 13:01

    Worse than wild beasts,catch them and shoot them?

  • renee.maletsky.7 - 2014-07-20 13:02

    This is unacceptable. Life is cheap with these people. BRING BACK THE DEaTH SENTANCE. Absolutely horrific.... Poor. Any

  • Chris Bester - 2014-07-20 13:02

    Nothing out of your mouth about this Mr Zuma?? Why?? Nothing out of your mouth ANCYL?? Why?? Nothing about your mouth EFF ?? Why?? We all know why!! My deepest condollenses to the parents!!

  • Yuri Zager - 2014-07-20 13:08

    This makes me ill.... A little boy.... RIP, what did he ever do to these animals?! This makes me sick!

  • Nilufer Ramudith - 2014-07-20 13:26

    Just day on news was a report about a young boy missing when his father was hijacked nd the boy was still in the vehicle. Now this, it is very sad. Hope the B... Do get caught.

  • Prema Hlungwani - 2014-07-20 13:30

    Why they do this to small boy? Eish ANC u're......