Boy led to Prinsloo's arrest

2009-06-18 07:28

Johannesburg – A description given by a 10-year-old boy led to the arrest of alleged child sex predator, Dirk Prinsloo, at an internet café in Minsk, the capital of Belarus.

According to Julia Askaldovich, a senior investigating officer at the Belarus police, the arrest was “a great shock” for Prinsloo, 39.

It came only two days after his alleged failed attempt at a bank robbery in Baranovichi, armed with a toy gun, a knife and a little bottle of gas spray.

“He repeatedly asked how it was possible [that they had tracked him down] and who was responsible for finding him. When he heard it was a boy, he asked: ‘A boy? A little boy?’”

According to a local newspaper, the boy and his dog were outside the bank which Prinsloo attempted to rob.

Cashiers refused to hand over the money Prinsloo reportedly demanded. He assaulted two women before a cashier managed to press the alarm button. Prinsloo then stormed out of the bank. Later, the police found a balaclava, toy gun and a bottle of gas spray near the scene.


The boy saw a man running away and managed to get a good look at his face.

The police later used the boy’s description to compose an identikit, which eventually led to Prinsloo’s capture.

A local newspaper in Belarus, Intex Press, describes Prinsloo’s arrest based on a description given by a boy, as “a sign from heaven”.

According to Belarus’s home affairs department, Prinsloo admitted guilt during his first police interrogation.

Prinsloo could face 10 years in prison following his confession.

He will most likely have to serve out his sentence in Belarus before he can be extradited to South Africa. Here he will face charges of indecent assault, rape, sex acts with children, the possession and production of child pornography, as well as fraud.