Boy thought shot dad was sleeping

2012-06-07 08:42

Pretoria - A 10-year-old boy saw how his father was shot dead by two men who then stole their bicycles in Hercules, Pretoria, on Tuesday.

reported that the boy ran down the Mabopane highway and told a woman who stopped, “I think my daddy is just sleeping.”

But Sergeant Bruwer Smit, 35, from the Lyttleton police station, had been shot dead.

The police sergeant and his son had been cycling near the Zandfontein cemetery when they were attacked.

One of the first people on the scene said telling the boy that his father was dead was a horrible experience.

“It was the worst thing that I ever had to do - to tell him you are now without a father. To see his face was heartbreaking,” said Hennie van Rooyen.

“No child deserves to see how he loses his parent.”

  • Matthew - 2012-06-07 08:50

    Just when you find hope in that not all SAPS are corrupt...these animals go and shoot down one of the Genuine ones left... So now not even the police are safe from crime? Is just me or is this becoming reidiculus...Martial Law/declare War on crime...And dont muck about,bring in the army.Before we the people and this country is bleed dry from all this hate,crime and corruption

      Amanda - 2012-06-07 09:16

      The army? Are you kidding? They'd join in the crime spree.

      winston.mullany - 2012-06-07 09:17

      Trurio, that is such a STUPID statement given the circumstances!!

      Stille - 2012-06-07 09:17

      well, i will say the same when that mouldy head icon of yours die.

      stefan.vanderspuy - 2012-06-07 09:47

      The army? The couple you can find, you will have to wake up first.

      christopher.marais.14 - 2012-06-07 09:56

      I Agree with you Matthew I knew Sgt Bruwer and grew up with him. He was genuine and a real policeman like the guys from the old days people still left with integrity. There is still a lot of good police officers left but sometimes overshadowed by the amount of bad and corrupt ones. The lesson we ALL should learn from this is to start standing together against crime and not take crap from criminal anymore. speak out when something is not right take ownership of your community. I think its super unfair that they put their lives on the line for us but we are to pussy to put ours on the line for them by speaking out against corruption or any other wrong doing. So yes I understand your point Trurio. But with Respect my father always told me if you don't have something good to say about someone keep your mouth shut.

      Christopher - 2012-06-07 09:59

      Lol...Richard Mduli..Murderer/ thief! you don't want me to carry on and on. We will be here forever

      Christopher - 2012-06-07 10:24

      @trurio...I did not assume, its according to statistics. And said the "chances" don't put words in my mouth..trying to make yourself feel better i see....

      winston.mullany - 2012-06-07 10:52

      Trurio, you deviating from the story here, the fact that a policeman was killed in front of his kid has nothing to do with corruption. By your own statement you saying all cops are bad unless, we as the public, know them and their background and can back up our statements. A policeman, worth his salt, goes into the profession wanting to protect people gives me the impression that not all men are created equal to put your life on the line for someone you don't know. This debacle you got going about corrupted cops has at the end of the day, got nothing to do with a child seeing his dad murdered in front of him.

      GrootWitHaai - 2012-06-07 12:15 are only confirming the stereotype that Stormers supporters are arrogant AND STUPID.

      Janice - 2012-06-07 12:23

      WHAT Whacko does this kind of thing???AND in front of a child!!! SICK DEVIL!

      Sharon - 2012-06-07 12:23

      how do you know

      barry.dogg.fritz - 2012-06-07 18:34

      trurio , lets hope one day your child does not have to witness how you are murdered, i think that was a brainless statement, the officer was a victim of a violent crime as he was murdered for their bicycles

  • bruce.wilson.313 - 2012-06-07 08:54

    A life for a bicycle.....what a cruel,sad country we have become!

      Stille - 2012-06-07 09:24

      And we must do nationbuilding and "forgive" these sons of wh*res. RIP sir, good luck to the people left behind.

  • Cassandra Eileen Olivier - 2012-06-07 08:57

    That poor boy

  • reynard.j.debeer - 2012-06-07 09:01

    All the condolences to the boy and the rest of the family! No one deserves to be murdered. I hope justice takes its course that these demons are put away for life!

  • NoNonsense - 2012-06-07 09:13

    My heart bleeds for this young child! Thats not something any child should go through! Hope and pray they catch the guys and send them away for life!!!!!!

  • John - 2012-06-07 09:14

    One day this poor kid will realise the truth and that is when the hate cycle starts all over again. SA is doomed.

  • elnett.smit1 - 2012-06-07 09:20

    Bruwer was n very dear and close friend of mine! We went to school together and we were n group of school friends who got in touch with each other 3 years ago!we went through the same live experiences at the same time, an we were there for each other, supporting each other all the way!!!! We were really shocked to hear about his death and the circumstances surrounding his death! We live in a really sick sick world!!! Bruwer was really a great friend to have had, and he will definatly leave n HUGE space in everybodies live weho had the privilage of knowing him! He would have done everything and anything for his family and friends!!!!!!! We are really going to miss you Bruwer, but God needed you with him! You will be watching us from heaven! Good bye old friend! You will be missed!!!!!!

      Rob - 2012-06-07 09:38

      Sorry for your loss elnett, but God, presumably has enough people in heaven along with many, many white south africans in the past 20 years or so. The boy needed / needs a father far more.

  • Stacy Matsane Teletubbie - 2012-06-07 09:26

    Wow, poor boy. goodness. What heartless people kill a father infront of his son for bicycles? This is gonna haunt the child for the rest of his life

  • raymond.kok3 - 2012-06-07 09:32

    well people while the so called bosses is playing mind games we are left to fend for ourselves my condolences with the family nobody not even a crooks child deserve to see any family member been shot let alone his father.i hope he will grow up to be strong and a outstanding member of his community peace to you my boy

      Stille - 2012-06-07 09:42

      i agree raymond. While the scum at the top draw fat salaries and play their poltical games, the people are being murdered left and right. I seriosly believe its time to drag these fat f**ks out of their offices, and have a good old fashioned lynching. WE are the ones who pay their salaries, and we are the ones being culled.

  • Fredster - 2012-06-07 09:37


      Stille - 2012-06-07 09:49

      getting his freak on with his many wives, sleeping with children and generally not giving a f*ck.

      Rob - 2012-06-07 11:21

      What can he do !!!! He has a : Government that is riddled with corruption & is clearly unfit to govern. A Police force that is riddled with corruption & scandal. A public sector that is run by inept, corrupt cadre appointees. Black rule....As we expected, judging by the rest of Africa. Thanks F.W !

      Rob - 2012-06-07 11:23

      Sorry, forgot the " Defence Force. " Oldest average age of any defence force in the world & riddled with aids. Be proud....Now we really are an " african " country !

      Sharon - 2012-06-07 14:24

      the prez is stoking the fire

  • abed.khan1 - 2012-06-07 09:38

    i'm lost for words the only thing i can suggest crimals should be shot and thrown in the sea feed them to the sharks

  • buwaz - 2012-06-07 09:39

    Is easy to read n comment bt put urself in de boy's position n de family. Zim police style needed in dis country, ppls rights nid to b broken n maximum limited if we nid to save our country, first correctional service nid to change prison from 6 star hotel n education centre n b a prison dat everyone wil hate, mayb police can hav some courage, including dept of justice nid to clean up their act n stop making money thru bails.criminals r enjoying dan innocent ppl on de street who works hard.cry my beloved country

      Stille - 2012-06-07 09:51

      as difficult as it is to read your broken english, i agree. Criminals should be treated as the subhuman scum they are. That is what i love about Saudi Arabia, behead the dog in public. Chop his hand off if he steals. KILL him if he rapes.

  • Mike Purchase - 2012-06-07 09:50

    We need to do something about this sad story its disgusting where this country is going.Plz dont let this happen to my family because i will not stop........

  • Jahoo - 2012-06-07 09:51


  • Emmanuel - 2012-06-07 09:56

    It makes me so sad to know for a fact that come tommorow June 8th, there will be not one but two or more fantastic South Africans murder/killed/gun downed. What has this country become????? Ask yourself...will you be next? So sad, people.

  • chanki.modise - 2012-06-07 09:57

    What a sad story \with tears in my face \ may his soul rest in peace.For the boy let people around you to support so you to become man so i can help you to fine you father\s killer so ....

  • Juan - 2012-06-07 09:57

    These sad stories we read about every day is too much to bear. I think we should go back to the days of the wild west of bounty hunters, so that we can sort out these thugs that's ruining the lives of the innocent and the helpless. Put a f**n bounty on their heads

  • phele.pelezinoh - 2012-06-07 09:58

    It breaks my heart 2 hear that another policer officer was killied but nothing is being said,if it was Rhino being killed,it was gonna be headlines for week even @ the parliament.our government nust do something about this police killings.

  • Asif Asmal - 2012-06-07 09:58

    T.I.A=this is africa...

      omonaija - 2012-06-07 10:09

      Don't be ridiculous,Cops are killed everyday all over the world.Rather say ,this is humanity.

      James - 2012-06-07 10:20

      No omonaija. Show me other countries where a cop is killed in front of his son for a bicycle. Maybe only in other countries with Africans ,yes, but not in the rest of the civilised world.

  • Francois - 2012-06-07 10:00

    het ons lewens nou al so goedkoop hart gaan uit vir daai arme kind en die familie, dis tragies.

  • msalim002 - 2012-06-07 10:02

    Funny who it did not make national head lines , "Another Police Man Shot" is it because he is 'white'....mmmmmmmmm

  • Darryl - 2012-06-07 10:02

    This is truly sad - that poor boy will never ever be the same ! This for a bicycle?? Why not just take the stupid bike and leave.

  • nicolelovelock - 2012-06-07 10:39

    omg the poor child and this happen not far from my home. How very very very sad.

  • Willem - 2012-06-07 10:59

    So, what happened to the "better life for ALL the people" that Mandela and the ANC promised way back when? All I read in the news is a "better DEATH for all the people" - old woman tortured with iron and hot water and then strangled and more of the same, the list is never ending! Ooh, and let us not forget the priest Tutu crying and sniveling about "ubuntu" - how the people LOVE one another and are so good! Time that those promises and nice words be made true. The criminal element appears to rule this country. Time to get rid of them - permanently.

      Tax - 2012-06-07 11:24

      He meant a better life for all ANC cadres...

  • lebogang.molomonyana - 2012-06-07 11:37

    Im telin yall,if it ws zuma's child or relativ it wud b in da new nd da bloody ANC wud march nd rave about it

  • lebogang.molomonyana - 2012-06-07 11:37

    Im telin yall,if it ws zuma's child or relativ it wud b in da new nd da bloody ANC wud march nd rave about it

  • Carla - 2012-06-07 12:01

    That poor boy. Those images will forever haunt him. RIP Sergeant Smit.

  • colin.langley - 2012-06-07 12:25

    I actually feel like throwing up. What has the nation come to? We are seriously at the tipping point....the anger is boiling up faster and faster...i look at my sisters children and hope and pray that they get to see and experience a non racist violent free south africa. I can't anymore. I am an atheist but lately i have found myself praying silently asking why!

  • puse.mabuza - 2012-06-07 12:25

    Will this ever end day by day people being shot for no reason.*I am sad*

  • ani.honey.bee - 2012-06-07 12:37

    No one is safe from crime in this country... what happens here in South Africa is revolting. My children will also grow up without their father as a result of cold blooded murder, we were attacked at our home almost 2 months ago... my heart goes out to this boy, no one is the same after something like this. Our case is also at Lyttleton police station.

      mathilda.williams.1 - 2012-06-08 06:29

      @ani.honey.bee: No one is the same after such senseless violence, you are right. I do not see a safe future in South Africa in our lifetime. The levels of violent crime and disregard for human life are so high, nothing about life in SA is normal.

  • Megan - 2012-06-07 13:03

    Thanks for the goverment that allow this murderers to walk free,they know they only have to do 5years because of the over populated prisons in south-africa.and I swear to god,if this should of happen to my family,I would never stop looking for them,ill hunt them down and kill them myself.this country is just as f_-ck up as the bosses siting high above all.but wait and see what happens at judgment day,asking for forgivness will be to late.we serving a living god,and only he knows what we have to go true on earth,my deepest condolances to the policemans family,may he rest in peace.

  • Michaela - 2012-06-07 13:32

    This is absolutely terrible! RIP Sergeant Bruwer Smit. And for his son, may God hold you in his hands and protect you as you go through life.

  • Barefoot - 2012-06-07 20:13

    this is sad to think i wanted to buy a bicycle to ride to work to avoid hijacking because honestly who shoots a person on a bicycle? death penalty is really needed even if a few innocent one's will have to face it

  • shubnam.patel - 2012-06-07 21:36

    When are these B*rsta#rds gona f#k#in stop !!!!!!!!how could any1 do such a cruel thing like ths just for bicycles....I hate their livin guts , whoever did this and curse their livin souls outta em.......mother Fu###kin s:hit likin, as##holes..have ur fun now, god wil c to u....or let's say satan wil c to u since ur goin strait to Fu####kin hell!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nompumelelo - 2012-06-07 22:16

    What a young life to be snatched with so much cruelty! R.I.P. Mr Smit. My condolences to the little boy and the rest of the family. It is SCARY to be in or outdoors... What is going on in our beautiful country???

  • Quintin - 2012-06-07 22:45

    That's it, TIME TO GO VIGILANTE!!! One criminal, one mag-change...

  • rmooloo - 2012-06-07 23:21

    My heart really goes out to this little boy, I can't and don't even want to know what he's going through, how does one erase such brutality from his young and innocent mind. The death penalty should be re-instated, its the only way that these senseless violence is going to end. My thoughts and prayers goes out to the deceased's family.

  • songezo.kilani - 2012-06-07 23:54

    I'm gutted for this kid. I don't know what else to say.

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