Breytenbach hits out at NPA charges

2013-02-08 14:26

Pretoria - Suspended senior prosecutor Glynnis Breytenbach on Friday hit back at the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) for the catalogue of charges brought against her.

Breytenbach’s representative, advocate Wim Trengove SC, took her through the list of 15 charges, seeking her responses before her disciplinary hearing at the NPA offices in Silverton, east of Pretoria.

The charges include "surreptitiously leaking" NPA inside information to Beeld journalist Sonja Carstens, giving her official NPA laptop to her lawyer, and failing to disclose all financial interests as required in the public service.

Count number 14 - failure to disclose financial interests - aroused the senior prosecutor’s ire, as Trengove read out the NPA charge sheet stating Breytenbach had not declared a flat in Roodepoort, Johannesburg and also earned undeclared money through a venture of "stabling horses".

"Count 14 says you earned unauthorised remuneration for outside work, a charge based on the stabling fees for the horses. The essence of the accusation is that you earned remuneration for outside work by earning stabling fees," he said.

"Completely ludicrous, I earned no remuneration by stabling the horses.

"There must be 80% of people in the NPA that own a second home and rent it out," she said.

Financial disclosure forms

Referring to documents from her affidavits, Breytenbach said she had continually declared the Roodepoort flat to the NPA.

Trengove said the disclosure document had been filled on 12 January 2011, after the same disclosure had been previously done. The financial disclosure forms are filled in annually in the NPA.

She was asked by Trengove to explain how she came to own the flat.

"The flat is in Johannesburg, I used to live there when I worked in Johannesburg. When I moved to Pretoria and bought the property I currently live on, I did not sell the flat. I just rented it out, I still do," she said.

Breytenbach was requested to explain the horse stabling venture.

"I stabled three horses of my own and one horse for a son of friends of mine. I did not make profit out of it. There was certainly no business, no remuneration for outside work," she said.

Breytenbach said she had incurred the cost of keeping the horses.

The NPA has also charged Breytenbach for "maligning" the organisation in the media.

NPA sources

She refuted the allegation and told the hearing the media reports had been based on extracts from her Labour Court papers, not interviews or statements she issued.

Regarding the leaking of information to Carstens, Breytenbach said even though the journalist was her friend, she had not shared work information with her. Breytenbach said from experience, Carstens had her own sources within the NPA.

Several e-mails from Carstens were read to the hearing; some of them were addressed to numerous recipients, among them magistrates and prosecutors.

Breytenbach believes she was suspended in April 2012 to stop her from prosecuting controversial former police crime intelligence head Lieutenant General Richard Mdluli, amid suggestions of political interference.

However, the NPA has said her suspension was rather because of her handling of a criminal investigation relating to a mineral rights dispute between mining companies Imperial Crown Trading (ICT) and Kumba Iron Ore, over Kumba's Sishen mine.

  • peter.t.viljoen - 2013-02-08 14:53

    Erm, can Zuma please reveal how he could afford Nkandla....

      adriaan.delange.94 - 2013-02-08 15:32


      Lucky - 2013-02-08 17:25

      perhaps zooomer is letting out the tuckshop to earn bucks for his R250mil "non-taxpayers-bond"??!!

  • bretton.eveleigh - 2013-02-08 14:54

    So the initial charges aren't strong enough... so the NPA conjures up a load of rubbish and childish charges, just so they have something to present. Shame on you NPA, bowing to political pressure!

  • hugh.olphart - 2013-02-08 15:00

    Give them hell, and when your'e done, charge Mdluli's corrupt ass to the wall.

  • trudy.riet - 2013-02-08 15:04

    She get's nailed for owning 2 properties housing some horses? Yet the ANC can say "businesses who support the ANC will prosper" what a joke!!

  • terrylee.heuer - 2013-02-08 15:05

    I wonder when the part about her being shot at is ever going to come to light??!!

  • uzziphathele.tshabalala - 2013-02-08 15:25

    This is bull s****d ,NPA trying anything bt the is no weight on charges,u(iron lady) not afraid of anyone or anything,'Viva iron lady Viva'hit them (NPAANC)hard very hard,I'll always support u....till the end!!!!!

  • mphotant.thelejane - 2013-02-08 15:53

    The manner in which this case is handled confirms vendetta against Breytenbach...the state has exceeded its limits in terms of authority it has based on charges in question...there are high prospects in Brytenbach's case...

  • john.thelps - 2013-02-08 15:53

    And this circus is costing the working man in the street Millions....

  • ray.molekoa.5 - 2013-02-08 16:07

    That's the useless NPA for you . This is just a tip of an iceberg and I admire the lady for exposing them , but a lot of us are ruined by their useless decisions .

  • annalene.nel - 2013-02-08 16:13

    This is disgusting !!! The NPA, the highest prosecuting authority in the land, takes the lead on corruption, lying and being STUPID. Glynis, I salute you for not giving in under pressure and fighting for what is right - SA is going down...

  • allan.whitton1 - 2013-02-08 17:00

    No wonder they have no money

  • rory.n.price - 2013-02-08 18:15

    If they had to fire all Politicians for undisclosed interests, we would not have an ANC

  • julio.sanfona - 2013-02-08 18:31

    How much money is the state (us the tax payers) waisting to prosecute this woman for not declaring rental income from a flat and stabling horses? Who the heck do they think they're fooling? Why don't they put in a little effort to go after a couple of government ministers/officials. All they have to do to decide who to go after is pick a couple of names from a hat.

  • John - 2013-02-09 01:10

    This has to be the longest disiplinery hearing in history. How much has this cost the taxpayer AGAIN.

  • zapadela.tistarocha - 2013-02-09 10:04

    This is a liar of note.......All these preposterous frivolous reasons why she did not hand in her Government lappy. From the Lawyers advise to a Lunar landing. This idiota must think we are stupid, If you had nothing to hide ...Just hand it in. The fact that you utilized Employee issued hardware for personal use speaks to your intellect. Please get rid of this Impediment NPA.

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