Bronx murder accused may forfeit bail

2012-09-17 11:32

Cape Town - One of the men accused of killing nightclub owner Bruno Bronn is set to appear in court to determine whether his bail money should be forfeited, it was reported on Monday.

The Cape Times reported that Achmat Toffa, 35, would appear in the Western Cape High Court after contravening his bail conditions.

He was re-arrested about a week ago when he was found in possession of the keys to a car in which were an unlicensed firearm and six rounds of ammunition. He was out on R15 000 bail.

Toffa, Johan Frederick Coetzer, 36, Fareez Allie, 29, and Kurt Erispe, 32, stand accused of killing the owner of the Cape Town gay nightclub The Bronx, in his Green Point home on February 7.

The men face charges of premeditated murder and aggravated armed robbery.

According to the report, they will appear in the High Court for a pre-trial conference on October 12.

  • kala.bafazi - 2012-09-17 11:39

    Back to a cell and lose the R15 000.00. This complete idiot obviously has zero regard for the law. In fact send him a stroll through the streets of Roodepoort. I believe justice is swift there.

      CoolJay21 - 2012-09-17 12:55

      I agree... Give him to the community, and we'll show him what a real man is!

  • PeerEducatorHIV - 2012-09-17 13:43

    This is a clear indication of what the Court and society at large are dealing with. There is no remorse compassion for the victim and no shame. These are dangerous killers and the punishment should fit the crime. We are too soft on criminals they have too many rights. Not even the honest hard working citizens of this country have access to the rights these guys have in prison. A life sentence in Jail for the taking of a human life should be mandatory and no possibility of parole after 3 thirds of the sentence is served either. I don’t want to hear the drugs did it or it’s someone else’s fault. Or my mother didn’t love me. You did the crime now do the times.

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