Brutal farm murder - suspects stay in jail

2012-09-13 15:49

Bloemfontein - Three men charged with the murder of an elderly Free State farm couple appeared in the Trompsburg Magistrate's Court on Thursday,

Captain Rulene Kuhn said Moeketsi Hlassa, 27, Nkululeko Mvumvu, 26, and Phinias Mothibi, 29, appeared on charges of murder and housebreaking.

The case was postponed to September 20 for further investigation and bail applications. The men remain in custody.

Johan Fourie, 70, and Cecile Fourie, 73, were killed with an axe and a spade in their house on their farm Knoppe in the Trompsburg district on Sunday.

The couple did not answer their two-way radio during a daily security check, nor did they answer their home phone on Sunday afternoon.

Farm security investigated and found their bodies in a bedroom.

Police said the house was in disarray, with traces of blood all over.

The safe had been cut open with a grinder.

A large number of local residents attended the court hearing on Thursday.

  • africanwolf - 2012-09-13 16:13

    Hang them , it will be a lesson to other coward thugs.

      junebugg.kinte - 2012-09-13 16:48

      May their soul rest in peace and these criminals their soul rest in peace and these criminals

      ray.priestley.79 - 2012-09-13 17:11

      We have statistics on employment by race,education by race,but do we have similar statistics for violent crime?This would enable the authorities to focus their efforts on the right people.

      robin.mowatt.5 - 2012-09-14 08:47

      These two elderly people were my wife's aunt and uncle, two of the nicest people on earth. When they slaughtered a sheep for themselves, they would do the same for their staff, they shared everything. But why brutally murder them, just does not make sense - as they would never harm a fly. Tanie Ciela en Oom Jan, may you rest in peace after what must have ben hours of hell on earth.

  • joe.farmer.92775 - 2012-09-13 16:14

    don't worry farm murderers, just tell the judge that you were called ugly names and you will only get 15 years

  • shirley.steenkamp - 2012-09-13 16:14

    Oh just hang the b@st@rds and save a whole lot of time and money! They dont deserve a trial,they deserve a long and painful death!

  • malette.snyman - 2012-09-13 16:17

    Monsters. May you three sick, savage, sadistic, cruel bastards ROT IN HELL.

  • malette.snyman - 2012-09-13 16:23

    Your mothers never should have had you.

  • sazi.radebe - 2012-09-13 16:26


  • craig.s.pepper - 2012-09-13 16:38

    Execute them... 2 to the back of the Head. Give them a direct ticket straight to hell. don't waste my taxes

      irene.buthelezi.1 - 2012-09-13 18:56

      Shooting will be too quick. It needs to be a slow and painful process.

  • Tobie Vd Vyver - 2012-09-13 16:39

    One can't even call them animals, cause it will be an insult to animals!

  • Paul Mphap - 2012-09-13 16:46

    mxm...sies...the bastards deceive 2 be in the mortuary by could they be so brutal!

  • winifred.watson.9 - 2012-09-13 18:41

    Whats wrong with society today. Why do they have to kill do they enjoy watching people suffer or is it done for fun. Tie the old people us or lock them up for to murder them in such a cruel manner...god I will never understand. Do they hate us so much!!!! worse than animals.

  • Krishna - 2012-09-13 20:32

    Swift justice please. May this very elderly couple rest in peace. The government and SAPS needs to send out a LOUD,CRYSTAL CLEAR message in the sentence met out to these creatures, that killing,raping and all violent crimes, specifically against the elderly WILL NOT BE TOLERATED!!!!!! BRING BACK THE DEATH PENALITY. ITS OUR ONLY HOPE AT REDUCING VIOLENT CRIME.

  • betty.blue69 - 2012-09-14 10:42

    Barbaric is an understatement - did you see what the f*ckers look like? Sure someone will arrange to take them out in a gruesome torturous manner.

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