Brutality case: Suspects to stay in custody

2013-03-01 18:06

Johannesburg -  The Independent Police Investigative Directorate said on Friday the eight policemen implicated in the murder of an East Rand taxi driver will remain in custody until they appear in court.

The suspects, two warrant officers and six constables, were arrested at the Benoni police station, spokesperson Moses Dlamini said.

All eight would face a murder charge. They were expected to appear in the Daveyton Magistrate's Court on Monday.

"The suspects will remain in custody until they appear in court. The IPID is committed to ensuring that the suspects are held accountable and brought before the courts."

Mido Macia, 27, a taxi driver and Mozambican national, was tied to the back of a police van and dragged along a street in Daveyton, on the East Rand, on Tuesday.

An eyewitness filmed the assault. Macia died in the local police station's cells later that day.

A post mortem revealed he died of head and internal injuries.

The Congress of SA Trade Unions alleged the police had said that Macia died after other men attacked him in the police holding cells.

Dlamini said on Thursday that two policemen switched on their siren, indicating that Macia should move his minibus, when they saw it obstructing traffic in Empilweni Street.

"It is also alleged that the taxi driver then assaulted the constable and took his police firearm. The warrant officer overpowered the taxi driver and handed the firearm back to his colleague," he said.

"When back-up arrived, the constable was still at the scene, struggling to put the suspect in the police van," Dlamini said.

Officers put the "resisting suspect" into the police van and took him to the police cells. In the video, local residents are heard asking policemen what the man had done. Some shout warnings to the policemen, saying their actions were being recorded.

Earlier, Daveyton residents staged a protest outside the local police station, demanding the removal of the officers implicated in the crime.

Gauteng Premier Nomvula Mokonyane and other government officials visited Macia's home in Daveyton.

On Thursday, President Jacob Zuma condemned the incident.

National police commissioner Riah Phiyega said the eight police officers had been suspended.

The Daveyton police station commander was also removed from his post.

"From the video, which has gone viral, it is obvious that the rights of Mido Macia were violated in the most extreme form," she said.

"We are... outraged with what happened."

Phiyega said they were conducting their own investigations. She urged eyewitnesses to come forward with information.

  • IantheJ - 2013-03-01 18:13

    The whole world will be watching to see that justice is done.

      PissyWhiskers Black - 2013-03-04 09:56

      Sorry Sadick - the reason jails are so full is because 1. There is no death penalty for the most servious ciolent crimes and 2. The legal system can take years before your case is done. I was sitting at court last week listening to a case that started in 2010 and the defence had only started with thier part - the accused have been in prison since

  • David Mbongo - 2013-03-01 18:25

    Oscar pls give dem Roux numbers pls my broer

      squeegee.pilot - 2013-03-01 18:36

      I pity your mother...

  • Makhanthisa Master-t - 2013-03-01 18:26

    Im tired of reading bizzare stories happening in SA everyday... what's wrong SA? i can bet that tomorrow morning we'll be reading another one, either rape or brutal murder or racist remarks

      Jonathan Bronkhorst - 2013-03-01 20:43

      I agree with you my brother!

      Tersia Louw - 2013-03-02 11:38

      A "coon", Denise. Really? What century are you from?

  • Bryan Billy - 2013-03-01 18:26

    ey should save life in Jail thoz stupid nd stubborn policemen?

  • graham.radburnd - 2013-03-01 18:41

    I've just watched the 16h00 BBC news and the first story is this one which went on for almost 10 minutes. Such bad publicity for SA and a damming reflection on our SAP. It showed our National Commissioner General Riah Phiyega making her statement. Why must she read from a prepared written statement? It appeared if she was just going through the motions, as if this is what is expected from her. If she honestly believed in what she was saying then the words would just flow from her heart. Not convincing Mrs Phiyega, not convincing at all

      gavin.taylor.79 - 2013-03-01 19:22

      Janine, if you avoid the left wing loonies over here, you will be fine. Most of us are aware of what goes on in SA and are no longer shocked by stories like this. Mugabe, Your president, Mal-emmer, Winnie etc etc have succeeded in destroying all the hope we ever had for Southern Africa and extinguished the torch that Mandela carried towards a brighter future. Take care & enjoy this little island when you visit.

      ohbizz.chabata - 2013-03-02 08:47

      All the hope you had for Southern Africa? Namibia, Lesotho, Swaziland, Botswana and Zambia are all countries that have a grip on crime let alone brutality and corruption. Actually RSA is the exception rather than the norm in Southern Africa in as far as horrendous incidents are concerned.

      gavin.taylor.79 - 2013-03-02 11:20

      Ohbizz - I agree that those countries you mention are not the basket cases that SA & Zimbobwe have become, but most are landlocked and with very little infrastructure, trading ports etc etc. The long term instability and or collapse of SA will have a very negative impact on those smaller countries. Zambia is a great example of how a country can stop the rot (if the people have the will), but it will take many, many years to lift her back to a level that remotely resembles normality.

  • Dan Moore - 2013-03-01 18:42

    From watching the video and reading other horrific news in SA it just seems the country is apathetic about so many things. Those cops in the video barely made a effort to get control of the taxi driver. The cops barely do much to apprehend accused rapists. SA needs to purge itself. Corrupt president, corrupt cops, violent offenders running wild. You would think this was Mad Max not. SA is a failed nation state.

      ohbizz.chabata - 2013-03-02 08:52

      @ Denise I doubt that black people would go out and attack white people simply because they are outraged about police brutality, murder or even rape. Can they really be that barbaric? Everybody is mad about crime in RSA and everybody wants the government to sort it out. Crime affects everybody and knows no colour

  • Darius Diwini - 2013-03-01 18:48

    We are outraged my foot Phiyega

  • Lesego Nchoe - 2013-03-01 18:48

    those officers must rot in jail

  • Sol Oni Solethu Mzimane - 2013-03-01 18:52

    I ges the whole world is now waiting with abeited breath just on hw this whole sagga wil unfold, such a disgraceful act by the people who r 2ironically serve & protect

  • bob.slap.12 - 2013-03-01 19:02

    Hey man , They were only doing their job, the taxi drivers need a bit of discipline, we must be so proud of theses pillars of society

      Thabisile Chonco - 2013-03-01 19:35

      @bob r u crc??? even if it was sum1 close 2 u n ddnt do anyting?dis is disgusting!!

      indianajohn - 2013-03-01 19:57

      For humans: r = are u = you crc = unknown sum1 = someone 2 = to (very tough to type) u = you n = and (believe it or not) ddnt = didn't anyting = anything dis = this (this one will forever be beyond me) And yet the longest word in the post, "disgusting" is spelled correctly.

      Yolisa Canda - 2013-03-01 20:03


      ReneMuller.XOXO - 2013-03-01 20:23

      @indiana, I think crc must be serious. I thought MXIT died long ago, clearly not. Unfortunately it takes longer to decipher that to type. Next time @bob, be considered

      james.mngadi.3 - 2013-03-02 08:36

      For crying out loud! Why the Morse Code in public platform and worse of all in a free democratic country. It beats me.

      chanalee.preston - 2013-03-04 11:22

      To kill someone who did nothing wrong?And to do what they did! JUST SICK! Theyve taken a son away and a father! You are cruel

  • Gary Doyle - 2013-03-01 19:09

    Arrogance and stupidity has now changed these cops lives forever. F*cking twats are as dumb as they are brutal.

  • Patrick Saunders - 2013-03-01 19:22

    it's becoming more apparent that the brutality displayed by the SAPS lately is actually ANC policy, no different than that practised by the Nats. This violence is not spontaneous but simply a reflection of the will of the ruling regime.

  • Theuns Jacobs - 2013-03-01 19:28

    dis apartheid se skuld...wat van die mense wie se lewens hyy elke dag in gevaar gestel het?

  • Lidia Dos Ramos - 2013-03-01 19:38

    So do you all want to keep on voting for this government until this happens to you and your daughter gets raped?

      james.mngadi.3 - 2013-03-02 08:55

      Woman do yourself favour keep your extreme hatred of people of colour for no reason except that they look different and speak with different accent than yours, what else? This precious Rainbow Nation does not need you. Get help.

      Joao Nunes - 2013-03-02 09:24 not fool yourself about the rainbow nation.....look at a rainbow...there is no black and no white only other colours....

  • Abel Pienaar - 2013-03-01 19:44

    Someone must explain to SAPS that they are not licensed to operate a tow-in service.

      Themba Thwala - 2013-03-01 22:01

      Bwahahahahahahahahaha! Dude you are funny :)

  • jessica.l.moller.1 - 2013-03-01 19:54

    This is an utter disgrace! I say do the same to the police who did this give our people back their rights and take away their fears from evil people like this! Bladdy disgusting!

  • Thabisile Chonco - 2013-03-01 19:56

    First was Marikana nd now dis??wat nxt?SA police caught live raping!? agh man u disgust me

      Joao Nunes - 2013-03-02 09:39

      Hold the superiors accountable.......if I am an idiot, imagine the guy that employs me

  • Agedah Alex - 2013-03-01 20:01

    From today no black person should blame any ills on apartheid,since u all are quiet

      Themba Thwala - 2013-03-01 22:17

      You and Lidia should get married on confine your stupidity within your family

      james.mngadi.3 - 2013-03-02 09:04

      Don`t just post for the sake of posting... STOP IT!!!

  • christopher.koulouris - 2013-03-01 20:08

    What's interesting to note is the blatant disregard police officers have for those protesting the way the man was violently attached to the van which raises some disturbing questions. Is this just par for the course in South Africa? Does anyone really care? Are there any real attempts to deal with these issues or is this just symptomatic behavior that only reflects endemic violence in the nation and brazen disregard for life, especially colored life....? Or even worse should anyone really be surprised when the power center happen to be former terrorists?

      Joao Nunes - 2013-03-02 09:37

      People of this continent have been doing this forever.....yes the apartheid political cops were wild and needed to be transformed but it is much worse now..presently there appears to be no accountability.......but if you look north of our border it is much of a muchness....not long ago. 10 november 2000 in the northern Moz city of Montepuez the opposition party had a demo and that night more than 100 people were shoved into a small cell. The following morning 90 were dead from suffocation.....did the world media Mugabe killed over 20 000 opposition members in the eighties and he is still applauded.....Daveyton only made the news because of the video......FLUSH OUT THE BAD COPS.

  • Bujomojo PaPas - 2013-03-01 20:08

    sometime these members a pressured to make a certain number of arrests for a month to show dat they are productive,and they end up making lots of unlawful arrests to please their supervisors.

      pjthesecond.eldest - 2013-03-02 06:28

      Why? It is not as if there is no crime in SA.

  • Mbuyi Mabuya Maphalala - 2013-03-01 20:15

    Which eye witnesses General Phiyega, didn't the whole world see the video, haven't the culprits been arrested? These political appointments are disgusting period.

  • mantsho.tlali - 2013-03-01 20:46

    Rubbish Country, South Africa, l dont know wich of this two destroyed it, Mandela or Declerk ? SA It is like a cursed place.

      Tersia Louw - 2013-03-02 11:48

      It is, but I still love it.

  • Seun Mogotji - 2013-03-01 20:59

    So, Zuma, who are you going to blame now? Apartheid? This is what the country has come to under your watch. The policemen involved should be put in prison for life and the government should compensate the widow. Won't happen. The Zuma justice system is another failure that he can add to his list. What a shocking and shameful disgrace.

      Anton Van Schalkwyk - 2013-03-01 21:56

      its disgraceful, to say the least. and i fully agree that the whole blame lies with our weak and ineffectual government. how much longer before the people rise up? this is an outgrowth of frustration, due to the lack of jobs, the dismal state of the economy, gross corruption in the highest offices of the country. i blame you, Mr Zuma, for this incident. had you taken any pride in your country, and been a strong leader, like Mandela, and taken total charge of the goings on in this, our beautiful beloved country, instead of wallowing in your little world, perhaps one innocent life could have been saved, instead of a brutal murder taken place. when will the government stop bickering and carrying on like children fighting over a cookie and man the f*ck up?

      Themba Thwala - 2013-03-01 22:03

      All peanut head does is "condemn" when he could insist that the book be thrown at the criminals who masquerade as policemen. No leadership from the so-called President

  • Jennifer White - 2013-03-01 22:04

    Absolutely disgusting!

  • ANASKA - 2013-03-01 22:43

    The SAPS is the "MURDER SQUAD" of SA!!

  • Ghostsword - 2013-03-01 23:05

    The police actions are a reflection of the state.. If they dragged a guy behind a van in broad daylight, with hundreds of witnesses, can you imagine what they do when no one is looking? Scary... Today was this guy, tomorrow it may be you.

  • Ricky Singh - 2013-03-01 23:20

    I look at all these comments and lose hope in that we have not improved this democracy.The sledging goes on between black and white,the government slipping and sliding into the murky morass of history and so we as South Africans,well,bruised and battered by rising petrol prices,food inflation and grinding poverty.It is no wonder we have gotten to what many are calling the tipping point.There are so many horror stories as there are the will of the people of this once great country to rise above the mediocrity. Alas,so many parts of this democracy are failing because there is no one great figurehead like Madiba to hold it all together.Instead we use a band-aid to patch over the wounds of apartheid.So,when we see the violence and brutality,its SA bleeding internally and a government with a makeshift plan or hardly one at all.Crime will make us the pariah of the world and so again we are the news.Its only a miracle or a miracle worker that will save us,and as we know,the old warrior himself,Madiba is too frail and old to help us.Its "cry the beloved country" and on a wing and a prayer we go forward,destination unknown!

      pjthesecond.eldest - 2013-03-02 06:33

      Ricky maybe too many people are busy putting band-aids over the wounds of apartheid instead of realizing 20 years have passed and they should be responsible for their own actions.

  • Joy Bolley - 2013-03-01 23:30

    The news becomes more and more depressing everyday. But it doesnt take away from the fact that we all have a role to play in imrooving society. Its so typical of human nature to blame someone for what others do. And while i DO NOT by any means condone these inhuman degrading acts towards mankind i still maintain: WHAT HAVE YOU OR I done to assist with making sa a better place to live? Police r constantly under pressure. Crime is rife. The change is going to have to start with us...with me. We dont all have free time to volunteer and help at charities, or start a neighbourhood watch, visit patients at hospitals, or adopt an orphaned child, or donate millions to charities....but we can start at home by being respectful towards our family friends and neigbours, teaching our kids right from wrong at an early age, showing respect to those who have the wisdom and have knowledge about life. We will all moan, judge critizise and comment. Again, i dont agree with what they did. I do knw that I dont knw those cops from a bar of soap but that they are human like you and me. We all make 'mistakes'...and i in full agreement that the punishment must fit the crime...BUT the day when we all rise up and stand together and truly unite as one, by having a positive mindset, stop being critical, stop judging, and have the balls to stop beating around the bush and call it what it is, thats the day we will see change...its not easy to run a i still take my hat off to the president, its not easy being a cop, so is still take my hat off for the cops who honour the code, and its not easy neing a citizen anywhere in the world really....but i still take my hat off for those who strive to survive by doing something about it. It begins with you. SO what r u and i going to do differently...

  • Naomi Benson - 2013-03-02 00:10

    "Phiyega said they were conducting their own investigations. She urged eyewitnesses to come forward with information." I hope eyewitnesses are kept safe when they come forward.

  • MOOSEtheGOOSE - 2013-03-02 04:39


  • david.luis.9822924 - 2013-03-02 06:31

    "From the video, which has gone viral, it is obvious that the rights of Mido Macia were violated in the most extreme form," she said.... Looks like our new police commissioner has found a "politically correct" way to descibe murder. IT was his right to life that the chops violated.

  • david.luis.9822924 - 2013-03-02 06:33

    I wonder how long it will be before we will hear that a criminal in uniform (SAPS or Metro) died as result of "mob justice"....

  • Joe Porchy - 2013-03-02 07:34

    The ANC BULLIES FORCE is there to protect the ANC only.

  • Kevin Kramer - 2013-03-02 08:22

    Will they BEE beaten to death in the cells as well..? Viva

  • Joao Nunes - 2013-03-02 08:35

    And why is their place of detention such a secret ???

  • Heather Campbell Matthewson - 2013-03-02 09:11

    let me guess - they will be released on bail for R500 !

  • Elaine Greenblatt - 2013-03-02 09:39

    No bail for them - they are flight risks!!!

  • Leonard Mokgotlhwe - 2013-03-02 10:02

    This is Africa what do u expect.

      Tersia Louw - 2013-03-04 10:20

      I expect SAPS to serve and protect.

  • connie.heuer2 - 2013-03-02 16:32

    Marvelous is't it.Eight policemen! Mob violence one might say.How absolutely disgusting.

  • Nizole Middle-Finger Khala - 2013-03-02 18:04

    That will be a lekker experience to share a prison blanket with a cop!

  • Alfred Sikhakhane - 2013-03-04 08:07

    the warranty officer Malele is known for harrassing people/families. for instance, a mother was arrested from a thursday to Tuesday without reason and when a lawyer asked for the dockets, he was no where to be found. What's the chances that people who have been harrased by this officers can make affidavits to tie it to this case?

  • Spats Domingo - 2013-03-04 09:02

    At least they have been arrested and not merely suspended as reported earlier. These guys are an embarressment to us South Africans. No bail and no mercy in prosecuting these idiots.

      chanalee.preston - 2013-03-04 11:47

      Agree Fully

  • chanalee.preston - 2013-03-04 10:38

    This is just sick! My heart goes out to his family and his son.

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