Burglars steal swim champ’s medals

2012-05-26 10:02

Pretoria – Burglars ripped a security gate from a wall to gain entrance to the home of SA swimming champion Cameron van der Burgh.

Beeld reported that the burglars broke into the Van der Burgh family home in the middle of the day, taking valuables like expensive bottles of perfume, an iPad, laptops and TVs as well as irreplaceable medals and trophies.

The worst part was that it happened on Van der Burg’s 24th birthday.

Van der Burg was most upset about the loss of his medals and trophies.

“They have a lot of sentimental value for me and although I’m grateful that no one was hurt, I’m furious and feel my privacy has been violated.”

Van der Burgh is on the SA swimming team that will soon leave for Europe in preparation for this year’s Olympic Games.

  • violet.bossut - 2012-05-26 10:20

    I suppose they wanted the medals to show they are champion ba....ds. What the going to do with the medals. Swines.

  • Omrisho - 2012-05-26 11:01

    this just sucks big time... the prez says we are safe, hmmm, well this shows that our property and belongings are most definitely not... fortunately no physical harm to any person... eish, very sad for cameron

  • Etienne En Anneline Gouws - 2012-05-26 11:05

    They steal personal stuff like wedding videos and photo albums just to destroy it cause they know it will hurt you the most. It is irreplaceable like the medals. It is just cruel! :(

  • michael.a.devilliers - 2012-05-26 11:31

    Hardly robbery - can imagine if they were there they would've been savagely attacked.

  • Jacqui - 2012-05-26 12:20

    Every one who is burgled feel their privacy has been violated. What on earth do these people want to do with someone's medals?.Savages.

  • tricia.sutherland1 - 2012-05-26 12:24

    white or black thieves - doesn't matter - it's a 'South African' thing.

      jowza1 - 2012-05-26 12:35

      Trisha.if you read the sports section today,a rugby player in melbourne suffered a similar fate.would you put that down also to a south african thing

      Tax - 2012-05-26 12:51

      @Jowza Australia also has problems with illegal immigrants committing crime...

      jowza1 - 2012-05-26 12:56

      is it hey do know it eas an illegal immigrant that commited the crime

  • Ruaan.KrieldeAndrade - 2012-05-26 12:25

    This is so flipped rude!

  • Antin - 2012-05-26 13:07

    Those medals, trophies, they are irreplaceable -not likely much solid precious metal in it. The low-life cockroaches will get next-to-nothing for it. But hey, if it shines..... The rest is likely insured. Hands up, who wasn't a victim of crime in SA.

  • Hannes Truter - 2012-05-26 13:09

    Might even be a South African that burgled SBW's house in NZ...

  • Bee Mcaks - 2012-05-26 14:07

    i hope d police catch dem and dis boy get his medals coz its a lifetym achievement and its irreplaceable

  • Irene - 2012-05-26 19:01

    Wasn't Ryk Neethling's medals and trophy's also stolen? No doubt they've been melted down by now by a very jealous non-swimmer!

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