'Buried alive' dog dies

2010-03-29 13:35

Cape Town - Lazarus, the young bull mastiff discovered buried alive on the Cape Flats last week, had to be euthanased, Cape of Good Hope SPCA CEO Allan Perrins said on Monday.

On Saturday morning his vital organs started to shut down and his breathing became even more laboured.

"He was busy dying and it was obvious then that he would not make the night," the CEO said.

"He was totally flat and suffering, we had no choice but to humanely euthanase him."

Shallow grave

Lazarus was discovered on Thursday in a shallow grave on open ground in the Summer Heights area of Kuilsrivier.

The dog was rushed to the SPCA Hospital in Grassy Park and immediately admitted to ICU.

Perrins said that Lazarus's body was covered in maggots, which had already started eating away at his hip and had entered his intestines through an open sore.

His mouth and ears were filled with sand and his airways blocked with mud and other debris, which made it hard to breathe.

He could not stand unaided and had to be hand-fed soft food but could not swallow without choking, the CEO said.

He was given a very guarded prognosis.

Pain and suffering

"Our determined staff was not going to let him die without exhausting every effort and means at their disposal," Perrins said.

"Sadly their efforts and determination were in vain as he had given up the will to live and the look in his eye almost became a plea for us to put an end to his pain and suffering."

An SPCA inspector was investigating the case and would not give up until the perpetrators were found, he said.