Bus knocks down boy, 10

2012-05-11 08:29

Johannesburg - A 10-year-old boy was knocked down and killed by a bus in Soweto on Friday morning, Johannesburg emergency services said.

The accident happened near the New Canada railway station shortly before 07:00, spokesperson Niel Rooi said.


  • lulama - 2012-05-11 08:37

    Soweto again...that township needs to slaughter a goat to appease the ancestors. Something is wrong there. RIP little one.

      Martin - 2012-05-11 10:29

      RIP LIGHTIE,,, no lulama, they gotta start teaching traffic rules at school, when i was in primary school we used to walk down to a little traffic school down the road, with miniature roads, traffic lights, petrol stations etc, and we learned how to operate on the roads. Noone is teaching kids anything anymore. His life could have been spared. a goat wont stop the next kid getting hit by a vehicle unfortunately.

  • Zeblo - 2012-05-11 08:45

    m puttin blame on de Bus driver coz, thr is a board xos dat here drive dis certain speed, so he end up takin inncnt young girl's lyf. He hs 2 b punishd according 2 mi suggestion, go well young gel.

      profkaygee - 2012-05-11 09:55

      I could have sworn the title says Bus knocks down boy.

      Marnus - 2012-05-11 09:56

      Zeblo, maybe consider reading the article twice before you comment, it starts off with giving the age of the child and then specifically saying it is a BOY. Then if you also patch up your language use your comment will have more value.

      Peter-Peter - 2012-05-11 10:43

      Guys...look at the says GIRL...News24 sloppiness as per usual

  • Koos - 2012-05-11 08:47

    This is sad but it is also time that people realise that cars and busses have right of way on a road. a Human can stop quicker that a car or bus.

      Peter - 2012-05-11 09:40

      We cant really say whose at fault, maybe the girl walked without looking or maybe the bus driver wasnt paying attention. Either way its a sad day when such a young person has to lose their life without ever really experiencing life

  • Peter - 2012-05-11 08:47

    Such a tragedy RIP and condolences to the family. Why cant the bus drivers and taxis drive cautiously. I know your trying to make a living but its a living off other people who put their lives in your hands

  • Abdul - 2012-05-11 08:49

    Another horrific story...a little kid mowed down. Death by accident is NO ACCIDENT. We cause these horrors and WE can stop this road carnage. See the website wwwfatalmovesdotcom.

  • Mimi - 2012-05-11 09:08

    RIP lil girl....its sad, on her way to school.....couldnt the bus driver just stop 4 the girl....! Children nowadays are either killed on accidents like these or raped....enough is enough honestly...*crying*

  • Mike - 2012-05-11 09:17

    Bring back scholar road safety programs to schools. Young ppl dont know how to look when crossing the roads.

      Peter-Peter - 2012-05-11 09:46

      Nice try Mike...they will be mugged of their uniforms (for 'car guard' jobs), their poles will be stolen to use as a thing to hold in the hand when they strike. Taxis riding on the pavement there will take out a good couple throughout the year (and if they are Friends Of Zuma, they will accept bribes from taxi owners to keep the 'gates open'). I know im talking a lot of ****, but the sad reality (of the situation in SA at the moment) is that it all kind of makes sense

      Peter-Peter - 2012-05-11 09:59

      also, I dont think we will need the NAOSP (National Association of Scholar Patrol) - Its just going to be another association 'demunding' government funding and start striking and preventing school children from going to school. They will have a field day stoning all the cars passing by...and the cars that stop, their wheels will be burned lol

  • Marion - 2012-05-11 09:21

    RIP little one and sincere condolences to all family and friends.

  • winston.mullany - 2012-05-11 09:36

    Now this is seriously something never nice to hear, I couldn't care less about the circumstances, a little life is lost. RIP little one!

  • melissa.leroux.902 - 2012-05-11 10:13

    boy? girl? come one news24..the least you insensitive jounalists could've done was get the childs gender right. rest in peace little one

      Peter - 2012-05-11 10:46

      Yea wtf is this, bad reporting News24 you cant ammend articles as you please without notice

      thembinkosi.mj - 2012-05-13 17:55

      Duh a 10 year old u have a eye problem

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