Bus strike strands 35 000 Jhb commuters

2012-10-15 13:25

Johannesburg - Some 35 000 Johannesburg commuters were stranded on Monday after striking drivers of leading bus company, Rea Vaya, parked their fleet in South Africa's economic hub, employers said.

The strike by 240 drivers was staged after talks over wages and shifts between the employer, the Johannesburg municipality and the workers collapsed on Friday.

"Our bus drivers are on strike. They gave us a 48-hour notice to embark on a strike - after negotiations failed," general manager Dumisani said.

Known as Rea Vaya bus, the company normally serves the city's high density townships to the main industrial and commercial areas of South Africa's largest city.

Mntambo said the company is going to court to try stop the strike and "try find some common ground".

A strike by Lonmin platinum mine workers in August snowballed into copycat strikes at other mines before spreading to other sectors.
Thousands of delivery truck drivers ended a three-week strike on Friday after securing a three-year wage deal.

Elsewhere, thousands of mine workers are still on strike, including at the world's largest platinum mine complex run by Anglo American and the operations of one of the leading gold producers Gold Fields.

  • Andrea - 2012-10-15 13:27

    Here we go, all on board?

      lydonmcg - 2012-10-15 13:32

      "Well, get off! We're striking."

      omo.naija.750 - 2012-10-15 13:35

      When will these madness stop.Why are these guys trying by all means to destroy South Africa??? These guys are spoiled brats,they have a great country but want to demolish it at all cost.This is more like national suicide! If care is not taken and these continues over the next decade, Zimbabwe will be like a 5 star hotel when compared to South Africa.

      aniken.vader.31 - 2012-10-15 13:41

      dude - I recall that other article: "they want the jobs, but not the work"!!!

      maree.cassie - 2012-10-15 13:46

      How long will this continue! Someone needs to take action! Fire them!

      sani.ghana.3 - 2012-10-15 14:03

      These strikers are the fathers and brothers of those who depend on transport to get to work and school. It is time for the adults of south africa to start acting responsible

      vambozha.mutemi.9 - 2012-10-15 14:16

      Taxi drivers where are you? May you go on strike so our roads will be safe for a while?

      lsfreak - 2012-10-15 15:17

      Why stop... The people that call for them to stop don't understand what's happening, say you R10000 and get an increase of 8% thats R800 they get paid R4000 and an increase of what R32. Now whats the increases in food and petrol, now see how bad the people have it at the bottom.

      gerald.parker.3956 - 2012-10-15 16:08

      Isfreak No wonder you lot have problems R32 is only .8% of R4000 8% IS ACTUALLY r320.00

      lsfreak - 2012-10-15 18:24

      Hey Mr Parker explain the meaning of "you lot", Just woke up then typed so "Oops" sorry I missed the "0", but the meaning stands and i think you mean "R" for Rands not "r" for hmmm Rupees :/

      andrez.kolesky - 2012-10-15 19:17

      A long walk to Economic Freedom (pun intended)

  • jose.r.correia - 2012-10-15 13:32

    Vaya con dios

  • jacob.zooma.9 - 2012-10-15 13:34

    One strike ends and another begins.

      susanna.smit.7 - 2012-10-15 14:07

      T'is the season to be striking, fa la la la laaaa!

  • stanley.marries - 2012-10-15 13:36

    That's what one thing I hate about strikes...Is it really necessary to inconvinient other people because of your pursuit of greed???...Just go on with your damn strike and don't mess up the streets by throwing dust bins over,breaking into shops,damaging private- and state property and by blocking off roads!...that's not civilsed...oh sh* don't know what civilised mean,sorry!!

  • altusvanzyl - 2012-10-15 13:37

    Useless morons!!

      Spiral - 2012-10-15 14:01

      couldnt agree more!!

  • joe.farmer.92775 - 2012-10-15 13:38

    1200% wage increase and a 2 day working week

  • Mpotsiseng - 2012-10-15 13:41

    It's strike season... Taxis should be next. No wait it's trash can collectors next

  • bill.mckimm.9 - 2012-10-15 13:44

    This has been a bad decision from day one. Get a system your customers don't want, hire militant cadres and you end up with a total financial loss and blocked city streets. Another success for the power crazy meglomaniacs we call our leaders.

  • amanda.matthews.14811 - 2012-10-15 13:44

    This striking scum have just taken thieving to a new level. We want, we will destroy, we will kill. They actually make the Somalian Pirates look like pussies.

  • BigChiefPlumbPudding - 2012-10-15 13:53

    I'm sorry for those who had to walk or couldn't get to work, but you get what you vote for - uncontrollable strikes, chaos, violence etc. Enjoy.

  • carolyn.myburgh - 2012-10-15 13:57

    Blah Blah Blah that's all we very seem to hear or see on the news channels this lot or that lot is striking what a complete joke this is.

  • zwelethu.sabasaba - 2012-10-15 14:05

    I have 50 rea vaya tickets that i hoped will cover my transport for this month but since the bus drivers are on strike and i can't get a refund, i'm stranded as well! Hope it ends soon or i get some luck

  • Andrea - 2012-10-15 14:11

    What's next, commuters strike because they're not happy that there was no transport? "you have a right to strike" I wonder if anybody ever wondered about the possible implications of those "wise words"?

  • khathu.rasi - 2012-10-15 14:13

    Jah soon it will be Unicipalities, teachers and nurses not forgeting farm workers. Just a thoght, why farmer onwers dont strike for farm murders?

  • vambozha.mutemi.9 - 2012-10-15 14:16

    Taxi drivers where are you? May you go on strike so our roads will be safe for a while?

  • khathu.rasi - 2012-10-15 14:16

    Atleast i cum from Venda, we dont strike here,when all truck driversembarked on strike, in Limpopo we still work, big up to us

      Andrea - 2012-10-15 14:40

      good for you!

  • Arno Lotz - 2012-10-15 14:33

    yea,in SA you will find that people STRIKE,no other land in the world strike as much as we do,maybe we must hire then people from Venda,Moz and would never strike,because their Fathes learn them from age 5 to work,and principles like if you dont work you cant eat,save money and serve God.

  • foxiloxi - 2012-10-15 14:50

    Rea Vaya drivers have been on strike so often since it started!?!?! Guys you are F*$%ing up our economy in such a bad way that there will not be any jobs left for any of us?!?!

  • JHLR73 - 2012-10-15 14:58

    The collapse of South Africa is near, very near. Closer than we may think.

  • gerald.parker.3956 - 2012-10-15 15:12

    What is the worst four letter swear word (according to the strikers) that you could say to them WORK

      andrez.kolesky - 2012-10-15 19:28

      There'e no doubt in my mind you watched Red Bull Stratos - Mission to the Edge of Space. HA !!!

  • alonso.opinion - 2012-10-15 15:13

    What about setting up "strike camps" like old army bases, etc. Then send every one who wants to strike there! The rest of us can continue working in peace. Chris Moerdyk wrote about perceptions; well my perception currently is that most workers (trade union type) are good for only two things; to strike (which includes violence, murder, destruction) and to steal.

  • jayb.bee.9 - 2012-10-15 15:32

    prostitutes when you going on strike ?

  • willem.leroux2 - 2012-10-15 15:41

    just show you can't rely on guverment transport

  • John - 2012-10-15 15:58

    Wait for it.....very soon a non-skilled bus driver will be "demunding" a basic salary of R12 500. Very soon too, unskilled "wekkas" will be earning more than skilled and qualified people. Before Rea-Vaya, these bus drivers were unemployed and desperate, then they got the job and now that they are in, you can't get them out. The story of the African-mentality and why Africa will continue to decline and why MORE people will fight for LESS jobs as time goes by. There are none so dumb as those that refuse to learn!

  • issa.kabudula - 2012-10-15 16:00

    Why negotiation failed - lack of understand and visioning from both sides, commuters are stranded, companies losing money so is the bus company, a lot more will happen which will lead to deaths of innocent people then sit to renegotiate after the damage - we are tired of this.

  • John - 2012-10-15 16:01

    To the ANC: When will you take your heads out of your @rs3s and see that the right to strike is about as evil and pointless as can possibly be? Someone with zero intelligence just does not get this though.

      andrez.kolesky - 2012-10-15 19:21

      Politics makes strange bedfellows rich'

  • anakin.skyvader.9 - 2012-10-15 17:43

    Why bother to promote public transport? And what about the commuters now that don't have a car? Oh yes, there's always a mini-crashbus available somewhere. No wonder everyone has lost interest in Jhb CBD - it's just become a central point to hold endless protests and marches and disrupt everything. Last visited it in 2010 when I had no choice, they can keep it all to themselves. Big and small businesses are still leaving Jhb CBD. What a sick joke. Now don't forget to 'steal a banana on the sidewalk while breaking and burning something' because you demand and demand.

  • Mike Mbongolo Purchase - 2012-10-15 20:21

    When are tax payers going on strike...oh hang...most taxpayers fall into the intelligent and fore sighted group,i see.

  • yolanda.haripersad.1 - 2012-10-15 21:33


  • renier.lubbe.7 - 2012-10-15 22:37

    Watch the movie MAD MAX again. That is what SA will look like when everything grinds to a halt. It all begins with economic meltdown and lawlessness.

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