Business Day slams Mdluli reinstatement

2012-05-04 12:24

Johannesburg - Crime intelligence boss Richard Mdluli's reinstatement illustrates President Jacob Zuma's poor leadership, Business Day newspaper wrote in a front-page editorial on Friday.

"The manner in which investigations into the alleged criminal activities of Lieutenant General Mdluli have repeatedly been stymied, and those trying to follow due process have been undermined, points to political intervention at the highest level," the paper said.

Fraud, corruption and murder charges were dropped against Mdluli in February. In addition, Mdluli had acquired additional powers, becoming the only police officer who could authorise wire taps.

On Friday, the Mail & Guardian reported that the Hawks had uncovered a concealed bank account used to illegally siphon money.

The account was separate from the police secret service account, which had been the subject of earlier investigations. Two unnamed sources familiar with the investigation had confirmed the discovery, according to the paper.

In one instance, commission received on police vehicles purchased for more than R40m was kept secret in the concealed account. This discovery was made as part of the Hawks' investigation into Mdluli, the weekly newspaper reported.

The Hawks had continued to investigate Mdluli without his knowledge, as it had a constitutional obligation to probe alleged criminality, the paper reported.

Mdluli told the Mail & Guardian he was not aware of the investigation.

  • Snoopy - 2012-05-04 12:34

    Genade, sal die Here ons tog HELP! Good on the Business Day Newspaper for saying it like it is. Away with the ANC and ALL there Corrupt Officials. The whole LOT of them. Fire them all. and for heaven sakes, PROSECUTE THEM ACCORDINGLY.

      Zing - 2012-05-04 12:57

      Mike! There are only 49m people in SA. So are you one of them? Get a life, not everyone is like that.

      Greg - 2012-05-04 12:57

      There's nothing a bit of money and knowing the right people can't get you... and the tragic part of all this is that it will simply be forgotten and Mdluli never brought to book...We really do need a new government, one that will actually stand up to this kind of sh@t...

      randomhero6661 - 2012-05-04 13:04

      @mike your narrow minded 49 mil figure doesn't represent all south africans, change the way you think and things around you will change.

      Snoopy - 2012-05-04 13:59

      Mike, It's because of people like YOU, that we will never stand a chance. Grow some balls and use your influence on people in a positive manner and for heaven sakes, VOTE!

      Schmee - 2012-05-04 14:00

      OMW Mike must be pretty uneducated because he still doesn't realise what's wrong with his comment.

  • Koos - 2012-05-04 12:35

    The big question is: Did he watch porn?

      Philemon - 2012-05-04 12:38

      Get a life you DA retard.

      Koos - 2012-05-04 12:41

      Come on Philemon? He does all these thing and he gets away with it but a guy watches a bit of porn and he is getting investigated? Who should be investigated and brought to book here? A guy stealing millions and gets promoted or a guy watching a bit of porn who will probably get fired?

      Gieljam - 2012-05-04 12:46

      No but he knows about the rhino horn...

      Smile - 2012-05-04 12:48

      @Philemon - I SEE YOU!!! What the hell are you doing here? I thought the ANC used you like a tampon and threw you awaY? GET LOST TROLL!

      Koos - 2012-05-04 12:51

      @Gieljam: Philemon got "the horn"... mmmm what did Malema have to say about that?

      Stirrer - 2012-05-04 12:57

      Philemon, people who vote DA actually have the ability to think for themselves. If you vote ANC, on the other hand...

      Philemon - 2012-05-04 12:57

      @Smile STFU & get out you settler.

      Oneant - 2012-05-04 13:05

      @Philemon : please buy some more BMW's from my country. Our free, world class, healthcare and education system needs your support. twat.

      Ed - 2012-05-04 13:13

      Philemon, there is a beeeeeeg difference between watching porn and imbezzling ,millions upon millions. ask yourself a question, how many more toilets, homes, schools eetc could be built with the R50 BILLION that is fraudulently stolen by givernment officials in SA every year??? now get a life and focus on what is important, crime is crime but it cannot be fought when you now have THREE corrupt police bosses in a row.

      Smile - 2012-05-04 13:16

      Evertone who responded to Philemon in a reasonable manner: You cannot reason with him! I assure you all that he thrives on tenderfraud and idiocracy! HE IS A CONDOM COMARADE!

      Press - 2012-05-04 15:14

      There really is no difference between watching porn and watching this governmnet govern. The only difference is in the one movie its only the public thats getting sc@#$wed.

      Wim - 2012-05-04 19:24

      Alica you don't look that young.

  • Mike - 2012-05-04 12:36

    Our president is a real buffoon, sad for SA!

  • Wimpie.Haefele - 2012-05-04 12:36

    Now that he know about it, he will stop the investigation and fire the people in the Hawks investigating him.

      Romeo - 2012-05-04 12:53

      That's Zuma for you, why did we vote a std3 for president, why?

      Wimpie.Haefele - 2012-05-04 13:43

      They do not get the concept of serving the people, they see SA people as their own little pawns

  • Romeo - 2012-05-04 12:37

    I so wish Zuma and Mdluli be investigated, im so tired of these corrupt and fraudulent goverment, i curse the day we doubted Mbheki.

  • chiepner - 2012-05-04 12:37

    And so it begins - our future dictator is consolidating his power base by employing people who WOULD kill for him on HIS request, by silencing the press, changing the constitution and also over hauling the judiciary. The fat cats are making sure they will get fatter and also become untouchable...........

      roberta.keeling - 2012-05-04 12:49

      Couldn't agree with you more. This way the president can assure that he is safe from any investigation and/or prosecution. At the same times he helps his crooked buddies out of the mire. What a life! :(

      Zing - 2012-05-04 12:54

      You may have hit the nail on the head. He was instrumental in getting Mbeki out of office. Because of his own incompetence, he now fears the same might happen to him, and he's surrounding himself with people who will support him in a coup d'├ętat! We think we're screwed now? Wait til that happens!

  • Gieljam - 2012-05-04 12:44

    Surely by now the president has become aware of the fact that he is surrounding himself with has been's .If this country really wants to move forward the elected must realize they need competent genuine loyal ready to perform white citizens who will put the country first above their own interests otherwise we are fast going to no places.

      Thembi - 2012-05-05 10:31

      Gieljam what do you mean?white citizen who will Put the country first?what a racist, your grandfathers enjoyed while it lasted treating blacks like animals?is that what you prefer?silly silly are illiterate if you think blacks are less supiriour than you.Get a life and accept change,Racist.for your own info Blacks are here to stay they are not going anywhere.

      Gieljam - 2012-05-05 14:00

      Tembi as we now have been brainwashed to believe that blacks cant be racists because their attacks on minority groups are mostly of a criminal nature ,you unfortunately now have displayed that you are one of a kind in your racist remarks .I specifically mentioned whites to cause a wake up call to those that are asleep and caught you solid so sorry for exposing your weakness.

  • magomarele - 2012-05-04 12:50

    so it seems like this Mdluli character has some connections with the brainless president! I mean, how can any president in his right mind allow someone as dodgy as Mdluli to resume his duties in one of the most powerful offices in our security forces? The civil society must unite and fight these morons. If Zuma does nothing about Mdluli then we must deal with both of them.

      Steve - 2012-05-04 13:26

      Well said. Now get your message out to the uninformed millions and let's vote these thieves out.

  • Zing - 2012-05-04 12:50

    Oh, brother! Is there no end to this? Soon the Hawks will be disbanded too :(

      Steve - 2012-05-04 13:28

      Hey Zing. The Hawks are pretty controlled and toothless unless Zuma and his cronies instruct them to be. Bring back the Scorpions, they could sting.

  • neels.swart.7 - 2012-05-04 12:50

    Mdluli you are corrupt to the bone you are not above the law one day your wings is going to burn. It is people like you that is bringing this country to it's knees and your president

  • Tsietsi - 2012-05-04 13:04

    It is clear, through this issue and others that Zuma cannot provide leadership. Eish this man is an embarrassment! By the way, who are his advisors?

  • Ed - 2012-05-04 13:10

    i say let the president go, he can dislocate a hip with all that happy jig-jigging and dancing he does. thats all he his good for. as a president he is USELESS and leading the country to banana-republic-dom. as for the past and current SAPS leadership, firing squad for them. ready, aim, fire....job done ow let the SAPS do what it is supposed to, FIGHT CRIME, RAPE, MURDER and CORRUPTION!!!!!

  • Mike Purchase - 2012-05-04 13:15

    Eish it all apartheids fault if you okes didnt like it why did you let them teach it to you.

  • Mike Purchase - 2012-05-04 13:18

    And about crime intelligence,what intelligence?

  • Michael - 2012-05-04 13:18

    Our President has failed us as South Africans, with his poor leadership qualities to say the least. I urged that we re-call Him NOW. Why till Mangaung. We are South Africa and should not be afraid to stand up against the wrongs of our laeders.

  • Morama - 2012-05-04 13:26

    This is nothing!!!Malema has got baplatform and expect a lot more of exposure where we will end up not knowing where to start.Zooormer is now building an intouchable empire where he want to see himself being surrounded by those who we so wish can pursue him in all his dirty corrupt deals including his immediate family instant millionares!!! I am not proud to be south african anymore and maybe i would be if the majority that keeps on voting this autocratic party.Worstly 80% of those voters are now not aware of this!!!

  • Mike - 2012-05-04 13:35

    @randon - you talk such BS. Change the way I think - Please - I think just like the minority do and the same as you, so dont hide behind stupid comments

  • William - 2012-05-04 13:40

    If anybody is naive enough to believe that Mdluli is anything other than bent and corrupt they have been living in Disneyland for the last couple of months!!!! In any normal constitutional democracy these allegations would have been given time to be investigated and challenged in court, but not in SA???? Not only has he not been removed from his position but is going to be given further powers???? Old Prez Zuma surely is smoking some of the good stuff!!!! Nice to be buddies with the big cheese!!!!

  • neels.swart.7 - 2012-05-04 13:42

    The time has come that we get the DA or AWB to run the country because the ANC has failed

  • Steve - 2012-05-04 13:46

    This is classic! Imagine Zuma and Malema bumping into one another in a shopping mall and trading insults. Malema: "Hello Showerhead!" Zuma: "Hello Used Condom!"

      Press - 2012-05-04 15:11

      Hows this for a new game: Condom covers showerhead, showerhead breaks scales of justice, scales of justice tears condom . . . . now if you take three people, one with a shower on his head, one with a condom over his head and . . . . . . .

  • anneline.duplessis1 - 2012-05-04 13:47

    Die EEN GEMORS NA DIE ANDER! TWo wrongs dont make a right!

  • alu.ntsandeni - 2012-05-04 14:10

    ANC is pathetic, somebody have to stop this bunch.. we are turning into Zimbabwe now.

  • Brett - 2012-05-04 14:27

    We need DA government in our lifetime.

      Wim - 2012-05-04 19:37

      Why, the ANC not corrupt enough for you?

  • Keith - 2012-05-04 15:11

    This case is a good example of the benefit of having a "fervont" and free press. The truth will come out, eventually. Due to the involved, sooner would be better than later in this case, simply to send a message, the tide is turning in favor of the citizens.

  • louwv - 2012-05-04 15:36

    Strories like this do not shock any more, as it is so common these days. How long is the clown going to survive?

      Carl - 2012-05-04 20:22

      Imagine what the rest of the world is saying, especially those who were so pro anti old South Africa.We have now become the laughing stock, the future Banana Republic and the overseas media "comic book" and in CNN's shock stories...Long live Nelson and Thabo we miss you.What do you think the rest of the world is saying now.

  • sandy.langenstrass - 2012-05-04 15:41

    This surely must speak out load of the kind of president we have running our country....where else in the world would a president appoint a person who is implicated in a murder and all the other things they have on Mdluli,and give him 'THE TOP POST" in the police.....but we all know the does one rid our land of this vermin.

  • Mark - 2012-05-04 15:56

    Richard Mdluli, the Rasputin of South Africa.

      Gieljam - 2012-05-04 18:56

      Must have been a rustic putin or a raz mataz job

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