Cabinet appoints toll system task team

2011-10-15 17:41

Johannesburg - The Cabinet has appointed a task team to look into the controversial Gauteng tolling system, the transport department said on Saturday.

"Transport Minister Sibusiso Ndebele, Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan and others are part of the task team," said spokesperson Logan Maistry.

The Cabinet approved reduced toll tariffs in August for the N1 highway between Johannesburg and Pretoria. These are expected to come into effect in the new year.

Motorcyclists are to pay 24c/km, light motor vehicles 40c, medium vehicles R1, and "longer" vehicles R2/km. Taxis and buses were exempted.

The Democratic Alliance recently launched a resistance campaign to the tolling of Gauteng's major highways through social networking sites. The party was also planning protest marches

Plans to put up toll gate structures on the N1 and N2 in Cape Town have also been met with resistance.

"The public has different views on the toll system and road funding is an issue we all need to discuss, roads need to be built, and maintained, Maistry said.

  • eddiebant - 2011-10-15 17:51

    Why was the roads in a better condition 15y ago.There were no tollroads,levy on this and that,and fuelprices weren't that high.This goverment is collecting more than it can spend and only a few benefit from it.Somewhere something is wrong!

      hendrik.pretorius5 - 2011-10-15 18:55

      The Government has other priorities, like fleecing their own pockets. If you and the economy wants proper roads to travel to work, pay the taxes.

      Dave - 2011-10-16 06:36

      85c in every Rand is going to a foreign country running the system--WHY should not this South African money stay in South Africa to benifit South Africans.

  • Anthony - 2011-10-15 17:55

    wtf taxis and buses, they are the ones that cause the stats to be so high is there not one member in parliment awake?

      colin.dovey - 2011-10-15 19:58

      They are scared of the Taxis blocking the Highways in protest actions. So we pay, through our cars, then the extra money paid for food because of the high truck tolls.

  • msfletcher1 - 2011-10-15 18:05

    If the money raised through taxation was used for the upkeep of the infrastructure there would be no need for this kind of tolling. Before they introduce this tax, let's get them to make a few concessions, like getting rid of the money-sapping National Youth Development Agency for starters, then parliamentarians and ministers can start by taking a cut in their salaries. They can give back their expensive cars and use government garage car, and Zuma's wives can live off his salary, so cut their R15m a year allowance. If the ANC is serious about the people, then they should start to take serious cuts in their expenses. Sadly, this won't happen. Milking the citizens has become a national past-time.

      Zebelon - 2011-10-15 23:00

      Sport on. The ANC government intends making the already previledged few all the richer by milking the struggling lower echelons. They minimise the usage of taxes on road upkeep so as to use what is saved for their priviledged lifestyle.

  • Margaret - 2011-10-15 18:06

    The roads are SUPPOSED to be built and maintained out of the licence fees!!What are they doing with all the money from car licences???

  • Tino Visser - 2011-10-15 18:06

    We pay a massive levy on fuel and my opinion is that they should use that money to substitute the road maintenance. The problem is that government wants to milk us more and more. They are not happy with the amount of money they already waste and steal, they need more.

  • simone.adetoye - 2011-10-15 18:11

    This system is extremely unfair on us travelling from Polokwane - JHB. Already we have to pay fees at 5 toll gates before reaching PTA, and now this? O no no no! Not fait @ all.

  • ian.d.samson - 2011-10-15 18:19

    We are ALL against this! Fees are TOO HIGH!

  • Yaseen - 2011-10-15 19:52

    If it go's ahead, we riot like they rioting in athens, london , egypt, and thembelihle We loot shops and we burn taxis and busses (coz they exempt from paying)

  • Johnnie - 2011-10-15 20:13

    The toll system is the biggest lot of nonsense that has ever come into being.There are plenty of ways to finance the roads, fuel has been taxed for ages. The big snag is that the money gained from taxes for the roads do not end up where it should.Why must we pay toll for roads in South Africa, but the profits made goes to Europe.Let the people that are so keen for this system come out with the truth.

      hendrik.pretorius5 - 2011-10-15 20:49

      Explain your statement with facts Johnnie, I suspect your are a big overheated balloon with no facts to substantiate what you say. BEEEEEG probem in SA, more than a cheating Governmemnt.

      Ronald - 2011-10-16 02:48

      Hendrik, the facts have been in print for the last year. The taxes collected through fuel levies was R33 Billion and the budget for infrastructure was R29 Billion, data provided by the AA. That means that an excess of R4 Billion was collected. But because these funds go directly to the national viscus, it gets allocated to projects not stipulated for use of the fuel levy. The company that won the tender(R6.2 Billion over 8 years)for the design and operation of the Gauteng toll roads is 80% owned by and Austrian company. Further more Sanral projects an income of R300 Million per month after deductions from these tolls, enabling them to pay the R20 Billion back in 8 years. The bonds offered to get the funding to build/improve the roads only mature in 2020, 2023 and 2035, making Sanral one of the most profitable entities in SA. And remember, these are only the projections for the PTA-JHB toll roads. The budget to build and improve these roads and install the toll gantries represented as much as 69% budgeted for new roads and upkeep for the whole of SA.(R20 Billion Pta-Jhb, R29 Billion for the rest of the country)

  • lynne.paine1 - 2011-10-15 20:46

    There is no way this will work as the public already battle with unemployment. What will transpire is a larger poor segment of the population, smaller companies going into liquidation and the 'back roads' being congested with traffic. Don't these people think before the waste tax payers money!!!

  • Craig Louw - 2011-10-16 03:20

    We're already paying twice, motor vehicle licenses and fuel levies. They are raping us again.

      Michael - 2011-10-16 09:59

      Correct @Max and stand by for an impending additional fuel levy to fund road maintenance. Yet another task team made up of government officials who have no skills to rectify an already corrupt system (conceived by them in the first place)! How many "connected" peeps are shareholders in the toll companies who "funded" this fiasco? The costing of the billing infrastructure (to collect toll fees) is nearly as much as the roads themselves and guess who will end up paying. Another ill-considered hotchpotch short term solution that has gone pear shaped. Watch this space for the NHS which is likely to be a disaster of greater monumental proportions. One would think that by now they would have learnt to benchmark "best practice" elsewhere before implementing such ridiculously short-sighted ideas. Oh well, they can rape us but we don't have to love the baby :P

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