Cabinet condemns Zuma painting

2012-06-01 11:05

Cape Town - Cabinet has formally condemned The Spear, the Brett Murray painting of President Jacob Zuma with exposed genitals, as an insult to his dignity, office and culture.

"Cabinet expressed its disapproval of the Brett Murray portrait that depicted the president in a denigrating manner," it said in a statement on Friday.

"This depiction also showed disrespect for the office of the president and the culture that he shares with millions of people."

It added that while the government supported freedom of expression, this right should be exercised with sensitivity and "should not undermine the fundamental right to human dignity of the president and/or any citizen of the country".

The Film and Publication Board on Friday imposed a 16N rating on the painting, which was vandalised last Tuesday.

This means that any museum or publication that shows the image will have to put in place mechanisms to prevent children under 16 seeing it.

  • Francois - 2012-06-01 11:10

    Ag siestog!!!

  • zaatheist - 2012-06-01 11:13

    How stupid it this. Its a circle jerk of guys flattering the master who gave them their jobs.

      dennis.vermaak.5 - 2012-06-01 11:43

      This is the best comment ever regarding this f.....g painting !!!

      rbphiri - 2012-06-01 12:02

      I guess cabinet is getting their spears buttered on both sides. This story is dead, but the ruling party keeps on exhuming the corpse and filling the air with the stench of monotony which fails to decay, with an issue that should've remained buried in the grave yard of political BS.

      Kala - 2012-06-01 12:08

      And Zuma himself has yet to comment on the painting. He probably like it. To Parliament - Thanks for your input. What are you doing about the crime in the country?

  • Gigo - 2012-06-01 11:14

    Let's move on please,Zuma is not God...

      rbphiri - 2012-06-01 12:04

      All this over a penis, which was highly over exaggerated in size.

  • Martin - 2012-06-01 11:15

    did anyone hear a noise?

      rbphiri - 2012-06-01 12:07

      Did anyone join the march? Ooh yes that's right! a bunch of cluess sperms protesting in support for a NUT sack ...i mean nut case. It's over please!!! Cabinet should get back to what they do best, screwing the country.

  • Loo - 2012-06-01 11:18

    ONE PENIS ??? ,, not even the popes penis would have caused such an outcry.. MUCH ADO about NOTHING. Yeat Ayanda Mbulu's depiction escapes them LOL .. Is there not even ONE politician in that sleeping cabinet that can stand up and say . ."Damn people .. lets leave this now. Just now the uneducated is going to realize wev'e not bothered with worse portraits even insulting Mandela with penises ALL over the show."

      ianingwe - 2012-06-01 11:30

      More people (boys) seen the popes then?

      tmnqayi - 2012-06-01 15:29

      hahaha thats because the popes penis is useless the Umshini-wam is busy producing numbers by numbers hahaha

  • DawidDBBotes - 2012-06-01 11:19

    if Zuma wasnt such panzy and just laughed off the painting, nobody would have cared. The fact that zuma wanted the painting removed actually caused its wide spread publicity.

      ianingwe - 2012-06-01 11:31

      The Streisand effect working!!

      Megan - 2012-06-01 11:36

      Yes, it's actually quite interesting. If they, the ANC, had keep their stupid mouths shut, the only people who would have even seen that painting would have been art gallery enthusiasts and in all fairness that probably would have representd 0.09% of the entire population!!! But no, now we all have to know about it. Really, this was just an exercise for them to prove just how racist they really are.

      tmnqayi - 2012-06-01 15:31

      this is very true for every nickname given if one just laugh at it it all goes way quickly.

  • Psy4genic.Mgcwaba - 2012-06-01 11:23

    Khanyi Mbau must be angry and disappointed that her nude pictures shown in newspapers never recieved such attention and regarded as pornography.

      tmnqayi - 2012-06-01 15:34

      hey that st88p**id Khanyi whatever thing is busy showing her thingi of but Zuma is using his tool not playing with it. And it looks like he knows how ask any dissent lady in the country they all want the taste.

  • kdruzynski - 2012-06-01 11:24

    Zuma,what culture?

      Kala - 2012-06-01 12:31

      @Nkululeko - Brave words coming from being anonoymous. If you don't condone stealing and its not in the African culture to steal, then please explain why some Africans stole half of my house hold contents. And if, by your logic, the African can now rightfully kill and maime to take back what was stolen from him, can I know go roam the townships shooting and killing until I get my stuff back? PS - Its spelt alien

      edwardsch - 2012-06-01 12:31

      @Nkululeko - you are nothing but a racist and a bigot. It is the intolerance that you display that causes this kind of nonsense in the first place. If you carry on with this 'Ethnic Cleansing' speech, be prepared to be hauled before a court on a charge of hate speech !!!!!!

      ettienne.hattingh - 2012-06-01 12:33

      Nkululeko. Why don't you update your profile so that we can all see who you are. I quess that will not happen as you are a spineless racist bastard.

      Poloyatonki - 2012-06-01 12:41

      Nkululeko - Well said.

      Loo - 2012-06-01 13:09

      Nkululeko.. Youre forefathers migrated from North Africa displacing and or killing the khoiSan in the first place hundreds of years ago(Khoisan being the original inhabitants of South Africa). Yes and so did the "white" settlers much later. But I will tell you one more thing,, Chaka was the biggest ethnic cleanser of all. And BOET, you know what.. he killed more black people in his quest than white.. So stop this hatred BS of yours and just realize we all need to co-exist. Comparing brutal pasts might lead to you hanging your head in shame too for what your forefathers did to helpless women and children.

      ettienne.hattingh - 2012-06-01 13:11

      and the donki gives his 5 cents too. You must be china's or related. Two d!ck heads

      Mark - 2012-06-01 13:18

      @Nkululeko, Alien fella, alien, you mean we're aliens. Really sorry to disappoint you, from a heritage point of view, but I can trace my lineage - in SA - back to 1770. Can you trace your lineage beyond 1994?

      philani.ngcongo2 - 2012-06-01 14:07

      Dnt say we.say i will.

      Nkululeko - 2012-06-01 14:20

      @Kala, go to the township and try to shoot, u gonna see ur arse, ask ur godfather Tereblanche. We are not scared anymore!

      Nkululeko - 2012-06-01 14:24

      @ Edwardsch, don't try to scare me with court, I'm always there since you don't know, now truth hurts neh? You are NOT an African, unless u are like Michael Jackson u changed ur colour. Go ahead to court, u'll find me there waiting to tell u on ur ugly face.

      Nkululeko - 2012-06-01 14:34

      @Loo, firstly u don't know what u r talking about, Northen Africa is still in Africa, what point are you trying to make here. U r not an African. Secondly, we never had Chaka in Africa, but we had Shaka, how can u know about Shaka if u don't even know his name? Senseless neh? Lastly, you white must stop provoking us (Blacks), we are as much human beings as you are!!

      Nkululeko - 2012-06-01 14:38

      @Philani.ngcongo2, Phambuka, Mkhonto obukhali!

      Loo - 2012-06-01 15:15

      Nkululeko .. bwahahah .. do you hear what youre saying ,, your logic is just dumb, You say in other words that if your ancestors were born in Africa it entitles them to take anything from another African ???? Anyway shush . .your'e obviously too stupid and un-informed for a real convo on this subject matter. And BTW Shaka was a screwed in the head sadist btw much as Hitler.. Go read that up too

      tmnqayi - 2012-06-01 15:47

      Good people if you are fighting with what Nkululeko had said please do so without using the Name "iLEMBE eleqa amanye amalembe ngokukhalipha". For doing so you not only talking to Nkululeko now you talking to the whole of the Zulu people and that is not just playground fellas. you ask that to the Royalties in England and tell me what was the answer. And don't compere iLembe with Hitler the two are the total opposite.

  • leagan.phillipslaws - 2012-06-01 11:25

    Oh lord, not this again. I think the entire cabinet must be gay because this obsession with a penis is not normal.

  • djmain1 - 2012-06-01 11:25

    Live by the spear, die by "The Spear". Phansi cANCer, phansi!!!

      Poloyatonki - 2012-06-01 12:22

      Thats Racist.

      djmain1 - 2012-06-01 12:25

      How so?

      Poloyatonki - 2012-06-01 12:39

      You have to be black to understand..

      philani.ngcongo2 - 2012-06-01 14:10

      i'm black and i dnt get it.

      Kala - 2012-06-01 16:42

      Nor did I

      Nicolaas - 2012-06-01 19:51

      @POLIODONKEY, and you still stupid!!!! I need to fire this zookeeper! Every day he let you escape from your cage. Now run back to the zoo before i decide to eliminate you permanently from the animal king DOM!

      Nicolaas - 2012-06-01 19:53

      @DOMLEKO, you every day at the courts? Please tell me which court? I want to come their with SPCA so that we can put you, the racist dog out of your miserable life. Voetsek, hamba inja!

  • Megan - 2012-06-01 11:27

    To the South African Government and in particular the ANC: Your absolute failure to stamp out crime of any form and your complete inability to govern resulting in an increase in the most horrific crimes is AN INSULT TO THE DIGNITY OF EVERY SINGLE LAW ABIDING CITIZEN OF THIS COUNTRY, yet you do nothing about it! The living conditions of the majority of YOUR support base is an absolute INSULT TO THEIR DIGNITY, yet you DO NOT CARE. Please spare us the bullsh1t! The dignity of a person who pretty much ASKED to be portrayed in that manner due to his inability to think along socially standard norms is the LEAST of this countries problems. Instead of lambasting an artist who merely depicted his opinion, maybe you should be asking yourself WHY a painting like that was created and in doing so, maybe you can answer the question as to WHY no one took any offense at Ayanda Mabulu's painting showing EXACTLY the same thing... Not just of that pathetic excuse for a president but of other,very prominent black leaders... What's with the double standards you bunch of racist CANTS!!!!

      Carl - 2012-06-01 11:48

      Well said Megan!The ANC doesn't know how to prioritise it's concerns and problems, that affects us all, in the future.Instead they use parliament to voice their opinions on arbitrary sh1t.Run the Country for Heaven sakes! Look around and wake up!I hope in years to come we have food to eat and wood for a fire to keep us warm!

  • Oompiet - 2012-06-01 11:32

    You're late,service delivery now please.

  • Joe - 2012-06-01 11:34

    A portrait is not needed to depict our president in a denigrating manner.

      Tim - 2012-06-01 11:42

      Ya Joe. He does an excellent job doing it by himself

  • Timothy - 2012-06-01 11:36

    Everyone wants to get a turn to condemn it.... I feel left out... I also condemn the painting for being poorly painted.

  • drishworth - 2012-06-01 11:36

    I don't agree with the painting and I think it was in bad taste but an insult to Mr Zuma's dignity? He has insulted his own dignity over the years......... A painting of the squeaky clean Queen Elizabeth II or Mother Theresa with their boobs hanging out I would consider an insult to their dignity - a picture of Bill Clinton with a cigar sticking out his fly - maybe not. Take it on the chin Mr Zuma.

  • lynette.dippenaarbekker - 2012-06-01 11:37

    Should the government not rather condemn 50 murders per day?

  • Tim - 2012-06-01 11:40

    Hail Caesar !!!

  • Elizabeth Venter - 2012-06-01 11:47

    i didnt know zuma had any dignity left?

      tmnqayi - 2012-06-01 15:57

      what happened to his dignity my dear?

      Nicolaas - 2012-06-01 19:57

      @tmngayi, it got stolen! he forgot that in sa, if you leave your stuff lying around, some 1 will steal it. I think he is still chasing that goat that stole it while he was herding them!

  • Rob - 2012-06-01 11:55

    Great, everyone now knows of an effective way to get a persons attention. Next time please, a bigger head and a smaller spear

  • zybt99 - 2012-06-01 11:56

    I wonder how many people here actually care about RSA. Or if people realise what News24 is doing to the people of this country. If it were concerned about showing violance then the gruesum killing of Sibusiso Titimane would be on this site and reported on daily. But as things are those sort of things are not reported to give a certain image of this country. Also as a person i am against polygamy but that is not to say i am right and should judge people based on their choices. But seemingly certain people believe they have the excusive right to judge.

  • giftson.clerence - 2012-06-01 11:58

    What they did to our president its very bad en embarrassing aspecially to males,i think we should also do that en draw one of them naked and let the whole world to see what we saw

      Tony - 2012-06-01 12:13

      @giftson clerence: Maybe "them" didn't do the disgraceful things "your" president did.

      Megan - 2012-06-01 14:19

      Giftson, please! The thing that calls himself a president does not need an artist to embarrass him. He's doing a perfectly good job of doing that himself.

      tmnqayi - 2012-06-01 16:01

      how exactly is Zuma embarrassing himself to be precise

      aminaaimez.vanyudahh - 2012-06-02 01:26

      @ T Mnqayi: good question, I'd also Like to hear the answer to that.\r\n@ Megan: you know what makes me laugh is how most of you go on about respect and how the president doesn't show respect when you yourselves are doing the very same thing. Now I don't know how you do it in yoúr culture, but in our culture, we are taught from a young age that you respect your elders despite the emotion you have regarding that person; you respect them. Now that \thing\ as you say, is your president (whether you like it or not) so if you are to address people and using his name, you will refer to him as President Jacob Zuma.

  • Sonja - 2012-06-01 11:58

    Fine..... but the WHOLE WORLD condemns the sa cabinet (circus)

  • George - 2012-06-01 12:00

    Get over it Jacob Zuma!You have insulted the dignity of many South Africans with your lack of control and empty promises. You have even insulted your own intelligent in the past. I don’t condone the painting but move on past it, it happened and now it should be over. A dignified man would have held his head high and would not have indulged the artist with all the attention and fame. You are making a fool of our country and our people.

  • Ivan Overton - 2012-06-01 12:00

    @Giftson - you refer to "one of them". Can you clarify who you mean?

  • Tinus - 2012-06-01 12:04

    Did enough of these oxygen thieves show up to comment on this totally useless affair. Oh by the way if you have no dignity,morals or pride how can you be insulted??

  • buti.lembe - 2012-06-01 12:07

    Our President doesn't respect himself that's why he was expose in that way. Let's go to Mangaung the coming mnths and forget THE SPEAR.

  • Rob - 2012-06-01 12:09

    and finally on this subject. Is anyone else reminded of the story of The Emperor With No Clothes? Check Do a Google Search.

  • Marius - 2012-06-01 12:11

    Zuma has no dignity, if he had he would have made other decisions during his life and thus would have earned respect. The Spear depicts him exactly for what he stand.

  • afrikeni - 2012-06-01 12:11

    A NON EVENT : The comrades are singing for their supper!!

  • amanda.ntshwanti - 2012-06-01 12:14

    Really now this spear again? are they serious they actually sat there and discussed Zuma's penis? where were they the past few days or they dont read the papers anymore because if they did they would have known that all parties involved reached an agreement and now it's time to concerntrate on more important issues! OOps maybe they were all in vacation spending our money(taxpayers) so this topic is new to them!

      Rob - 2012-06-01 12:43

      Come on Amanda, I am certain that they prioritised the topics for the day.....but didn't have any time left for anything else.

  • glen.e.huysamer - 2012-06-01 12:14

    Another fart after the fact.

  • jeffrey.mnisi - 2012-06-01 12:16

    Zuma or no Zuma, Guys you can't depict someone 's ginetals and call it Freedom of exp. fathers and mothers if we think women are a bitches, then our mothers are bicthes. we never had bustards,bitchesand orphans in our cultures because our cultures affirm true family existence. Now we allow ppl to impose meanings on our cultures and traditions. thanks cabinet to realise that Zuma is a nutural person like everyone as the constitution dictates. been a PRES does not expose him to public non-sense. yes Zuma as a person committed lot of public blunders, Rape case, Arms deal, polygamic acts but he does not deservve stupid trreatments like BM did.

  • Mary - 2012-06-01 12:17

    Seriously I think this is stupid. I am sure the whole nations Zulu tribe woman has all already seen his ding-a-ling the way he carries on getting married to a different woman every year. And what about if he dances around with his Zulu outfit with everything hanging out? Please he got what was coming to him. There are bigger crisis's in this country to worry about then a stupid painting with his 1% body part hanging out.

      tmnqayi - 2012-06-01 16:08

      Reminding me of the Scottish man dancing on their outfits with everything hanging. You can attack Zuma I don't mind but please don't you dare talk about the whole Zulu's in that way. Let's all respect each other here please.

  • giammep - 2012-06-01 12:17

    I think news24 has already milked this story way to much

  • jeffrey.mnisi - 2012-06-01 12:21

    Let us paint ET sodomising someone and say, the picture is telling the assumptions or lies Mhlangu said during his Terreblache'murder case.

      Megan - 2012-06-01 12:47

      There is already a painting of ET and Mhlangu regarding the accusations of sodomy... But here's something for you people.. .WE DON'T CARE.

      Bless Boswell - 2012-06-01 13:33

      If the shoe fits wear it - that is the way of satire. But since the sodomy might be found to be pornographic, it's probably not a good idea. The difference here is that in the painting ZJ's toti was not being used, it was just hanging there - so it was not pornographic. You'll have to come up with another idea. Remember, satire is earned. If you are not worthy of it, it will pass you by. Zuma earned it by being promiscuous - and then being arrogant about it.

  • Dave - 2012-06-01 12:22

    They condemn the painting while the country is falling apart. Why would they repair hospitals and schools when they do not have to use them. Bunch of clowns this lot

  • Desmond - 2012-06-01 12:22

    the cuture that undermines the fundamental right to human dignity of all woman of all cultures.

      tmnqayi - 2012-06-01 16:11

      which one is that sir?

  • edwardsch - 2012-06-01 12:23

    If only they would spend as much time and energy on Education, health and crime as they have on this subject, we may have a decent standard of living for all South Africans. I cannot believe the amount of time and money that has been spent on a piece of art that will be residing in Germany and will probably be forgotten in a few months. Cabinet - time to get your priorities sorted out and stop wasting valuable resources of nonsense !!!!!!!!

      tmnqayi - 2012-06-01 16:13

      well said my friend such a waist of public money. So now you know why Zuma is not saying anything on this.

  • kasamkelo - 2012-06-01 12:30

    avatar jeffrey.mnisi - June 1, 2012 at 12:16 Report comment Zuma or no Zuma, Guys you can't depict someone 's ginetals and call it Freedom of exp. fathers and mothers if we think women are a bitches, then our mothers are bicthes. we never had bustards,bitchesand orphans in our cultures because our cultures affirm true family existence. Now we allow ppl to impose meanings on our cultures and traditions. thanks cabinet to realise that Zuma is a nutural person like everyone as the constitution dictates. been a PRES does not expose him to public non-sense. yes Zuma as a person committed lot of public blunders, Rape case, Arms deal, polygamic acts but he does not deservve stupid trreatments like BM did.

      pierre.verwey - 2012-06-01 13:31

      Though I respect your view, fundamentally it belongs to a different century where the dignity of people in power were protected at all costs. In a modern world, however the opposite applies. People in high places have less rights to protection precisely because they are in the public eye. For our cabinet to give their 'verdict' on the matter shows the world just how behind we are in our thinking.. Not that it is the place for a. Cabinet to pass judgement on this matter in the first place. No modern freethinking parliament would ever bother with giving their 'verdict' on it.. They would remain 'above it'.. Any comments, please for better or worse would make them look like idiots. And in they eyes of the world we look like idiots... Cause, and like Trevor Noah rightly jokes, ' the world goes THIS way, and and South Africa goes Eh, THAT way.. ' We deserve to be laughed at...

  • Vaughan - 2012-06-01 12:31

    Culture? The only culture Zuma has is one of corruption and just plain sex with anyone and everyone who will have him...

      kasamkelo - 2012-06-01 12:36

      ignorant sdunyampuphu

      Kagiso Spat Truthtell - 2012-06-01 13:25

      En your culture is stealing land, livestock and minerals, killing black ppl, hatred and using ppl. There are more white ppl doing porn in the world than blacks, there are more white strippers and sex workers in the world. So its clear ur kind are more immoral

      Megan - 2012-06-01 14:28

      Kagiso, correct me if I'm wrong. But recently, a mentally handicapped 17 year old was gang raped by... black men. A 5-month old baby was murdered by... black men. A 70 year old granny was raped and murdered by... black men "there are more white sex workers and strippers in the world", well, yes, because THROUGHOUT THE WORLD there are MORE white coloured people (actually that should say pinkish coloured - more accurate). But IN SOUTH AFRICA, there are more black prostitutes (i.e. sex workers) than there are white. So, please think very carefully before YOU (who the hell do YOU think YOU are anyway!?!) decide to break people up into racial groups and then decide who has the moral high ground.

      Megan - 2012-06-01 14:31

      Oh and another thing, the downright THEFT of BILLIONS of rands from the treasury was done by the ANC... black men... affecting who... the majority of the population living in poverty... black people. Your comments seriously disgust me!

      Bless Boswell - 2012-06-01 16:50

      Kagiso: your comment does not make sense. There are plenty of black people doing porn. Go see There are many black men and women looking for sex one just one site - and there is a brand new porn business starting up in Soweto - so your comment does not hold water. Then, if white people are supposedly so promiscuous, why are most of the aids sufferers black? Then you mention that the whites are stealing minerals: 2 of your black brethren recently had a go at mining - Khulubuse and Mandela junior - and guess what they did - they stripped the mine of all it's assets and put over 5000 people out of their jobs and caused some of those people to commit suicide. Now Khulubuse has to pay back millions. Then the issue of land: some very beautiful pieces of land have been given to black people who claimed the land was theirs. The land is now standing - barren. All the produce eaten. All livestock eaten - what on earth do the black people want? If all farmland is handed over to black people, south Africa will have to import all it's food. You are so overcome with racial hatred that you cannot see the truth. Open your eyes, stop listening to the likes of Malema and go find yourself a job, like the rest of us.

      aminaaimez.vanyudahh - 2012-06-02 01:09

      @ Vaughan: that is President Jacob Zuma to you. He has a title and has the right to be referred to in that way. One question, how does his personal life affect you?

  • gavin.dandridge - 2012-06-01 12:32

    I really think using culture as reason to condemn the painting is bulls*** I always thought nudity was acceptable in african culture? I wonder if culture would be used as a reason if he did run around half exposed?

      kasamkelo - 2012-06-01 12:38

      No u wrong and ignorant. Half nude its ok but not genitals and again in our South African culture and not African culture. Those are 2 different things to put into ur thick skull

      Masixole - 2012-06-01 12:48

      Just because your grandfather went around killing natives does not mean its fine to kill you european africans just imagine if that was terreblanche you stupid food growers would be red like the tomatoes you grow

      Masixole - 2012-06-01 12:56

      You have no reason how lucky and far ahead of parts of this world is south africa coming from someone who lives outside the country this hole thing makes our country look stupid and it makes us look like imoral bufoons here we are trying to market South Africa and then you have this uncivilised way of dissrespcting firstly an Elder,A parent, not to say the head of state its really embarassing

      Masixole - 2012-06-01 12:58

      You have no reason how lucky and far ahead of parts of this world is south africa coming from someone who lives outside the country this hole thing makes our country look stupid and it makes us look like imoral bufoons here we are trying to market South Africa and then you have this uncivilised way of dissrespcting firstly an Elder,A parent, not to say the head of state its really embarassing

      gavin.dandridge - 2012-06-01 12:59

      What a insulting response. I have travelled to lot more African countries and extensively in South Africa, than I bet you have and have seen a lot of men who have no concern with fully exposing themselves publically. So I'm not ignorantly making a comment but stating what I have seen.

      gavin.dandridge - 2012-06-01 13:12

      Firstly, as a teenager my grandfather with his family fled Germany to England to escape termination so was not killing any african natives. Secondly, why does any criticism always have to become racist instead just being criticism and also I think the way this was handled by the ANC made it international news.

      Kagiso Spat Truthtell - 2012-06-01 13:17

      nudity acceptable in african culture??? R u retarded or sumthing jou which african culture hv u seen men walking around with their penis exposed?? U commenting bull

      Bless Boswell - 2012-06-01 13:24

      Gavin, you are trying to apply a reasonable explanation to an unreasonable mentality. The same mentality that believes that if you rape a virgin you will be cured of aids. Don't waste your breath. Suddenly now, 18 years into their democracy, they are terribly threatened by the small percentage of whites left in the country - they perceive that the government is not delivering on their promises and now it's the fault of the whites. So, let's just sit back and watch while they self destruct - they are heading that way.

      aminaaimez.vanyudahh - 2012-06-02 01:04

      @Bless Boswell: an unreasonable mentality? Pardon me but that statement seems *elitist to me because you're indirectly placing yourself and others at a higher level and class than African people and that is closely leaning towards racism.\r\n@Gavin: criticism is only good if it's constructive and unfortunately in South Africa we have cynical pessimistic people who find the need to destroy the country's reputation through *destructive criticism. I understand that criticism is essential and I agree, but only if it will help build the nation rather than destroy it. \r\n\r\nThe main problem here is that people are claiming things they are not sure about. Making a statement on a culture you don't understand

      Bless Boswell - 2012-06-02 08:55

      Ok, so you are saying that it in your culture to rape babies? Because that was the core of what I said. You cannot reason with people who think that way. You have to destroy a life so you can live? You guys protest loudly when someone criticizes someone in government - completely overlooking the fact that your hard earned bucks are going to support someone else's extravagant lifestyle. South Africa's people (especially the black people) have been betrayed by the current government and yet when election time comes round, you vote for them again? So that they can do it some more. That is not culture, that is plain stupid.

  • francois.grobler - 2012-06-01 13:04

    It's funny that they are not in the least concerned about the context of the exhibition. Te works expresses how government is corrupt, steels from the people, full of drunks and thieves that want to End democracy. But it's only JZ exposed wang that is the problem! WTF?

  • ofhani.rapetswane - 2012-06-01 13:07

    No wonder why our country is failing. The national flag gets burnt and trampled on and what do they do? They condem a stupid picture.

      Kagiso Spat Truthtell - 2012-06-01 13:15

      news24 is ignoring the burning of our flag by those skinheads...something must be done abt that VVV racists. Else they should let us the masses deal with them. Our ppl died for that flag to here today and some dirty rednecks jst burn it lyk that, we want revenge.

      Megan - 2012-06-01 14:29

      You know what Kagiso, something needs to be done about your completely childish, destructive attitude. Like you people NEVER burned the old SA flag!!!!???!!!!

      Mc Tyandre - 2012-06-01 14:58

      Megan you are so dumb.

      Megan - 2012-06-01 15:06

      Mc Tyandre Maybe you could justify that comment? I don't mind being called dumb unless you are incapable of giving reason...

      aminaaimez.vanyudahh - 2012-06-02 00:50

      Megan. . .the old flag represented oppression, segregation, discrimination and inequaLity. It was a symbol that was a reminder of painful times in our country.\r\nWhat I'm trying to get at is that, it was burnt or rather aboLished for a valid reason whereas the burning of our current flag (if I'm not mistaken) has no reasonable justification behind it. . .

      Megan - 2012-06-02 10:39

      Aminaaimez, absolutely, to a vast number of people the old SA flag is and was a symbol of oppression, segregation etc. Mass protesting and demonstrations against that oppression showed the buring of the old flag (and there was a very good reason for it, absolutely no one can deny that.) But do you not see crime as a form of oppression? A form of oppression that affects every single citizen of this country regardless of their colour, creed or political stance. And can you not see that the people who were at the forefront of creating the new flag are the ones who are NOT DOING ANYTHING ABOUT IT!!!???!!! Just because a group of white people burned the SA flag as a symbol of how much faith they've lost in the people who are supposed to be protecting us and are FAILING does NOT make them racist like Kagiso seems to believe. Kagiso goes on and on about how people died for that flag, well, how many people are now dying, brutally and pointlessly for no reason other than a group of people who PROMISED a whole bunch of stuff have failed on the very basics. There is no excuse for the type of crime we are seeing in this country. And it's high time EVERY SINGLE person's voice was heard in the fight of crime. If that means we have to burn the flag then so be it. We certainly won't be the only country or only race in this entire world that has had to do it in order to be heard. It's just such a huge pity that there weren't more people of colour present at that incident. This affects us all!

  • Mark - 2012-06-01 13:15

    Ag shame, do you now feel much better kiddies?

  • Bless Boswell - 2012-06-01 13:17

    It's a pity cabinet does not condemn the Behaviour that inspired the painting

  • Mart - 2012-06-01 13:19

    This has nothing to do with a has everything to do with a country being run at the behest of a foreign government and crime syndicates, and an instruction having been sent to the ANC leaders by their masters, to guage support from within their own factions of the ANC to be able to determine how they stand as 'majority rulers'. If the current structures collapse it will set back the total domination plan by plenty of years and new strategies will need to be implemented. There once was ethnic cleansing. ......

  • Bless Boswell - 2012-06-01 13:38

    You know Mary - I have thought about this, and wondered why Zuma needs to surround himself with women and palaces and things - I believe he has delusions of grandeur and is competing with Zwelethini - the Zulu king - who has 6 wives (current) and palaces and cars.

  • Barend - 2012-06-01 13:57

    Look I may be wrong and get a comment or two however. So its insulting to show or talk about genitals in a certain culture, thats understandable. Its alright however for the females of the culture to dance around without any support or coverings for their boobies hitting them in their faces for the entertainment of tourists, documentaries, etc. So I can then assume as thats allowed in the culture the artist should have drawn a boob and not a spear, and therefore no issue?

      Cindy Mendes - 2012-06-01 15:17


      Nicolaas - 2012-06-01 20:45

      @BAREND, Would have love to ZOOMER with BOOBS! Bret, here is your new painting idea. Please paint ZOOMER with stiff boobs because he was not happy with the small flat spear you painted!

  • Barend - 2012-06-01 14:17

    Look I may be wrong and get a comment or two however. So its insulting to show or talk about genitals in a certain culture, thats understandable. Its alright however for the females of the culture to dance around without any support or coverings for their boobies hitting them in their faces for the entertainment of tourists, documentaries, etc. So I can then assume as thats allowed in the culture the artist should have drawn a boob and not a spear, and therefore no issue?

      ianingwe - 2012-06-01 14:23

      From the numbers of people seen urinating at the side of the road I wonder if this is in fact the case!

      aminaaimez.vanyudahh - 2012-06-02 00:42

      Once yoù fully ùnderstand the Zulu culture and its values then maybe you can voice out an opinion on the issues concerning the culture...until then, yoú are not in the right position to claim the statement you're claiming through a question.

  • Thumamina Kenneth Mabena - 2012-06-01 14:55

    Kagiso you are embarrassing me as a peace loving black man and a proud ANC member.. If this is how an ANC member behaves in public, i will review my membership.