Call to make Tshwane road safer

2011-04-04 11:50

Johannesburg - The city of Tshwane has approached engineers for advice on how to make Voortrekker Road safer after three people died in an apparent drag race at the weekend, a spokesperson said.

"We are looking at a multitude of possible solutions," said Tshwane safety and security spokesperson William Baloyi.

One of the options under consideration was for the city to change the synchronisation of robots on that road, so that not all robots are green at the same time.

"If all the robots are open at the same time, it makes it much easier for drag racing to take place. We want our engineers to look into that. The engineers would advise us on that."

If it were to happen, it was too early to say what times during the day or night the synchronisation of the robots would be changed.

Another option was building speed bumps, but that came with a different set of problems.

"That is a very busy road and speed bumps might then contribute to traffic congestion during heavy traffic flow."

He said the city was waiting for feedback from engineers before any decisions would be taken.

Baloyi said the city was investigating reports that the three people who were killed were involved in drag racing.

"The initial witness reports... suggest that they might have been involved in drag racing," he said.

The DA called on the city's mayor on Monday morning to "intervene immediately to stop the illegal racing in Voortrekker Road on Sunday evenings", said Moot councillor Elmarie Linde.

Two people died on the scene and a third died later in hospital after a horrific crash involving a Nissan 350Z and an Uno Turbo in Gezina around 20:00 shortly after witnesses said the drag race started.

  • Danie - 2011-04-04 12:00

    Should have done that 17 years ago

  • jiamalunga - 2011-04-04 12:00

    What about getting Tswane metro to do what they get payed for?

      Nebkad - 2011-04-04 12:13

      How about people NOT doing what they are NOT supposed to do?

      Stofpad - 2011-04-04 13:02

      @Coonpsycho one can tell that you've never used public transport, hence you don't understand it...

      TumaK - 2011-04-04 14:16

      @Stofpad - I have used public transport, and let me tell you, it is not cool... No way anyone with a car would willingly put his/her life at risk on the train, bus or taxi... I have travelled on public transport in first world countries as well - we really cannot even call our current systems public transport - more like public endangerment - there is nothing to understand about it - appart from the fact that it is dangerous, underfunded, under-equipped and staffed by reckless idiots.

      Stofpad - 2011-04-04 14:49

      TumaK you must also remember that the transport infrastructure you are talking about was designed to cater for the minority by the previous regime. Now that everybody (approximately 50 million people) has access to that infrastructure, it’s being used beyond its normal capacity. The state is working very hard in trying to encourage the use of public transport but there is no support from people, the media and everybody, all you know is blaming tender processes. 17 years of democracy is not enough to have developed the transport infrastructure that ZA needs to cater for all its people, remember that transport is but one problem of many that the state is addressing amid opposition… We have spatial development which is a core of all the challenges, we have health issues, housing, and so forth. It would not help anybody to sit back and point fingers, rather contribute in to a developmental state and help others who has a blind eye to see the light!!!

      TumaK - 2011-04-05 09:05

      Stofpad, it all comes down to planning... Same reason Eskom is in the state it is. In the 90s the engineers at eskom told the new government that expansion was needed for future growth, but the new "experts" decided that no additional power was neccessary, and look where we sit today... I can understand that the government have many fish to fry, but they have to get their act together and spend the money in the right places - not on million rand cars and houses...

  • Gary - 2011-04-04 12:03

    How long have the fuzz known about this and all they do is stand waaaaaaaaaay at the bottom and fine people, when all the action is happening up top, do something about the spectators as well, reports say 2-300 people are usually there, try 2-3 THOUSAND.

  • PJC23 - 2011-04-04 12:11

    The change of synchronization of the traffic lights will not have much of an impact, as this approach was used a couple of years ago and yet the "races" still went on. A suggestion would be to put speed cameras in Voortrekker road, and by this I don't mean at the robots, but in between the robots. This will at least give some resistance towards the speeding along the long stretches.

      Mike - 2011-04-04 12:46

      All they will do is cover all tracable markings on the car ,if the numberplate,licence disc and the sand blasted numbers on the windows are covered how will the cameras help, the cops need to make a physical presence to have any impact.

  • Welleducated - 2011-04-04 12:12

    Metro Police and police - easy! Cheap! Oh I forgot, bribes and their members are also participating!! Duuhhh.

  • Jules - 2011-04-04 12:13

    yeah. Robots are going to stop them. Sure.

  • Thandi - 2011-04-04 12:27

    It has nothing to do with the road - more a case of a totally f*#king useless bunch who do police impersonations - more commonly known as the Metro Police. Wankers. Plus we have a general population that has wholeheartedly ebraced a lawless culture.

      Thandi - 2011-04-04 12:29

      Sorry - 'embraced a lawless culture'

  • Enigma - 2011-04-04 12:31

    If the Metro cops stop participating in the dragracing and taking bribes in Voortrekkers Road(yes, it is Voortrekkers in the plural!) the racing might stop. What makes this incident any different than any of the other hundreds of silly, unnecessary 'accidents' that happen on our roads every day because people speed and drive under the influence of liquor, drugs and dilusions of grandeur?

  • Ian Kitney - 2011-04-04 12:31

    Speed Bumps - Somerset West is littered with the stuff and it slows down traffic

      Mike - 2011-04-04 12:43

      am sure Somerset West dosn't have the same volume of traffic during rush hour as the road in question speed humps are a stupid idea, get the fat arsed ,usless, bribe taking metro-cops off their arses & make them do thier jobs- oops i forgot this is africa

  • Brakkies - 2011-04-04 12:37

    Here's a thought, why dont they build a 1km long piece of tarmac some where close and build a 4m wall around it. Here the guys can race to their hearts content and kill each other off. Thereby ridding the gene pool of their DNA, and making roads safer for the rest of us to travel on. It can be like mad max in there, anything goes. The council can just send a mop-up team in on monday mornings to clean up the mess. Thereby creating new job opportunities as well (this can go towards the million jobs the ANC is promising us). Fck, I think I'm gonna quit my day job and become a politician

      Vaal Donkie - 2011-04-04 13:03

      A bit harsh, don't you think? It's very frustrating to not have a place nearby where one can have a race. Not everyone likes to go handbag shopping with his wife like you. I prefer driving really fast. Lucky for me I get to race in the clubman's series at Killarney, but there are many people who want to go fast in a straight line and it is a legitimate reason to build a nice drag strip, or even a couple, around the provinces.

      Stofpad - 2011-04-04 13:08

      Good idea - if Juju makes so much money from spewing filth to the public, why not join???

      TumaK - 2011-04-04 14:19

      Why don't you go to track-days instead of using our public roads? Tarlton is nearby, as is Swartkops, then there is Kayalami and Midvaal Raceway... Why do you have to race at all? Can't you use simple rulers to measure your penises?

  • Dan - 2011-04-04 12:37

    These idiots have no regard for traffic lights anyway. What was the cause of the accident?

      hf44083 - 2011-04-04 13:05

      Cause of the accident - plain stupidity

      yttocs69 - 2011-04-04 14:06

      No crash barriers around the street lights.....

      TumaK - 2011-04-04 14:20

      No brain the in the driver?

  • Craig Deuer - 2011-04-04 12:44

    If the Metro can’t control it load Voortrekker with speed cameras. Those robots are synced between 60Km & 80Km, Those idots where way above the speed limit to right themselves off like that….

      50something - 2011-04-04 13:18

      Get real, do you really think speed cameras are going to stop drag racing?

      BigD - 2011-04-07 12:29

      @50 something. Yes, speed cameras will stop the problem. Tshwane has speed cameras but many dont work. Modern technology within the speed camera industry is the right way to go to curb the massive death rate on our roads. But the detractors of speed cameras plus the difficulty in obtaining approvals are the biggest problems.

  • Greg - 2011-04-04 12:45

    Make the road safer for drag racing events in future???

      Shazred - 2011-04-04 12:58

      I have to agree with you. If we controll the Drag racing, and say one night a weekend close off a road, and let the guys drag race, you will havea lot less deaths. And for the love of God DONT let Metro controll this, they ant organise a piss up in a Brewery... Get somebody who is in the scene, and some of the SAP to do this, I guarantee it will work. And make sure that nobody under the influence races either...

      Xavier - 2011-04-04 13:31

      @Greg & Shazred "and say one night a weekend close off a road, and let the guys drag race, you will havea lot less deaths" Uhm one big problem with your statement, "lot less deaths", the problem is not the amount of deaths, it comes down to that someone has died, one death is already one to many. So you guys have so little brain power that you would rather let people die so that you can drag race...WOW...what a bunch of IDIOTS. I see new Darwin Awards to be handed out. hey, keep on drag racing, and by natural selection, you guys will take each other out and we will then have 2 less idiots in this world, but please, when you two kill each other please do not take innocent life's with you.

  • Harry - 2011-04-04 12:49

    But wait... maybe the council will want to change the name first, then make the road safer

  • Vaal Donkie - 2011-04-04 12:59

    Can I suggest something in all seriousness? Put up a speed camera. It won't affect the flow of traffic negatively. It will also cost much less than reprogramming a set of lights if one consideres that they have been set the way they are for a reason. It is a horribly complex system and might have unforeseen consequences. Simply putting up a camera won't impact on us law-abiding motorists at all and will make the city of Pretoria a good deal of extra cash.

      Cupra - 2011-04-04 13:25

      As far as I know a speed camera can cost anything around R200k?? With so many spectators supporting these events, anyone can very easily stick something over the lense??

      Xavier - 2011-04-04 13:34

      and when they take off their numberplate's while racing, what then!!

  • ridgeback60 - 2011-04-04 13:06

    A cheap way of getting this problem eradicated is to post police on the route. Of course, doing it might not be very EASY, and the uniforms might be looking the wrong way - you know, east to west instead of south to north...... but at least it's cheap.

  • 50something - 2011-04-04 13:14

    A Nissan 350Z and an Uno? What a mismatch! Seriously - Metro cops know about all of these hotspots and do nothing about it, were probably watching the show themselves. This could have been prevented if the Metro cops did their work. Don't blame the road, look at the law enforcement and lawlessness that is reigning. Very badly written arcticle by the way - why so many repeats of the same thing? Were the deceased in the cars or spectators?

  • Cupra - 2011-04-04 13:21

    By doing anything other than having non-corrupt cops there will be a waste of money. Race meetings move on a regular basis!!!! You "change" Voortrekker Rd, & other venues will be used!!!

  • Benzo - 2011-04-04 13:31

    This has been going on ever since I moved to Pretoria in 1985. Most people in Pretoria know about it and avoid going there on Sunday. A bunch of cameras, measuring average speed between two points and some serious policing with adequate punishment for perpetrators (attempted murder level) would do the trick in due time. Making the road safer is a waste of money. Inconveniencing ordinary road users by out of sync traffic lights or speed bumps is a ridiculous idea.

  • Chris Krutch Wall - 2011-04-04 13:36

    I wish they'd get it right. This is Illegal STREET RACING. Drag Racing is a sport with a national controlling body and it takes place in a safe environment. These idiots on the streets are making a bad name for a whole industry. Luckily while they were adding some chlorine to the gene pool they didn;t take any innocents along with them. Metro, do your damn jobs. By that I mean weeding out the culprits, targeting the real problem drivers, not just harassing anyone with a nice and neat car that they take pride in.

      Cupra - 2011-04-04 13:42

      Well said Krutch!!! 100% agreed!

  • Nicky - 2011-04-04 14:00

    How about arresting the people and making the bail money higher, taking the cars and the owners don't get it back?

  • El Cid - 2011-04-04 14:04

    The name is P-R-E-T-O-R-I-A. If they allow taxis then drag racing shouldn't be a problem.

  • Thabo Matwabeng - 2011-04-04 14:25

    I know this might seem an outlandish and unrealistic suggestion, but how about enforcing the current traffic laws and sorting out corruption and bribery in the Metro Police? Maybe as an added measure the ANC can stop re-appointing cadres who have liberally cocked up.

  • karin.g - 2011-04-04 15:45

    I have read so many comments on how the (metro) police should be there and be more visable and bla-bla-bla. Oh please people!! Wake up and smell the rosses! I have been to the races when I was younger, and yes the metro police are very present there. Some of their cars are extremely fast and they win a handfull of these races - in their official vehicles!! So yip they are present, but not in the way you guys are thinking. Try a different options of stopping the races

  • Ryandoubled - 2011-04-04 17:54

    Xavier you are an absolute retard yourself, are you saying by having a go at Shazred and Greg, that all motor sport events around the world should be brought to an end...? Because in essence what they are suggesting is that a sactioned event should be held on closed off public roads on a weekly basis, so these people who have a clkear interest in drag racing have a safe place to do it. So, in fact your Darwin award comment and snide remarks in fact have done nothing but proove you utter lack of grey matter, maybe idiots like yourself should be taken off the roads, that should make it safer for all of us. P.S. next time you gonna post, try thinking before you type... IDIOT!!!!

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