Calm outside Mandela hospital

2013-07-19 11:06

Pretoria - Calm returned outside the Medi-Clinic Heart Hospital in Pretoria on Friday following birthday celebrations for former president Nelson Mandela.

Just after 09:00 a group of less than 20 people were singing, dancing and taking pictures next to the section of the hospital's boundary wall which had been filled with well-wishes for the ailing Mandela.

The group was part of the South African NGO Coalition, which was holding a general meeting in the city.

President of the organisation, Jimmy Gotyana, said they could not come to the city and not pay their respects to Mandela.

"We came here to pay homage to our great grandfather and respected leader. We wish him a speedy recovery."

He said the country still embodied and embraced everything Mandela stood for. The previous day thousands of people gathered outside the hospital to sing and dance to mark his 95th birthday.

Defence Minister Nosiviwe Mapisa-Nqakula said Mandela was responsive, opening his eyes and nodding. He was admitted to the hospital on 8 June with a recurring lung infection.

  • Poloyatonki Kgosi - 2013-07-19 11:14

    I spent 67 minutes recruiting people for EFF yesterday.

      Michael Ntsh - 2013-07-19 11:19

      Good for you with the party of ex-convicts and convicts-in-waiting.

      Poloyatonki Kgosi - 2013-07-19 11:25

      I like their ideas...

      Gary Doyle - 2013-07-19 11:27

      Where, Pretoria central correctional facility!

      Zowie Siyepu Mapisa - 2013-07-19 11:35

      kgosi u confused...

      Poloyatonki Kgosi - 2013-07-19 11:45

      Zowie.. we are talking about emancipation that should have happened in 1994. how can I be confused about that?

      Markus Hagedorn - 2013-07-19 11:54

      Because the EFF wants to implement legislation that has failed everywhere it's been attempted. Because it's lead by a hypocrite who pretends to care for the poor but doesn't pay taxes and got rich doing it... should I go on?

      DumAss Blackie - 2013-07-19 13:08

      PolonyDonki - do you honestly not get it....?? Malema and his EFF don't care one bit about you idiots - all they need from you lot is your vote - and you will get NOTHING in return - ZIP - ZERO..!! Just like the ANC.... EFF is there ONLY to make its leaders rich.... Just like the ANC.... Have you made your 'donation' to the Better Lifestyle for Foolias Fund yet...?? Hahahaha!!! MAN, you people are DUMB..!!

      Sean Goldie - 2013-07-19 17:17

      I just spent 0.67 telling you to EFF OFF....

  • TheThirdWors - 2013-07-19 11:17

    I don't believe we are being told the truth here.

      Zowie Siyepu Mapisa - 2013-07-19 11:37

      i so hope he iz really recovering as Sive sayz Wors...

  • Vanniekaap Kaap - 2013-07-19 11:43

    Apparently the Guardian Express thinks that Madiba is dead already.

      Sandra Rennie - 2013-07-19 12:02

      Vanniekaap I would not be surprised at all. I say the Mandela family remains were re-buried the same day as Mr Mandela. A very good excuse with all those hearses ! Nobody would question it !

      Desire Banks - 2013-07-19 12:12

      I agree. Explain how a vegetative state of the brain can now all of a sudden open his eyes and nod his head. Why were the whole military vechiles be gaurded the hospital and the street n qunu if it was only remains. From Drs that adviced the family should switch machines off ? Now he is responding. If you ask me a clone will walk out the hospital. Ask Leon Schuster to do the mask that looks like Mandela and he will do it very easy. Stop the lies please

      Vanniekaap Kaap - 2013-07-19 12:27

      I think what is closer to the truth is that Madiba is still very critical and on life support. The issue for the family is whether to turn off the life support - a very difficult decision for any family.

  • Neil Roberts - 2013-07-19 11:47

    I sincerely hope we will not be burying an empty coffin one day.

  • Piet Klaassens - 2013-07-19 12:35

    EFF has alot of hate for whites. So you went against mandela's 67min of goodworks of love. He had his long life. Kgotsi

  • Natasha Ntsonyana - 2013-07-19 14:05


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