Calm restored in Soweto - police

2015-01-24 20:30

Johannesburg - Calm had been restored in Soweto following days of violence and looting of foreign-owned shops, national police said on Saturday.

"The situation in Soweto and other affected areas is fairly quiet," said Lieutenant General Solomon Makgale.

"Given the situation, we decided that we must arrest the individuals who were seen in videos looting shops."

Police in Dobsonville arrested 15 people during raids on houses on Friday night, he said.

This brought the number of arrests during the week to over 170.

The unrest began on Monday when 14-year-old Siphiwe Mahori was shot dead, allegedly by a Somali shopkeeper, as he and a group tried to rob his shop in Snake Park.

The shop owner, Senosi Yusuf, is expected to appear in the Protea Magistrate's Court on a charge of murder on Monday.

In another incident, a 19-year-old youth was shot in Naledi on Wednesday and was declared dead on arrival at hospital.

According to The Star Nhlanhla Monareng was shot dead in Naledi when police fired into a crowd gathered at a Pakistani-owned shop. He was a bystander and reportedly friends with the Pakistanis.

The Star also reported that 74-year-old Malawian shopkeeper Dan Mokwena was attacked and killed as he slept in his shop in the early hours of Wednesday.

Gauteng police provincial commissioner General Lesetja Mothiba said youth addicted to drugs were identified as those looting shops.

  • Lew Skannen - 2015-01-24 20:44

    "Given the situation, we decided that we must arrest the individuals who were seen in videos looting shops." Geez, police, was that a light bulb moment or did someone with a bit more brains tell you to do it?

      lacrimosewolf - 2015-01-24 21:33

      They consulted the manual, the union and then the telegraph came in from JZ 'restore lore and ordure' please, I'm trying to get money out of these people.

      Petrus LeRoux - 2015-01-24 21:35

      If they moved in while the mob was looting the same mob would have turned on the cops, and cops under pressure with itchy trigger fingers will quickly pile up dead bodies. Best for the situation to calm down and then get the criminals.

      FU_anthony - 2015-01-25 08:19

      actually Wolf I think its lor and odour.

      John Robertson - 2015-01-25 09:07

      the dumb ass coward cops had a light bulb moment.......I cant believe.

      Jonathan Woods - 2015-01-25 10:14

      Petrus , of course you are right. but it might well have served society in general better the other way around !

  • Nikki Downes - 2015-01-24 20:44

    Calm was restored before. Please keep up a high presence there

      lacrimosewolf - 2015-01-24 21:33

      Calm is not sanity. No policeman on earth can cure a deranged mind

      Nico de Jongh - 2015-01-24 21:40

      One step for mankind .. two steps for another kind backwards.

      Scouter Four-One - 2015-01-24 22:03

      "The African is my Brother, but he is my younger brother by several centuries ..." Attributed to Albert Schweizer but he later tried to repudiate this after it became widely published.

      FU_anthony - 2015-01-25 08:26

      @ Charlie. "Who can describe the injustice and cruelties that in the course of centuries they [the coloured peoples] have suffered at the hands of Europeans? ... If a record could be compiled of all that has happened between the white and the coloured races, it would make a book containing numbers of pages which the reader would have to turn over unread because their contents would be too horrible." Also Albert Schweitzer It is precisely because he was NOT a racist that that earlier quote has such impact. Wiki the man before making outbursts like that please.

      Jonathan Woods - 2015-01-25 10:19

      As Usual Anthony all your statements are just so much stale old BS. An rather than whining when people point out the myriad faults of your favourite city, go fix what is embarrassing you. Of course that would require fixing yourself first !

  • embe.groenewald - 2015-01-24 20:47

    It's calm because everything has been stolen already.

      Nikki Downes - 2015-01-24 20:50

      I hate to think that but it's probably the real reason

      Petrus LeRoux - 2015-01-24 21:29

      Clap clap clap. ..A big round of applause for Anthony, who did some brilliant stand up comedy for us! I told you earlier Anthony, shut up, big people are talking now

      lacrimosewolf - 2015-01-24 22:16

      Oh what a giveaway! Huisegenoot. Well now we all understand why Anthony is such a Charlie.

      Nikki Downes - 2015-01-24 22:23

      Oh. Sorry. Thanks guys. I didn't realise he made a funny. It must be the blonde hair thing again

      Nikki Downes - 2015-01-24 22:26

      Well spotted Lacrimose. You have a great mind for linking these little things. Would you just have loved to do forensic psych? I think you would have been brilliant

      Nikki Downes - 2015-01-25 07:50

      Hmmm. Do you think Anthony could be a female? Huisegenoot. Besides possibly being more Afrikaans than English.... Overly feminine use of words such as clap-trap, and all those exclamations too. Men tend to be more economical and less emotional when writing. Wondering.... It definitely works and possibly where it may only use its phone at limited times in the day. IE Tea breaks, lunch breaks eye. Must be a very junior person. Morning tasks are frantic as it's almost never that s/he posts early mornings bar the weekend Perhaps it cooks dinner too when it gets home (assuming it lives here) as it is commonly far later in the evening that it sits down for its daily troll sessions.

      FU_anthony - 2015-01-25 08:29

      If he is a woman he is an ugly one. safe bet.

      Jonathan Woods - 2015-01-25 10:28

      Then it all fits you so perfectly Charlie. obsession is your middle name. And I have always thought of it as simply an it. A nonentity . A source of annoyance and irritation, but at the same time a sources of great mirth. and an excellent release valve to vent ones frustration at !

  • Scala Coetzee - 2015-01-24 20:52

    You see the scum gone now there is peace

  • Staal Burger - 2015-01-24 21:01

    The police said so in 1976 as well.

  • Douglas Bhute Buthelezi - 2015-01-24 21:31

    The mother of the baby who unfortunately died during this madness should be charged for murder and rot in jail.

      Henning Venter - 2015-01-25 02:06

      Douglas, that is not called for. She was not part of the mob, we don't know why she was in the street. She could be on her way to buy something, or just went to a nieghbour. She was propbily knocked over by the mob.

  • Petrus LeRoux - 2015-01-24 21:32

    So ironic, tomorrow these baby killers must spend money on taxis and travel far to get food for the day, idiots destroyed all the shops right by them. I for one will be staying away from shopping centres close to these areas, you never know when these idiots will start looting them..

  • Mary Milne Archibald - 2015-01-24 21:35

    I am stunned at the hatred shown towards foreigners. We are just as unaccepting of our fellow citizens, no matter the colour. I am from outside the borders of South Africa, work as a health care professional, pay my taxes, yet gauging by remarks made on this page I Amanda alien, a burden on taxpayers and should go. Thank you for your appreciation of the long hours I work looking after sick members of your families, at the sacrifice of my own family, for all the hours I spend sharing my knowledge with others in my profession, for the hours I have spent helping the less fortunate. You make me feel so special. NOT.

      Alex Amos - 2015-01-24 21:49

      march54, I could never understand how you feel, but please be aware that those views are not of all South Africans and I for one am grateful for your contribution to our country and hope that one day you and your family will be able to become full citizens

      Scala Coetzee - 2015-01-24 21:51

      You not stealing you helping and you pay your dues but I am sure your is home bound

      Scala Coetzee - 2015-01-24 21:52

      Your heart is home bound

      Joel Mabeke - 2015-01-24 22:04

      Wena you talking rubbish, why dont you go and share your skill in your country.its people like you who is making us to go wild with your rubbish talk.if you keep doing what you are doing you making the matters worse.

      Bula SA - 2015-01-24 22:54

      Sorry Joel Mabeke - who is making matters worse? march54? By working here lawfully, helping South Africans back to health and paying tax to SARS? Seriously man.

      Mary Milne Archibald - 2015-01-25 00:40

      My point is why is being a foreigner so bad?

      Henning Venter - 2015-01-25 02:15

      March, Charlie say the far right lunatics, does it only include Whits our does it include the Blacks that is also intolerant like our friend Joel. Joel, march is most likly working in a state hospital looking after mostly the disadvantage. You must think what you need not what you want. You may just get what you want and find out that it does not meet your needs.

  • Littlejohn Galloway - 2015-01-24 21:48

    Why? She got caught in the way of looters running away. Wrong place wrong time.

  • Adriaan De Lange - 2015-01-24 22:13

    Good, 14 and 19.

  • Steve Louw - 2015-01-24 22:13

    Joel, keep quiet

  • Monica Kieck - 2015-01-24 22:22

    I think the Police earn more funds there than from the Government. Why does the crime not stop? There is a problem with the ANC Government; hang people that kills people; ask Helen Zilla to open up Robben Island and put all these rapist and killers there to clean up the Island; already the ANC have employed people that have stolen the funds and boats are not working so well; take these people out of society and let them feed themselves with the rats and mice on the Island.

  • Ian - 2015-01-24 22:28

    lekker ge babbelas, they will be back at there criminal ways in an hour or 2, racist xenophobic clowns

  • amadeus.geldenhuys - 2015-01-24 22:44

    Xenophobia (intense or irrational dislike or fear of people from another country) is Ubuntu (origin - Zulu Xhosa) gone wrong. Wonder why - something to do with Jan v Riebeeck?

  • Kenneth Cairns - 2015-01-25 10:19

    Calm- until the next time ! For all the effort the police are making with the foreigners, here is an idea-make the same effort to resolve the crime crisis bozos that affect actual South Africans who pay there taxes !

  • Tracy White - 2015-01-25 10:59

    Nothing left to steal.

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