Camp David keeps it private

2006-11-30 01:00

Pretoria - A judge has ruled against the publication of photos of men who were wearing only their shoes during a raid at Club Camp David in Pretoria.

Judge Francis Legodi dismissed an urgent application by Gerard Rissik and Daniel Hamman, owners of Camp David, to set aside the warrant for the raid at the club.

He ordered that the Rekord, a community newspaper, was not allowed to publish photos of the naked man, and that all photos should be given to the club owners.

The club's website describes Camp David as a "naked pub".

This means that when they enter, visitors "are asked to get rid of all clothing except their shoes". The clothing is locked up for safekeeping.

Rissik and Hamman submitted the application after the police raid at the club in Alphen Park, two weeks ago.

The court heard that the police taped a video of the naked men during the raid.

They also seized pornographic DVDs, pills and a whitish powder, allegedly drugs.

Rissik said the pills were not drugs, they were used for sexual stimulation.

Rissik said in the application that the police had invaded his clients? privacy by inviting members of the media along on the raid.

According to Rissik, the warrant used by the police was vague.

He maintained that Camp David was an exclusive private club offering conversation and entertainment, to men with a certain sexual preference.

Members were carefully vetted before they were allowed in.

Police allege in their warrant that the club is operating as a brothel, and not as a private club.

The website invites tourists and locals who want a good time to visit the club, provided they pay the R45 entrance fee.

A police spokesperson denied that the video would have been made available to the public, and described the raid as part of a wider operation against brothels.