Cape Town International tops

2012-03-09 20:11

Cape Town - Cape Town International Airport has been named the best airport in Africa by an international association of the world's airports, the Western Cape government said on Friday.

The award was made by the Airports Council International, which surveys passengers on their views of different airports.

Its Airport Service Quality awards have become an international benchmark for how a good airport should look and should treat its passengers.

Western Cape tourism MEC Alan Winde said about 200 airports participated in the survey.

"We are thrilled that Cape Town International has been named the best airport in Africa," he said.

Winde said the award was a result of the provincial government, the Airports Company South Africa (Acsa) and local people working together.

Acsa general manager Deon Cloete said South Africans were competing well in the global arena.

"We are proud that we are able to do our bit in making this great city and province a better place for all concerned," he said.

  • Simnikiwe - 2012-03-09 20:21

    "We are proud that we are able to do our bit in making this great city, province, and country a better place for all concerned," he said.

      Moss - 2012-03-09 20:25

      So? we already read that, say something

      Achmad - 2012-03-09 20:29

      I totally agree with you. Cape Town is a fabulous place to go to. Pity we have to return home afterwards.

      Spyker - 2012-03-09 20:47

      There is only one thing wrong with the Cape Town International Airport - it is not in the Republic of the Western Cape...

      Poloyatonki - 2012-03-10 12:57

      Cape Town Sucks, you cant even drink beer till in the morning.

      werner.smidt - 2012-03-10 13:16

      Yeah, I dunno about the "Republic of the Western Cape". . .that's a bit of an "elitist" view. Instead, if you feel that the Western Cape is an example of a great place overall, why not stretch the influence behind the border instead of putting up a high wall and turning a blind eye. Just keep the goddamn wind, rainy winters, methamphetamine, douche tourists and baby rapists (we'll be sure to keep the baby sewer dumping mothers). Before you raise your blood pressure, don't worry .. I live in Pretoria where people get beaten to death (dunno about stabbing) and it's home of the Waterkloof Four and Gert van Rooyen :( Wine . . bring plenty of that. Om nom nom . . glug-glug-glug. Good luck dealing with Tony Ehrenreich...the guy's a poephol, but an influential one. Ultimately, I think the Karoo is the Western Cape's best friend. Splendid isolation and all that. I don't think it'll matter if you secede from RSA. Our respective problems will always provide feedback to the other.

      Spyker - 2012-03-10 14:33

      Poliodronki.., Looks like you have had one too many "till in the morning" already...

      Spyker - 2012-03-10 14:38

      The Slip-pery-slope.., "...why not stretch the influence behind(??) the border instead..." Perhaps you should consider a credit in English before your next post. You are an insult to my alma mater - shame on you...

      werner.smidt - 2012-03-11 00:51

      Weak . . . I was procrastinating when I typed it. Punishment for distracting myself, I guess. Maybe I got bored with the thought halfway or I was just eager to get to the wine part :) Besides that . . what else do you have to say? Next time I'll think of "Beyond 2000". I imagine you more to have an "alma knater".

  • Dudley - 2012-03-09 20:26

    Another thumbs up for Cape Town, a city we can be proud of. Cape Town should be the gateway for Africa

      Elizabeth - 2012-03-10 01:29

      Totally agree with you! The best place to be!

      Juan - 2012-03-10 03:29

      I think the only place to be in South Africa. Cape Town and the Western Cape seem to be moving forward while the rest of the country is moving backwards.

  • Ben - 2012-03-09 20:29

    My Cape.

      Poloyatonki - 2012-03-10 12:47

      Your cape is full of Gangsters.

      TheJaydedKing - 2012-03-10 15:20

      Our gangsters are the best in Africa too. U see everything just better here.

  • Philip - 2012-03-09 20:31

    Well deserved CT has one of the best airports in the WORLD not just in Africa.I would also like to nominate the SLOW LOUNGE as being one of the best I have been in, the staff are always very helpful with a very good selection of food & drinks.The wines are excellent not to mention the bathrooms.Well done to all the airline,security & shop staff who are very professional.I travel a great deal & feel that many airports could learn a lot from you in how an airport should be run especially Heathrow & Miami which are probably two of the worst in the world.From a very happy visitor to your wonderful country.

      Glyn - 2012-03-10 09:46

      Thanks Philip! What South Africa needs are a lot more guys like you! More business travelers and LOTS more tourist will force the anc to provide airports, service and a whole country that we can be proud of. The World Cup forced the anc government to provide quality facilities. The SKA will force the anc government to deliver on promises without excuses. And having the CT International might just force them to up-grade the other airports and the service they provide.

  • Geronimo - 2012-03-09 20:31

    I think we better get used to Cape Town being the "best of whatever in Africa" as long as it continues to be run by capable people who want to make the lives of the people better, rather than line their own pockets.

      Marion - 2012-03-09 22:04

      Cape Town does seem to be winning plenty of awards doesn't it? And not only for natural wonders. Well done to all concerned.

      Glyn - 2012-03-10 09:51

      Carry on voting DA! The rest of the country CAN DO IT! Just vote DA! "Promises without excuses!"

      Glyn - 2012-03-10 11:12

      Carry on voting DA! The rest of the country CAN DO IT! Just vote DA! "Progress without excuses!"

  • Sechaba - 2012-03-09 20:32

    Bull, OR Tambo does it for me, maybe they are trying to please madam Zille, She has nothing to do with the Airport.

      Julio - 2012-03-09 20:44

      She appoints the right people instead of doing nothing and blaming everything on everybody else. You're a loser.

      Sechaba - 2012-03-09 20:47

      Hellen does not appoint anyone at Cape Town international, some people have internet but still uneducated to the core

      Spyker - 2012-03-09 21:01

      @Sechaba.., It is clear why people like you do not work for the Airports Council International.

      Sean - 2012-03-09 21:51

      @Sechaba- Another arrogant imbecile - Well done Cape Town and Zille !!!

      Nigel - 2012-03-10 09:49

      just accept it like a man & stop being a hypocrite, your ANC is going nowhere fast

      Glyn - 2012-03-10 09:54

      OR Tambo is much improved, but it is still a bit (only a bit) off the mark. Just stop luggage theft and you might make it to the top.

      Glyn - 2012-03-10 09:56

      @Sechaba - When these guys audit the airports they include the surounds such as road access and services. These are very much in the Provincial domain. That is DA territory.

      Glyn - 2012-03-10 09:59

      @Sechaba - Sounds as tho' you would rather have the best airport in Nigeria rather than Cape Town. But it IS IN CAPE TOWN! Ha! Ha!

      Winsome - 2012-03-10 10:04

      @ Sechaba: OR Tambo is really not up to par on an international level - I have had luggage "lost" there and when it was eventually located - had been gone through and things stolen. Also, was told to report to gate 03 for a BA international flight when in reality it should have been gate 30. Dyslexia perhaps, or just plain old uselessness?

  • Mzwandile - 2012-03-09 20:35

    Great for Cape Town International Airport, the national government has invested a lot in upgrading all the Airports, so its so good to see that one of those Airports is getting and Award. There is only one winner at the end.

      Glyn - 2012-03-10 10:01

      Right! The best one is in South Africa! Viva South Africa! Viva Western Cape! Viva Cape Town! Be happy!

  • Ivan - 2012-03-09 21:26

    I am indeed very impressed with our airport.I sometimes go there just to chill.

  • Hettie - 2012-03-09 21:38

    Congrads!!! Thank you to all the staff, you've placed us on the map

  • Hettie - 2012-03-09 21:42

    Congrads!!! and thank you to all the staff at CTIA... compared to J'burg we have a small CBD and Durban a small Harbour, as the old saying goes, dine-mite comes in small packages

  • Angling - 2012-03-09 21:49

    Agggg nie Deon. Congratulations!!!

  • Philip - 2012-03-09 21:50

    Well Mzwandile My comment was based on my experience at both airports.By the way I am not South African so the opening line of your comment is lost on me.I am just a person who has traveled around your beautiful country & have found all South Africans to be really nice people.

      Marion - 2012-03-09 22:10

      @Philip, thank you for your compliments about South African people. Actually, we are all really nice people - until we get on News24 when many of us behave like rabid dogs. :-)))

  • gregaryj1 - 2012-03-09 21:50

    i'm a proud kaapie....and will die 1....congrats...

      Malcolm - 2012-03-09 22:26

      I actually prefer the *teethless* ones to the ones who don't shave under their stinky armpits, and I think the rest of the civilized world will second that. Repeating just in case.

      Ad - 2012-03-10 06:13

      I know where Sechaba will be come December month.

  • Nadine Booyse - 2012-03-09 22:40

    I think that you people that are complaining must keep in mind it's the best airport in "Africa". So even though it is by far not the best in the world, and just like the rest of the airports world wide, you will be delayed, luggage will be lost. Stop complaining and accept the damn compliment.

  • Mel - 2012-03-10 00:06

    Well after the airport isn't facing much competition from other competitors in the running for the best a/port.

  • Mel - 2012-03-10 00:19

    Was meant to post "well after ALL"

  • Mantsho - 2012-03-10 01:57

    l believe Hellen is doing the great work in CT, good for her for making us proud again.

  • Awake - 2012-03-10 15:12

    I find it difficult to believe that CTI is so highly praised. Departures from CTI, excellent, BUT the return flight where one has to walk literally miles to get your baggage and then the same in the opposite direction to get out of the terminal. Invariably, my mood changes dramatically for the worse from the time I land till I get out of the airport. I actually pray that when we land that we are given one of the outer bays just to avoid that walk. Please do not get me wrong, I am reasonably fit, but when I return to CT I am generally tired and just want to get home. I sometimes wonder who on earth designed the arrivals section- they definitely need a lesson in ergonomics. Apart from this lousy arrivals - CT rocks

  • Grant - 2012-03-11 23:11

    Haha. Anyone else get the "so what?" feeling when you read we are ranked the best in Africa. I mean... not much to really compare. I mean hey! We're beating Lagos, Harare, Kinshasha and our toughest competitor yet... Nairobi!

  • malixole.t.mack - 2012-08-23 14:11

    Viva Cape Town Airport!, Viva Madam Zille! If only we could say that about the Cape flats and Townships in Cape Town hey...

  • peter.burgess.7902 - 2012-08-23 22:23

    I am constantly amazed that Cape Town International receives such accolades. I fly frequently in and out of Cape Town and in my opinion the airport is poorly designed. There are no travelators and passengers often have to walk considerable distances from the aircraft to immigration. I have noticed that ACSA have very thoughtfully provided a Defibrillator about half-way down the walkway, so when elderly passengers suffer heart attacks from the walk they at least can be resuscitated...!!! Take a hint ACSA and sort something out..

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