Cape Town Rasta temple safe - for now

2012-03-28 10:22

Cape Town - The Western Cape High Court has granted a reprieve to a group of Cape Town Rastafarians whose community hall was to be demolished by the municipality, it was reported on Wednesday.

The Cape Times reported that the Drakenstein municipality approached the court for an eviction order as it believed the group was unlawfully occupying the land.

It wanted to use the land for a formal housing project.

The 20-year-old Paarl settlement, known as Kingston Town, was home to a few families who had built three informal structures, including the main hall used as a temple.

Acting Judge Boet Smit ordered the municipality to build three zinc structures for the families in neighbouring Denneboom.

The municipality would only dismantle those parts of the hall that obstructed construction.

Should it go back to court, the Rastafarians would argue the space was considered holy ground and its demolition would amount to an infringement of their right to practice their religion.

  • Gcwabe.KaMavovo - 2012-03-28 10:36

    Does this temple have a high priest?

      Wouter - 2012-03-28 10:38

      Now that is one funny remark! Thanks for the laugh......

      richard.hipkin - 2012-03-28 10:49

      Heh.. Not only a high priest, but a high congregation as well!! I and I, Rastafari.

      Tony Lapson - 2012-03-28 10:54


      Marion - 2012-03-28 11:33

      @Gcwabe-KaMavovo - you are so sharp mind you don't cut yourself. :)))))))

      Andrew - 2012-03-28 12:16

      very funny!! "Got to have Kaya now, cause the rain is falling..." Bob Marley

  • Mandla - 2012-03-28 11:06

    Let Jah live always, even in informal settlements, to my brothers and sisters, it is a place they proudly call home, in Jah peace and love for thy people!

      Buzz - 2012-03-28 12:23

      @warmonger: Your humour reflects the depth of your character. Shallower than your toilet.

      Final.Punishment - 2012-03-28 15:27


  • Daniel - 2012-03-28 12:10

    religion religion religion.

      Monde Msikinya - 2014-08-04 20:53

      Rastafarai is not a religion its a reality.

  • Denise - 2012-03-29 07:14

    You are talking about a solid community that happens to wear dreadlocks and smoke something considered illegal. Do you also know that they do not eat anything that was alive, meaning they are strict vegetarians? They are all healthy and fit and know the true meaning of the word RESPECT.

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