Cape Town adds up strike damage

2011-09-02 14:12

Cape Town - The City of Cape Town is collating data on damages caused by striking SA Municipal Workers’ Union (Samwu) members, the municipality said on Friday.

"This information will be used for cases of disciplinary action as well as the recovery of costs from [Samwu] where evidence can be provided showing their involvement," said spokesperson Kylie Hatton.

The city had received notice from both Samwu and the Independent Municipal and Allied Trade Union (Imatu) that the strike had been suspended.

"A wage increase of 6.08% will be implemented retrospective from 01 July 2011. The city is aware that the parties are keen to seek a negotiated settlement of the current salary and wage impasse and will honour any further collective agreement which may settle the current dispute."

In terms of service delivery, the suspension of the strike signalled a return to “business as usual”.

"Residents are now able to return to the clinics they normally visit and the usual refuse collection timetable will now be followed."

  • Siinhle - 2011-09-02 14:18

    Amandla awethu!

      justmejoe - 2011-09-02 14:57


      Kiepies - 2011-09-02 15:12

      What power, rather inability to do proper and honest day's work and ability to sleep, breed and steal whats not yours!!....

      nicholas - 2011-09-02 15:20

      Can i come to your house and throw everything around?

  • Cynical Sci - 2011-09-02 15:49

    I wonder why my comment was removed? All i did was translate what Siinhle said and go on to question how the statement was being used.

      Jeffrey Jones - 2011-09-02 15:53

      Must have been lost in translation.

      saabnut - 2011-09-02 16:02

      Or they will tell you you were quoting him out of context.

  • Queen_Elizabeth - 2011-09-02 16:04

    That's just plain VULGAR!

  • Anthony - 2011-09-02 16:42

    They say they deserve more money. Deserve comes from the latin de - from and serve - service. Up your service levels and get more money. Work harder then you will get more. Value for value. Strikers have got it all backwards.

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